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Article • September 6, 2017
telephone." Based at least in part on the DOJ's benign description of the Stingray, the majority punted any further analysis. A strongly worded dissent by Seventh Circuit Chief Judge Wood disagreed
Brief • May 19, 2017
Sawchuck v. Jenne, FL, Order, Attorney-Client Communications, 2007 ,~.- Case 0:06-cv-61182- KAM Document 49 " Entered on FLSD Docket 03/30/2007 Page UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA Case No. 06- 61182- Civ- MARRAlJOHNSON JOSEPH SAWCHUCK and RICHARD SPENCER individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated Plaintiffs ...
Brief • May 19, 2017
to telephone access 419 F. Supp. 2d 820 836 (E.D. Va. 2005) (prison See also U. S. v. Lentz, policy of recording and monitoring all inmate telephone calls did not infringe Plaintiffs Sixth Amendment rights
Article • March 28, 2017
;underestimate because it does not include calls to attorney cellphone numbers. In other words, the 14,000 attorney calls are potentially just a small subset of the attorney-client calls that were
Article • January 10, 2017 • from PLN January, 2017
Jail Official Convicted of Illegally Recording Phone Conversations Loses Appeal by Christopher Zoukis A former high-ranking official at a New Jersey county jail, convicted on federal charges for illegally listening to and recording the private phone conversations of jail union leaders, has lost his appeal and will remain in federal ...
Publication • December 30, 2016
Chicago PD police spying stingray use IMSI Freddy Martinez, of Lucy Parsons Labs l)JVISI()l\1 2 TO: zrc:d Cr F'ROM; �Jarnes R.. V"Vasf1bur1"J Ser.(;3eant njzed Crime Division 1505 Fund Purchase Request Harris "King Fish" Cellular Tracking T�e R is requesting the purchase of the Harris . �King Attached to this report ...
Publication • November 30, 2016
in the form of a digital analyzer.” In identical footnotes in each case, a digital analyzer is depicted as nothing more than a simple antenna that detects “signals emitted by the target telephone
Video Visitation Companies Try to Stop In-Person Visitation at Texas Jails by Matthew Clarke In one of the latest attempts to squeeze money out of those least able to afford it, companies that specialize in providing phone and video visitation services to prisoners in Texas jails on a local monopolistic ...
Judge Orders End to Recording of Attorney-Client Meetings at CCA’s Leavenworth Detention Center by Derek Gilna The Kansas Federal Public Defenders’ Office has challenged a scheme whereby officials at a detention center in Leavenworth, Kansas operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) secretly video-recorded confidential attorney-client meetings. As a result, ...
Article • September 2, 2016 • from PLN September, 2016
lawsuit within the hacked data. All of the calls contained within the database originated from prison facilities in Missouri, and the majority of the attorney calls were made to attorneys in Missouri
Brief • September 1, 2016
California v. Niroula, CA, Def Mot for Order protecting attorney-client calls, sheriff illegal telephone monitoring, 2011 Kaushal Niroula Defendant In Pro Per Booking # 200910575 Indio Jail P.O. Box
Article • August 8, 2016
Maryland Court of Appeals: Police Must Have Warrant for "Stingray" Phone Tracking by Derek Gilna According to criminal defense attorneys in Baltimore, Maryland, at least 200 individuals are now sitting in prison based upon illegally-obtained cell phone records obtained from the use of "stingray" tracking devices.  The suitcase-sized eavesdropping device ...
Article • August 2, 2016 • from PLN August, 2016
not include calls to attorney cell phone numbers. In other words, the 14,000 attorney calls are potentially just a small subset of the attorney-client calls that were hacked. In short, it turns out
Securus Faces Lawsuit Over Recorded Attorney Calls by Alex Friedmann On May 27, 2016, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Securus Technologies, Inc. in the U.S. District Court
Brief • July 26, 2016
Edwards v. Wayne Co Deputy Sheriff et al, MI, Subpoena - Sprint, telephone records, 2011
Brief • July 7, 2016
Filed under: Telephone Monitoring
to the Securus Technologies’ database of recorded attorney calls for years. Senior-level members of the prosecutors’ offices were aware that confidential conversations were being recorded. Low-level prosecutors
Brief • July 7, 2016
Filed under: Telephone Monitoring
Romero et al v. Securus, CA, Complaint, illegal recording monitoring telephone calls, 2016 Case 3:16-cv-01283-JM-MDD Document 1 Filed 05/27/16 Page 1 of 25 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 LAW OFFICES
Courts Divided on Confidentiality of Attorney-Prisoner Email by Derek Gilna The fact that prosecutors and corrections officials read emails between prisoners and their lawyers comes as no surprise to most defense attorneys, many of whom find it ironic that the very public officials paid to enforce the laws do not ...
Brief • June 7, 2016
Neeley Jr et al v. FCC et al, AR, Complaint, radio wire communication security, 2013 Case 5:13-cv-05293-PKH Document 1 Filed 12/16/13 Page 1 of 21 PageID #: 1 Case 5:13-cv-05293-PKH Document 1 Filed 12/16/13 Page 2 of 21 PageID #: 2 Case 5:13-cv-05293-PKH Document 1 Filed 12/16/13 Page 3 of ...
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