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WI Phone Rates from 2001 Contract

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Sprint will function as the prime contractor-assuming total
responsibility for all performance aspects of this contract, including
portions provided by subcontractors. Sprint understands that there are
consequences including but not limited to contract penalties for failing
to sufficiently plan for fully carrying out all objectives and tasks under
this contract.
Should subcontractor relationships change during the term of contract,
Sprint agrees to notify WDOC of the pending change by Sprint and
WDOC reserves the right to approve the change before it occurs. If
such a change is being proposed, information on the new subcontractor
will be provided equivalent to the specifications in the original request
for proposal. Any approved change will come with the assurance of no
loss of performance during the change or for the remainder of the term
of the contract.
Subcontractors shall be subject to approval of WDOC. WDOC reserves
the right to prohibit any of the employees of Sprint and/or
subcontractors from performing service with regard to this contract.


Sprint agrees to make the following types of calls available from all
Department facilities, including:
• Local (including extended community calls) calls
• IntraLATA calls
• InterLATA calls
• Interstate calls
The contract rates to callers using the inmate calling system will not
increase for the initial (five year) term of the contract.
The following are the initial rates to be charged for this contract. The
charge to the called party shall consist of the set-up charge for the


appropriate call type plus the per minute rate for each minute of the
placed call. Charges shall commence upon acceptance of call by the
party called and shall cease when the connection is terminated.
Call Type:

Set-Up Charge:

Per Minute Rate:













Any rate reductions applicable to inmate telephone calls under the
jurisdiction of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission or the Federal
Communications Commission must be immediately passed onto the
called parties accepting calls under this contract, and notice of such
reductions must be provided to WDOC in writing.


Sprint agrees to pay to WDOC a commission of thirty percent (30%) of
the gross revenues generated under this contract. Payments shall be
made monthly by one check covering all commissions and
administrative costs. The check shall be made payable to Wisconsin
Department of Corrections and remitted to the Bureau of Fiscal
Services, PO Box 7991 Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7991.
Sprint agrees that these commissions will be paid retroactively to the
date service commenced at each location, and will be paid based on
gross revenues.
In addition, Sprint agrees to pay an additional $1,666.67 per month for
60 months as a monthly credit for administrative support. This
additional cost will begin to be paid to WDOC in the first month after
execution of this contract, and will be paid in the same manner as the
percentage commission referred to above.