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Yakima County, WA 2007-Current Inmate Phone Rates

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2007 Yakima County, WA Rates
2007 FSH Communications
Local- $2.58 Surcharge
IntraLATA-$2.50 Surcharge
InterLATA-$3.95 Surcharge, $0.59 first minute-$0.40 Payphone Surcharge
Interstate-$3.95 Surcharge, $0.89 First minute, $0.60 Payphone Surcharge
Amendment One 2010 Rates with Value-Added Communications
Local- $2.50 Surcharge
IntraLATA- $4.00 Surcharge
InterLATA/Interstate- $3.95 Surcharge, $0.59 first minute, $0.40 Payphone Surcharge
InterLata-King County- $6.00 Surcharge
Interstate- $3.95 Surcharge, $0.89 First Minute, $0.60 Payphone Surcharge
Amendment Two 2011 Rates with FSH Communications
Local- $2.50 Flat rate for 15 minutes
IntraLATA- $4.00 Flat Rate for 15 minutes
IntraState-$4.35 Connection Fee and $0.59 per minute
InterState- $4.55 Connection Fee and $0.89 per minute