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WY Phone Kickbacks 2009-2012

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Commissions received through inmate telephone contracts are used solely for inmate
benefit. The following comes directly from Wyoming Department of Corrections Policy
and Procedure #5.402, Inmate Telephone Access.
Section II.B. Policy Regarding Inmate Telephone Contracts. It is the policy of the
Wyoming Department of Corrections to ensure that offenders have access to reasonably priced
telephone services.
1. Contracts involving telephone services for offenders shall comply with all applicable
state and federal regulations.
2. When procuring and renewing telephone services, WDOC shall inquire into the
reasons for proposed deviations from standard charges and seek the best possible rates
for the broadest possible range of calling options.
3. All proceeds, if any, received by WDOC as a result of the inmate telephone services
contract shall be deposited to the Departmental Assistance fund and shall be used to
offset inmate operational costs, such as television cabling, inmate personal property
storage containers and recreational equipment and supplies.
Commissions received by the Wyoming Department of Corrections for each of the fiscal years
requested are as follows:

$385,340.50 (Jan – Aug 2012)