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MI DOC - GTL telephone rate

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The legal business name; address; telephone number; a description of subcontractor’s
organization and the services it will provide; and information concerning subcontractor’s
ability to provide the Contract Activities.


The relationship of the subcontractor to the Contractor.


Whether the Contractor has a previous working experience with the subcontractor. If yes,
provide the details of that previous relationship.


A complete description of the Contract Activities that will be performed or provided by the


All proposed subcontractors must be approved by MDOC Program Manager before any
work or deliverables can be completed.

18. Pricing/Ordering/Payment
The State is capping telephone call rates per minute at $0.16. This is to include all of the required
services as well as any optional/ancillary services described under this Contract. The Contractor will not
charge the State, Prisoners, or friends and families of prisoners additional taxes or fees with the
exception of fees or taxes levied by Federal, State, or local entities. No additional vendor fees will be
charged. Pricing goes into effect October 8, 2018, following implementation.


The State requires $11 million annually from the awarded Contractor for MDOC’s Programming and
Special Equipment Fund to be paid on a monthly basis.


Authorizing Document- The appropriate authorizing document for the Contract will be a delivery order

Invoice and Payment

Invoice Requirements - All invoices submitted to the State must include: (a) date; (b) delivery order
number; (c) quantity; (d) description of the Contract Activities; (e) unit price; (g) total price; (h) master
agreement number; and (i) total amount credits purchased.
Overtime, holiday pay, and travel expenses will not be paid.
Contractor must also include an invoice breakdown in an Excel format attachment to the invoice that must
include, but is not limited to, total amount of credits purchased for the month, with each amount of credits
purchased broken down by prisoner name, their prisoner number, facility, and date of purchase listed in
separate columns for easy sorting and reconciling.
All refunds, if allowed must be reported with date and facility information.

Payment Methods

The State will make payment for Contract Activities Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT).
19. Additional Information
The State reserves the right to incorporate any additional products or services from the Contractor during
the duration of the Contract.

Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA), 42 U.S.C. § 15601

The Contractor and the Contractor Personnel shall comply with the
Final Rule implementing PREA, all applicable PREA standards, and