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FL Seminole County - Securus Contract Amendment #1

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Contract Addendum #1
Seminole County Sheriff's Office Inmate Telephone System
In accordance with Section 14. l of the Inmate Telephone Services Agreement for the provision of
an Inmate Telephone System at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility, which became effective on
December 22, 2014 between Securus Technologies, Inc. and the Seminole County Sherifrs
Office ("Agreement"), the following amendments are mutually agreed upon by both parties:

1. As referenced in Section 4.4, Exhibits A and B shall be amended as follows;

Exhibit A: Under commission reductions, list the following additional deduction from the 80.3%
base gross commission rate:


(2.5%)- Automated Information Services (AIS)

Amend the revised Gross Commission Rate after all noted commission reductions to now read
67.3% (previously 69.8%)
Exhibit B: Add the following language to Page 3 following the Section entitled Location Based


Automated Information Services

Product Information for Automated Information Services is as described in the Vendors RFP
response submittal dated April 16, 2014. (Tab J beginning on Page 194)
2. Tbe following subsection shall be amended as indicated in Section V - Commissions I


The PROVIDER agrees to compensate the SHERIFF a commission of 67.3% for
professional services called for under this agreement. Commissions shall be calculated as
a fixed percentage based upon the gross monthly billings of all calls placed through the
inmate telephone system no matter what payment method is utilized by the inmate and/or
patty called. There shall be no deductions from gross billings for the purpose of
calculating the commissions for the Sheriffs Office. Payment shall be made to the
SHERIFF in the form of two separate monthly checks; one for 60.0% representing general
SHERIFF"S ITS system revenue and the other in the remaining percentage amount of
7.3% representing personnel and operating support expenses. The two separate checks
shall be made payable to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office and forwarded to the
following address:
Seminole County Sheriffs Office
Financial Services Division
I 00 Bush Blvd., Sanford, FL. 32773
Ref: Inmate Telephone System

r. . . .
. A, .. . . .. .. ... . .......... .

General Provisions
Other than as set forth above, the Agreement remains unchanged and in full force and effect. Jn
the event of a conflict between the terms of the Agreement and this Contract Addendum #I, this
Addendum will control. This Contract Addendum #I may be signed in one or more counterpart
signature pages, all of which when taken together shall constitute an original.

Secums Technologies, Inc.

herifrs Office


By: Donald F. Eslinger, Sheriff

By: Robert Pickens, President