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Snohomish County, WA 2013 GTL Inmate Phone Rates

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August 6, 2013

Mr. Pat Scattaregia
Snohomish County
Information Services Department
3000 Rockefeller Ave.
M/S 709
Everett, WA 98201

Mr. Scattaregia,
Global Tel*Link appreciates the opportunity to present the following offers for a three (3) or five (5) year
renewal term of our Inmate Telephone Service agreement.
Option 1 - New term of five (5) years plus annual renewals
 New commission rate - 65%
 New effective commission – 74%
 Includes annual VINE of $78.6K (capped w/ no increase)
 Includes TalkNow™
 Includes Video Visitation scheduling software
 Includes moving call rates to match King County
 All Collect and PrePaid - $2.10 Initial + $0.10 per minute
 All Debit - $2.10 Initial + $0.05 per minute
Option 2 - New term of three (3) years plus annual renewals
 New commission rate – 62.5%
 Includes all other items listed above
In addition, GTL offers to negotiate an adjusted commission rate should the county wish for GTL to provide a
CorEMR Electronic Medical Records Solution as part of the three or five year renewal.
Please feel free to call me with questions or for additional information at (480) 406-8189

Tom Donahue
Tom Donahue
Global Tel*Link
Account Executive