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Securus Phone Rates Spark Uprising at Alaska Prison by Joe Watson A riot at an Alaska prison “kind of blew up” because, according to prisoners, the phone service provided by Securus was shoddy and the company charged unreasonable rates. Sparked by a widespread disconnection of phone calls one Monday night ...
Report Finds Criminal Justice System Financially Overburdens Prisoners and Their Families by Christopher Zoukis The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, a nonprofit focused on racial and economic policy, in conjunction with Forward Together and a dozen other community and civil rights organizations recently released a study which surveyed hardships ...
Article • October 3, 2016 • from PLN October, 2016
on the underlying telecommunications technology associated with any telephone number.” This article highlights only the major provisions of the PSC’s 105-page July 2014 order; the full text is available
language to English for the receiver on the other end. For many in the deaf community, VRS is a part of everyday life, just like a landline telephone, but the service is not available at the Jefferson Parish
Brief • September 19, 2016
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GTL v. FCC-ICS, DC, Amicus Brief Support of State Respondents, telephone rates, 2016 USCA Case #15-1461 Document #1636355 Filed: 09/19/2016 Page 1 of 27 NOT YET SCHEDULED FOR ORAL ARGUMENT No. 15
Article • September 2, 2016 • from PLN September, 2016
Family Connections Bill Signed into Law in Illinois by Carrie Wilkinson Illinois Governor Bruce V. Rauner signed HB 6200, the Family Connections Bill, into law on August 22, 2016. Under the provisions of that legislation, domestic prison phone rates within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) and Department of Juvenile ...
Article • September 2, 2016 • from PLN September, 2016
The Fight for Comprehensive Prison Phone Reform Continues by Carrie Wilkinson As previously reported in PLN, the prison telecom industry has been successful so far in delaying implementation of the rate caps ordered by the FCC in October 2015. [See: PLN, May 2016, p.36; Dec. 2015, p.40]. And while the ...
Publication • September 1, 2016
it is committed to fulfilling “its responsibilities with the highest level of integrity and ethics,” we submit it is inherently unethical to gouge prisoners’ families through exorbitant telephone rates and monopoly
Article • August 25, 2016
no First Amendment right to a specific telephone rate. Arkansas state prisoners Winston Holloway and Joseph Breault filed a civil rights action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983 in federal court alleging
Article • August 23, 2016
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to the failure of the prisoner telephone service in some Washington State prisons to provide rate information. Sandy Judd, Tara Herivel and Columbia Legal Services are class representatives for persons who
Article • August 22, 2016
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Texas Legislature Authorizes Doubling of Prisoners' Monthly Phone Minutes by Matthew Clarke In 2007, when Texas became the last state in the union to allow prisoner phone calls, the limit on phone usage was 120 minutes a month. In 2009, the Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ) responded to requests ...
Brief • August 19, 2016
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who are incarcerated, separated from family, friends and legal counsel by the fact of incarceration. Telephone access is particularly important for the significant percentage of the incarcerated
Publication • August 12, 2016
. FOR INMATE TELEPHONE SYSTEM (ITS) AND SERVICES Call services, excluding the Ancillary Service Charges and FCCpermissible Taxes and regulatory fees listed in Exhibit C (Telephone Rates and Payment Schedule
Canada: Phone Access Vital for Incarcerated Mothers by The Elizabeth Fry Society of Saskatchewan hosted an event on May 11, 2016 that coincided with Mother’s Day to raise awareness about women impacted by the criminal justice system and to highlight the fact that most incarcerated women are mothers and were ...
Article • August 10, 2016
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incarcerated individuals from calling unauthorized numbers to  prevent bypassing their significantly more expensive and monopolistic telephone network sold to correctional institutions in return for a share
Article • August 10, 2016
placed surcharge fees on prisoner telephones behind closed doors. City Tele Coin serves about 30 parish and municipal jails around Louisiana. In 2006, the PSC refused to allow the company to add surcharge
Publication • August 9, 2016
and adopted), parents and siblings (birth, step, adopted and half). Attorney calls - offender calls to verified attorneys. Telephone monitoring - the electronic tracking, recording, and listening to of offender
Publication • August 9, 2016
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include the impact on jails makes it clear that the number of people victimized by high telephone rates and fees is far higher than previously understood. (For simplicity, we will continue to use the phrase
Article • August 2, 2016 • from PLN August, 2016
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New Jersey Prison Phone Class-action Suit Against Global Tel*Link Continues by Derek Gilna A New Jersey federal district court denied a motion to dismiss filed by prison telecom giant Global Tel*Link (GTL) and its subsidiary DSI-ITI in a class-action lawsuit alleging predatory practices in providing phone service to New Jersey ...
From the Editor by Paul Wright The Campaign for Prison Phone Justice, co-founded by the Human Rights Defense Center, has led the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to curb some of the more egregious abuses of the prison telecom industry. It has also helped focus increased attention from all sources, including ...
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