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WA Out of State Phone Rate Notice 2011

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Posted July 1, 2011

• Beginning July 10, 2011 Out of State phone call
rates will be reduced. Each out of state call will
incur a $3.50 connection fee. Each minute will
cost $.50 a minute plus applicable taxes. Calls will
be lilnited to 20 minutes.
Reminder on Common Questions:
• To Add or Remove phone numbers from your Personal
Allowed Numbers (PAN) list dial #57.
• V-Direct balances can be checked by dialing" 118".
• To repOli that a telephone is out of order call (local area code)
• To report other phone concerns call (local area code) 5551212.


• Calls placed to cell phones and cordless phones are not
recOlmnended. If the phone call does disconnect, refunds will
not be provided in these cases. When three-way call are
attempted and disconnect refunds will not be provided.
• Funds placed on an offenders V-Direct account can be used
to place international phone calls. To place an international
call dial 011 + county code+city code+number.