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Davis County - ICSolutions commission rate 2017

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AMENDMENT No. 1 to the
This Amendment No. 1 to the Inmate Telephone Services Agreement dated 7/ 1/2016 (the "Agreement") is
made by and between Inmate Calling Solutions, LLC, d/b/a ICSolutions ("ICS") and Davis County, a
political subdivision of the state of Utah ("County") effective as of April 15, 2017 ("Amendment Date").
Whereas, the parties agree as follows:

The 'Inmate Tablet' segment of the Equipment, as more fully described on Exhibit 8 of the
Agreement, is r:ereby amended to read as follows:

Inmate Tablet Program
o 200 x Ruggedized Inmate Tablets from JES
o 5 x Mobile Charge Carts (equipped for secure storage\charging of tablet devices plus
carrying cases for easy transport
o 22 x WiFi hotspots for wireless access coverage in the housing areas (A,B,C,D,E,G,H,l,J,K).
o Edovo Educational Content
Library of content focusing on educational, treatment and vocational courses.
o Rewards-Based Learning Approach with Free access to entertainment
(Music\Movies\ Games)
Equipped with data tracking for course\module completion
o Access to fee-based content (music, movies, games etc.)
Equipped with data tracking for investigative and security measures
o Local content hosting such as inmate handbook, religious services etc.
o Access to educational suite for released inmates to complete course work.
o Increase WAN bandwidth to accommodate additional tablets and deploy by 7/1/2017.


The Commission rate, set forth on Exhibit D to the Agreement, is hereby amended to be 55.1%
effective with the revenue period of July, 2017. In addition, the MAG defined on Exhibit D shall be
reduced to $240,000 effective with the Term year commencing 7/1 /2017.


Except as amended herein , the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

the parties hereto have executed this Amendment by their duly authorized
representatives effective as of the Amendment Date first set forth above:


Davis County, Utah

Inmate Calling Solutions, LLC
d/b/a ICSolutions

Brendan Philbin, Vice President



Curtis Koch, Davis county Clerk/Auditor



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