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FL Seminole County - Securus Contract Amendment #4

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.F ourth Amendment to
Seminole County Sheriff's Office Inmate Telephone System

111is Fourth Amendment is made and entered into as of the last date signed by either party and amends that ce1tain
Agreement made and entered into on the g•h day of December 2014 between Securns Technologies, Inc. ("Provider")
and the Seminole County Sheriffs Office ("Sheriff,).

WHEREAS, Provider and Sheriff entered into the above-referenced agreement on December 8, 2014 for
Inmate Telephone Services;
W"HEREAS, the pmties desire to amend tbe Agreement as set forth below;
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of tbe mutual understandings and agreements contained herein, the
parties ag.ree to amend the Agreement as follows:

1. The following additional language regat·ding Prepaid Ca Uing Cards shall be added to subsection 4.1:

In addition, the PROVIDER agrees to offer inmate Prepaid Calling Cards for resale to inmates at the
Facility(s). Prepaid Calling Cards are not returnable or refundable; all sales are final. Each Prepaid Calling
Cards will be valid for no more than six (6) rnontbs from the date it is first used. The cards ar{) subject to
applicable local, state, find federal taxes plus any applicable per call surcharge fee. If you authorize us, we
will deal with your third-party commissary operator ("Commissary Operatorn) for the sole purpose of
selling Prepaid Calling Cards to you. If that is the case, you will notify us in writing of any change in the
identity of the Commissary Operator, which change will be effective on the dale that we receive the notice.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, you will remain primarily liable for the payment for Prepaid
Calling Cards sold to Commissary Operator on your behalf.
The face value of the Prepaid Calling Cards does not include any taxes or other fees. Provider will invoice
Customer for each order of Prepaid CalJing Cards. Customer agrees to pay the invoice within 30 days,
including all applicable sales taxes and other regulatory charges. Customer may provide a Sales and Use
Tax Resale Certificate to Provider stating that Customer will be responsible for charging the applicable
taxes to the cnd~\lsers and for remitting the collected taxes to the proper taxing jurisdictions. If Provider
receives a Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate from Customer, Provider will not charge applicable sales
taxes on Customer invoices for Prepaid Calling Cards purchases.
The face value of the Cards, less a discount percentage of 67.3%*, pins any applicable sales tax and
shipping cllarges will be due anrl µayable within 30 days after the invoice date. After such 30 day period,
Provider reserves the right to charge interest on the overdue amount at the lower of (a) 15% per annum or
(b) the maximum rate allowed by law and to deduct the invoke price of the Cards plus any accrued interest
from any amounts we owe you until paid in full. If you authorize us in writing we wm deduct amounts
owed from your earned Commissions. If the amounts owed exceed the Commission for the relevant month
or if, for any reason, the Agreement tenninates or expires during the relevant month, Provider will invoice
you for the balance which wm be due within 30 days after the date of the invoice. All applicable sales taxes
will be charged on the invoiced amom1t of the Prepaid Clllling Card sale) unlc1ss Customer provides us a
valid reseller's certifict'lte before the time of sale.
*Less the percentage of revenue at the Facility(s) tlHtt is generated by interstate calls. No commission will
be paid on revenues eame<l through the completion of interstate calls of any type placed from the

All terms and conditions of the Agreement not amended by Fourth Amendment remain in full force and
effect. In the event of a conflict betvveen the terms of the Agreement and this Fomth Amendment, this
Addendum will control This Fourth Amendment may be signed in one or more counterpart signature
pages, all of which taken together shall constitute an original.

IN 'WITNESS \VlffiREOF, the parties have executed this Fouitlt Amendment by tltefr duly authorized




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~!. ~q ..~J?.:E9..3_~·--·····---··········~~






-·---~-~--Robert Pickens
President and Chief Executive Officer