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North Dakota State Prison phone rates and kickbacks

North Dakota ranks 51st in the nation for the affordability of a 15 minute call.

Kickbacks paid

$97,856.12 paid in 2014.

Percentage of call cost going to kickbacks: 40%

Cost of a 15-minute Intrastate Call

Collect Prepaid Debit
Same state $6.06 $6.06 $5.10
Local $0.54 $0.54 $0.75

Detailed rates

Collect Prepaid Debit
Same state 2.70 + 0.24/min 2.70 + 0.24/min 0.34/min
Local 0.40 + 0.01/min 0.40 + 0.01/min 0.05/min

Phone service providers


As of July 6, 2016 the rates listed above (with the exception of local calls paid by debit) reflect an initial higher rate for the first minute and a lower per minute rate for each additional minute of the call.

Kickback information is from FY2012.

Data current as of 2014-2015

Historical Data for North Dakota

Primary source documents

State DOC Rates

State DOC Contracts

State DOC Commission Data