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San Juan County - Securus commission rates

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This FIRST AMENDMENT ("First Amendment") is effective as of the last date signed by a party ("First Amendment
Effective Date") and amends and supplements that certain Master Services Agreement with an Effective Date
of April 21, 2010 ("Agreement") by and between the San Juan County Sheriffs Office ("Customer") and Securus
Technologies, Inc. f/k/a Evercom Systems, lnc. 1 ("Provider").
WHEREAS, Customer desires and Provider agrees to implement Inmate Debit Accounts, Commissary
Order by Phone, and E-imports;
WHEREAS, Customer desires and Provider agrees to a twelve (12) month commission deduction to offset
the cost of E-imports implementation;
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants contained herein, the parties
agree as follows :




INMATE DEBIT ACCOUN TS. In addition to the Applications currently provided under the Agreement,
Customer shall implement Inmate Debit Accounts.

This First Amendment shall commence on the First Amendment Effective Date and shall remain in
effect through the term of the Agreement.


inmate-owned._ account used to pay for ioma1.a...1e.lephone....caUs A Dab.,.l~
t _ _ _ _ __
account is funded by transfer of inmate's facility trust/commissary account funds to inmate's Debit account.
Provider will also allow inmate Friends & Family members to fund an inmate's Debit account via multiple
points-of-sale. Funds deposited by Friends & Family members into an inmate's Debit account become
property of the inmate. Provider establishes inmate Debit accounts which are associated with the inmate's
Personal Identification Number ("PIN"). Provider requires inmate to key in his/her PIN at the beginning
of every Debit call in order to complete the call and pay for the call using the inmate's Debit account.
Customer agrees to have the Debit module of Provider's SCP Call Management System enabled for
the Facilities to offer Debit account to inmates. Customer agrees to use Provider's SCP User Interface
or utilize integration with Customer's trust account system to process inmate's fund transfer requests.
Notwithstanding, Provider will not be responsible for any delays due to (i) Customer's failure to perform any
of its obligations for the project; (ii) any of Customer's vendors' failure to perform any of its obligations for the
project; or (iii) circumstances outside of Provider's control.
Provider shall invoice Customer on a weekly basis for all funding amounts transferred from inmates' facility
trusVcommissary accounts to Inmate Debit accounts. The invoice will be due and payable upon receipt.
Provider shall pay Customer the commission percentage that Provider earns through the completion of Debit
calls placed from Customer's Facilities as specified in the chart below. Provider reserves the right to deduct
call credits from usage. Provider shall remit the commission for a calendar month to Customer on or before
the 30th day after the end of the calendar month in which the Debit calls were made (the "Payment Date").
Upon inmate's release, Provider shall administer refunds to inmate through Western Union retail locations.
Refunds made available through Western Union are subject to a $3.00 fee. Unless dictated otherwise by
state regulation, inmate refunds administered through Western Union that are not collected by inmate within
ninety (90) days of release shall expire and shall not be collectable by inmate. All commission payments
shall be final and binding upon Customer unless Provider receives written objection within sixty (60) days
alter the Payment Date.

San Juan County Sheriff's Office
297 South Main
Monticello, Utah 84535


E-IMPORTS. In addition to the Applications currently provided under the Agreement, Customer shall

Evercom Systems, Inc. has changed its name to Securus Technologies, Inc.



(San Juan County Sherifrs Office (UT) - Site ID 08954)

This Schedule is between Evercom Systems, Inc., a Delaware corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of SECURUS
Technologies, lnG, {"we" or "Provider"); and the San Juan County-Sheriff's Office-{"you'.' or "Customer'').and is part ..of-aiid
governed by the Master Services Agreement (the "Agreement") executed by the parties. The terms and conditions of the
Agreement are incorporated herein by reference. This Schedule shall be coterminous with the Agreement (4Schedule
Effective Date").

