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WI Inmate Telephone Inc Certificate of Authority 2004

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Application of ITI Inmate Telephone, Inc., for Intrastate Authority to
Resell Telecommunications Services and for Certification as an Alternative
Telecommunications Utility – Reseller


ITI Inmate Telephone, Inc. (ITI Inmate), having met the application requirements of Wis.
Stat. ch. 196, and Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 168, is certified as an Alternative
Telecommunications Utility – Reseller under Wis. Stat. § 196.01 (1d)(c). It is authorized in
Wisconsin to resell all local and long distance intrastate telecommunications services, except
those services identified in Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 168.03.
As an Alternative Telecommunications Utility – Reseller, ITI Inmate must abide by the
reseller rules in Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 168, the universal service rules in Wis. Admin. Code
ch. PSC 160, the Commission’s minimum standards is Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 165 for
technical service quality, deposits, disconnection, and billing and collection of amounts owed for
services provided or to be provided, any applicable Commission orders, any applicable statutes
including the statutory sections listed in Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 168.09, and any current and
future orders applicable to resellers. Future orders that may be issued include Investigation of
the Relationship Between Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers and Affiliated Companies
Operating in Competitive Markets, docket 05-TI-158, or any rulemaking resulting therefrom,
which may apply certain additional statutes to resellers affiliated with incumbent local exchange

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
RECEIVED: 04/21/04, 1:18:05 PM

Date Mailed
April 21, 2004

Docket 7761-TI-100
In addition, because 1993 Wis. Act 496 expressly removed the requirement for advance
notice of certification of an ATU application, this certification is issued under a differing
statutory process exception, as recognized under Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 2.01 (June 2002) by
Commission delegation action of September 26, 2002.
The reseller certification of ITI Inmate shall remain in effect unless it automatically
expires pursuant to Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 168.07 for failure to file an annual report or
required fee, the Commission revokes said certification under § PSC 168.13, or the reseller
voluntarily surrenders the certification pursuant to Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 168.14.
To retain certification for subsequent years, ITI Inmate must file by April 1 of each year, its
annual report and, if applicable, a $100 fee, as required by Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 168.1
Dated at Madison, Wisconsin, _____________________________________________
For the Commission:
Gary A. Evenson
Telecommunications Division
cc: Monique Byrnes, Technologies Management, Inc.
Lynda Dorr/PSC
Jeff Butson/DWCCA


For this certification, the initial annual report and, if applicable, a $100 fee, pertaining to the 2004 calendar year
are due April 1, 2005. Certified resellers with no revenues for the report year are required to file a reseller annual
report and $100 fee.