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Nevada State Prison phone rates and kickbacks

Nevada ranks 31st in the nation for the affordability of a 15 minute call.

Kickbacks paid

$5,000,000.00 paid in 2019.

Percentage of call cost going to kickbacks: Unknown

Excerpted from contract: Annual Commission Payment as follows: Years 1 (2019) and 2 (2020): $5M, Year 3 (2021): $3.5M

Cost of a 15-minute Intrastate Call

Collect Prepaid Debit
Same state $2.10 $1.65 $1.65
Local $2.10 $1.65 $1.65

Detailed rates

Collect Prepaid Debit
Same state 0.14/min 0.11/min 0.11/min
Local 0.14/min 0.11/min 0.11/min

Phone service providers

Data current as of 2019-2020

Historical Data for Nevada

Primary source documents

State DOC Rates

State DOC Contracts

State DOC Commission Data