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WV Contract Renewal with GTL 2008

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This Agency Agreement between the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Global
Tel*Link Corporation ("GTL") serves to renew inmate-calling system services originally
contained in West Virginia Division of Purchasing Order number RJC288. The original Purchase
Order was effective February 1,2002 through January 31, 2003. The original Agreement between
the Division of Corrections began 16 June 2003 thru 15 June 2004. This renewal continues the
service with modified terms and under the same conditions as described under "System Features."
The Division of Corrections facilities covered under this Agreement include: The
Denmar Correctional Center in Hillsboro, WV; the Anthony Center in White Sulphur Springs,
WV; the Pruntytown Correctional Center in Grafton, WV; The Huttonsville Correctional Center
in Huttonsville, WV; the Mount Olive Correctional Center in Mt. Olive, WV; the Lakin
Correctional Facility in West Columbia, WV, Northern Correctional Facility in Moundsville,
WV, Ohio Correctional Center in Wheeling, WV, St. Marys Correctional Center in St. Marys,
WV and the Martinsburg Correctional Facility. A list of the facilities with their mailing address
and number of inmate telephones is included in this Agreement.
Additionally, GTL agrees that this service shall apply to any other facility, which may be
opened and operated by the Division of Corrections during the life of this contract.
TERMS: GTL agrees to provide a commission offorty-six percent (46%) based upon
gross billable revenues as outlined under "Vendor Services - Commission Statements."
RENEWAL: This renewal will be effective beginning June 16, 2008 and will extend for
a period of one (1) year through June 15,2009, at which time the contract may, upon mutual
consent, be renewed. There will be one renewal period remaining on this agreement and will be
for a period of up to one (1) year, or until such reasonable time thereafter as is necessary to obtain
a new contract. The "reasonable time" period shall not exceed twelve (12) months. During the
reasonable time period, GTL may terminate the contract for any reason upon giving the Division
of Corrections ninety (90) days written notice.
TERlvIINATION: This contract may be terminated upon mutual agreement of the parties
with ninety (90) days prior written notice.

TAMPER RESISTANT PHONES - The inmate telephone stations shall be designed to guard
against both inmate abuse and natural elements. The telephones shall be tough and easy to keep
clean and the handset assembly shall be sealed and secured to the housing with an armored cord.
The telephone shall have no parts that can be removed without some special type of tool to
prevent both damage to the telephones and the manufacture of possible weapons. Tools needed
to remove any part of the telephone shall be provided to the Warden at each facility. The
mouthpiece shall be able to keep out back ground noise. The telephone shall have the following
physical and design characteristics: chrome plated DTMF tone dial that is water, flame and shock
resistant; hearing aid compatible; steel housing to protect the electrical components; scratch and
mar resistant paint/finish; concise instructions faceplate; industry standard design; armored
handset cord that is resistant to stretching and breaking; tamper-proof housing; and reinforced by
security studs to prevent easy removal. Inmate phones must not be capable of receiving incoming- - calls.

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LOW MAINTENANCE - The system shall have special surge protection and a long-term power
supply to prevent power surges and outages that may erase the operating software in the
BATTERY BACKUP - The system shall include a battery back up that shall keep the system
running for a minimum of 4 hours in the event of a blackout or power outage.
LINE POWERED PHONES - The system shall have phones that require no AC power to be run
to the inmate housing units. Phones that are lined powered or "smart" phones shall be installed.
CALL EQUIPMENT PROVIDED - GTL shall provide jacks, hardware, software, wiring, cut-off
switches, cabinets, housing/workstations for monitoring equipment, and all other items necessary
for proper installation, and any other cost to install and maintain the inmate phone service free of
charge to the DOC. GTL shall include a minimum of (5) spare handsets, receivers and handset
cords at each facility to serve, as spare parts should the original equipment fail. All cabling, cutoff switches and jacks shall become the property of the Division of Corrections (DOC) upon the
expiration of any contract resulting from this procurement. The system shall be equipped with
one central office line per station, allowing for simultaneous call capabilities from all inmate
telephones. All equipment provided, including the inmate telephone stations, must be new, in
current production and considered state of the art at the time of installation.
MULTILINGUAL SERVICE - The system shall be capable of processing calls on a selective,
bilingual basis in English and Spanish. The inmate shall be able to select the preferred language
using no more than a two-digit code.
TDD - GTL shall provide the price of a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) that
shall remain constant for the life of the contract. Facilities shall be able to buy a TDD from the
contract, on an as-needed basis, at that price at any time during the life of the contract.
CONFERENCE CALLS/TRANSFERS - The system shall prevent inmates from defrauding
DOC's and the public's telephone systems. The system shall have the capability to recognize an
attempt by the called party to transfer the call or create a conference call. The system shall
automatically terminate the call or announce to each added party that an inmate originated the call
in a correctional facility.
PROGRAMMED CALL DURATION LIMITS - The system shall allow the facility to set and/or
change a limit on maximum call duration on site without the intervention of GTL. The system
shall automatically terminate a call at the time limit set, after giving the inmate a thirty second
warning. The system shall allow call duration limits to be set by facility, section or individual
CALL BLOCKING - The system shall prevent all incoming calls and allow the blocking of
specific out-going calls from the inmate phones. The system shall block calls to the (Toll Free)
800,888,887,900,950,976, lOXXX, 911, 411 exchanges, in addition to specific telephone
numbers ofjudges, witnesses, jury members, facility personnel and specific members of the
general public. The individual facilities shall have the capability to block and unblock any
number, exchange or area code on site without intervention of GTL. The system shall also have
the capability to block specific PIN numbers for inmates on site without intervention of GTL.
GTL shall not block any number from being called without permission of the DOC for any
reason. Only the facilities or the person being called may request that a number be blocked. GTL