Applications. We will provide the following Applications:

Secure Call Platform: Secure Call Platform ("SCPR) provides, through its centralized net centric, VOiP, digital transrriittE!d
$ystem, automatic placement of calls by inmates without the need for conventional live operator services. In addition, SCP
provides the capability to (a) monitor and record inmate cans, (b) mark certain numbers as private to disable the moriftorihg
and recording function, (c) automatically limit the duration of each call to a certain period designated by us, (d) maintain call
detail records in accordance with our standard practices, (e) automatically shut the System on or off, and (f) allow free calls
to Jtie exterit required by applicable law. We will be responsible for all billing and collections of inmate ea.Hing charges but
may contr~·qt with third parties to perform such functions. SCP will be provided at the Facilities specified in the cliart bel~w.
.~ - . ., -\ ::
Gollect Calls. We will pay you commission (the "Commission") in the amount of the applicable Collect Commission
Percentage (as specified in the chart below) of the applicable revenue base (as specified in the chart below) that we e·arn
through thei" C::cimpletion of collect calls placed from the Facilities. Gross Revenues shall mean all gross billed revenues
relating to completed collect calls generated by and through the Inmate Telecommunications System. Regulatory required
and other items such as federal, state and local charges, taxes and fees, including transaction funding fees, credits, and
billing recovery fees are excluded from revenue to the Provider. We shall remit the Commission for a calendar month to you
on or before the 3oth day after the end of the calendar month in which the calls were made (the "Payment Date"). All
Commission payments shall be final and binding upon you unless we receive written objection within sixty (60} days after the
Payment Date. Your payment address is as set forth in the signature block below. You shall notify us in writing at least sixty
(60) days prior to a Payment Datt!:! of any change in your payment address.



=~'-. ·:.-.-f%a-Ci1l~~-l(i~'{f.;e! .,_ ::l~~ate*'.

_., .:-~ . ;,·rYP·e'6fca1r
-. . :-~ · ·:....,.\. . f-~
. . ·.:- _.,.. ~a.~~ti°Kue'~~se:{ot
,;, ... -;.;, ... ,. . '\. ·:,~.. ·· ---~., ·
Mariageme nl ,._..:coromi;ssiciri· ... ·· ~e.a1eulatiq·n:o.
:s?¥I~}.0;:D~~~.tx:;-·;.g -~ . 5:\~>X,: · · -~. $~r;iiite:~ .', .: .p·~·rP-eni.~90 ·, ,: .. , .:. _q_o&i&:i,~s19.r1< ·. "-'.'
. _Jo, . . . . . .... , .......~1·~..-:,.i • .._~:'.:i . iJ, ~,.-.~ ~ ""h':/· ·,r.,.·.. ., .. x ~ - - 11
·.',-~-:/~-~~::i; ' :~-'W,) ' ~"~-:-:r.;.; ,.;-·--; :!:'.~· .'

San Juan County Sheriffs Office

297 South Main


Monticello, Utah 84535


Gross Revenues

Secure Calling Platform User Interface. We will provide you with the Software regarding the Secure Calling Platform
Interface (''S-Gate User Interface") which may be used only on computers and other equipment that meets or exceeds the
specifications In the chart below, which we may amend from time to time ("Compatible Equipmenf}, for a total of licensed
users as specified in the attached Customer Statement of Work. Customer represents that (i) it will be responsible for
distributing and assigning licenses to its end users; (ii) it will use the SCP User Interface for lawful purposes and shall not
transmit, retransmit or store material in violation of any federal or state laws or regulation; and (iiQ it wiil monitor and ensure
that its licensed end users comply as directed herein.


Personal computer (PC) with a minimum 1 gigahertz (GHz) or processor clock speed
recommended; Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMO K6/Athlon/Duron family, or c:Ompatible
processor recommended higher

Operating System



Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or better


At least 128 megabytes. (MB) of RAM; 25_6 M~for optimum speed
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