may make a request to the DOC to have a number blocked, however, GTL shall wait for approval
by the State prior to blocking any number.
SPECIFIC FREE LOCAL CALLS - The system shall be programmable to allow specific free
calls as determined by the facility, such as calls to the Public Defender's Office, certain attorneys'
offices, bail bondsmen, etc.
POWER CONTROLS - The system shall provide on site programmable capabilities to tum on
and shut off either all phones or individual phones in the system. The system shall also have a
minimum of2 manual control switches for each individual phone that override the automatic
feature. One switch shall be located in each housing unitlPod for Officer access, while the second
switch shall be located in a secured area for critical public safety situations.
CALL BRANDING AND ACCEPTANCE - The system shall identifY each call as coming from
an inmate and the name of the facility from which the inmate is calling. The called party must
then be able to accept or reject the call by dialing a number on their telephone or by voice
recognition. This feature shall be available for called parties with rotary dial and pulse dial
phones as well as touch-tone service. The branding, call acceptance and call rejections shall have
the capability of being multi-lingual. The system shall have the capability of giving the inmate a
detailed response of why a call was rejected. Some examples shall be, but not limited to, the
following: "There is a request"; and, "there is a block on this phone at the request ofthe
Institution". Service must not change for unanswered or non-accepted calls.
PIN NUMBERS - The system shall allow for use of PIN numbers. The PIN numbers shall
consist of a minimum of 6 digits and a maximum of 10 digits, and the PIN number, once assigned
to an inmate shall "follow" that inmate as he/she goes to and from any of the facilities included in
this procurement. The system shall call for the inmate to enter his/her PIN number prior to
dialing any outgoing calls. The system shall use the inmate's PIN number in determining what
numbers can be called, what numbers shall be blocked form receiving calls, and any other
mandatory features. The system shall allow for PIN numbers themselves to be blocked from use.
GTL shall be responsible for initial inputting of inmates' PIN numbers and for entering the
maximum of 30 numbers that the inmate may call using this PIN number. GTL shall be
responsible fur updating the PIN number database a minimum of one time per month, based on
information collected and provided by the individual institutions. GTL shall be responsible for
providing in writing the reason that any PIN number or phone number is blocked or restricted to
the appropriate facility. GTL shall explain in detail the entire process of PIN administration and
shall be able to provide each facility with PIN information in hard copy and in a window-based
database program on demand.
DETAILED CALL RECORDS - The system must provide call detail reports for all calling
activity to the facilities covered under the contract which will include:
Report showing inmate telephone number, date, time PIN# (if applicable), number called,
duration of call, and cost of each call.
Report showing "frequently called numbers" for all numbers called more than 5 times per
Report showing "common numbers called" for all numbers called by more than one


CALL MONITORING AND RECORDING - The system at each facility shall allow the
following conversations to be monitored/recorded: specific phones; specific PIN
numbers/inmates; specific numbers called; and, all conversations. The system shall provide for
both on-site and remote monitoring/recording of calls. This monitoring/recording shall be done
silently without either part's knowledge, anytime that the facility administration deems it
necessary to do so. The monitor/record system shall allow the facility to scan through the system
and monitor any call at any time from a maximum of six administrative stations. The system
shall allow each facility to initiate recording on any conversation from any of the administrative
stations and to store the recording on a digital audiotape. The system shall allow each facility to
access recorded tapes from anyone of a minimum of 3 stations within the Administrative Unit of
the facility. Recorded conversations shall be tracked by; but not limited to: Inmate PIN number;
number called and location called from. The system shall detect, by use of PIN number, if a call
is placed to an inmate's attorney, and shall prevent that call from being monitored or recorded.
AUTOMATED OPERATORS - GTL's service shall utilize automated operators. At no time
shall an inmate be allowed to access a live operator.
ADMINISTRATION TERMINAL - The system at each facility shall include an Administration
Terminal that will allow them to make administrative changes to the system on-site without
intervention from the vendor. This terminal shall, at a minimum, allow the facility to program
call duration limits, on-off times for stations, add/delete/change PIN numbers, add/delete/change
numbers from the Call Block list for each inmate, add/delete/change numbers from the free call
list for each inmate, review all records, and administer the Call MonitorlRecord functions.
DEBIT CALLING - The system shall give inmates the option of placing collect calls or using a
debit calling feature that lets inmates pre-pay for calls. The system shall keep track of each
inmate's pre-paid balance and determine whether or not the inmate's call can be placed by debit
calling according to his/her balance. The system shall notify the inmate what his/her balance is
after the inmate enters their PIN number, and then give the inmate the choice of debit or collect.
REPORTS - GTL shall provide the following system and usage reports on a monthly basis at no
cost to the State:

Record, by day, of PIN adds and deletes, by facility
Total billed revenue and commission by facility.
Frequently called number report - weekly by PIN
PIN numbers in use
Station Message Detail Recording, including:
Specific numbers called by PIN
Duration of calls
Date and time of calls
Call charge, for local IntraLATA and InterLATA
Inmate station used (extension number)

SERVICE RESPONSE TIME - GTL shall respond (call-back) on all service calls for
hardware/software within 2 hours, 365 days per year. When on-site service is required, GTL
shall provide technicians that are professionally trained to provide fast, reliable high quality
service. If on site service is required, the response time shall be within 6 hours of the service call,

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7 days per week, with a permanent point of contract with GTL. The on-site technicians shall be
residents of the State of West Virginia to ensure on-site service is provided within the time frame
specified earlier in this section. Equipment removed and repaired off-site shall be replaced with
loaner equipment, at no expense to the DOC. GTL shall provide each facility with a toll-free
number 800 or 888 telephone number for service calls and system administration issues. GTL
shall not block anyone from calling the toll-free line to report a service problem. The system
shall be capable of remote diagnostics and the dedicated line for remote diagnostics shall be the
expense of GTL.
MOVES, ADDS, CHANGES, DELETES - The DOC shall have the right to initiate moves, adds,
changes and deletions oftelephone stations at each facility. The DOC shall work with GTL to
establish telephone locations and the number of stations required at each.
HOT LINE - GTL must provide each facility with a toll free service Hot Line to enable
consumers to discuss concerns related to billings.
COMMISSION STATEMENTS - GTL shall provide the facility with commissions on revenue
earned by inmate calls. Commission payments earned shall be sent to the DOC facilities in which
they were earned. Commission shall be calculated at forty-six (46%) of gross billable revenues
(non-payments and collections against persons called shall not be deducted from the gross, this is
an expense incurred by the vendor) and shall be payable no later than the 20th day following the
end of each month. If a commission payment is late, GTL will receive a notice from the DOC
stating the importance of receiving commissions in a timely manner. If a commission payment is
late a 2nd time, the DOC will begin the process of having GTL declared a "non-responsive"
vendor with the Purchasing Division of the WV Department of Administration, which would
prevent GLOBAL from doing further business with the State of West Virginia and allows the
DOC to begin finding alternative inmate telephone service. GTL shall provide a payment bond in
the amount of$250,000 to cover unpaid commissions for the entire DOC account. Detailed
revenue statements shall be provided with each commission payment.
COMMISSIONS ENHANCEMENT AND AUDITING - The DOC retains the right to audit the
calling data and revenues resulting in commissions from the inmate telephone. GTL shall
commit to this per this agreement. GTL shall be furnished with a ten-day notice prior to the DOC
executing their right to audit.
TRAINING - GTL shall train DOC personnel in the various aspects of the inmate telephone
system administration, operation and reporting. The inmate telephone system training must be
provided on-site at the various facilities, and at no cost to the DOC.
INSURANCE - GTL shall purchase and maintain in force, at its own expense, such insurance as
will protect it and the State from claims which may arise out of or result from the vendor's
execution of the work, whether such execution is by itself, its employees, agents, subcontractors,
or by anyone for whose acts it may be liable. The insurance coverage shall be such as to fully
protect the State, and the general public, from any and all claims for injury and damage resulting
by actions on the part of the vendor or its forces as enumerated above. GTL shall furnish a copy
of the original Certificate ofInsurance upon signing this agreement.




Anthony Center

HC 70, Box N 1
White Sulphur Springs, WV


Denmar Correctional Center

HC 64, Box 125
Hillsboro, WV 24946


Huttonsville Correctional Center

P.O. Box 1
Huttonsville, WV 26273


Lakin Correctional Facility

11264 Ohio River Road
West Columbia, WV 25287


M1. Olive Correctional Complex

#1 Mountainside Way
M1. Olive, WV 26185


Ohio County Correctional Complex 1501 Eoff S1.
Wheeling, WV 26003



Pruntytown Facility

P.O. Box 159
Grafton, WV 26354


S1. Mary's Correctional Center

R1. 2, Box 383 B
S1. Mary's, WV 26170


Northern Correctional

RD 2, Box 1
Moundsville, WV 26041


Martinsburg Correctional Center

1406 Charles Town Rd.
Martinsburg, WV 25401



issioner of Corrections
President, Services