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2007 Island County, WA Securus Contract I

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"'aster Services Agreement
Island County Sheriff (WA)

This Master Services Agreement (this "Agreement") is by and between Island County Sheriff, Coupeville, Washington
("Customer") and Evercom Systems, Inc., a Delaware corporation and a SECURUS Technologies, Inc. company, ("we," "us,"
or "Provider"). This Agreement shall be effective as of the date signed by Customer provided the agreement is received by
Evercom within ten (10) days thereof (the "Effective Date").
1. Applications. This Agreement specifies the general terms and conditions under which we will perform certain inmaterelated services and applications (the "Application(s)") for you. Additional terms and conditions with respect to the
Applications will be specified in the schedules entered into by the parties and attached hereto (the "Schedules"). The
Schedules are incorporated into this Agreement and are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In the event
of any conflict between this Agreement and a Schedule, the terms of the Schedule shall govern. In the event of any conflict
between any two Schedules for a particular Application, the latest in time shall govern.
2. Use of Applications. You grant us the exclusive right and license to install, maintain, and derive revenue from the
Applications through our inmate systems (including, without limitation, the related hardware and software) (the "System")
located in and around the inmate confinement facilities identified on the Schedules (the "Facilities"). You are responsible for
the manner in which you use the Applications. Unless expressly permitted by a Schedule or separate written agreement with
us, you will not resell the Applications or provide access to the Applications (other than as expressly provided in a particular
Schedule), directly or indirectly, to third parties.
3. Compensation. Compensation for each Application, if any, and the applicable payment addresses are as stated in the
4. Term. The initial term of this Agreement (the "Initial Term") shall begin on the Effective Date and shall end on the date
that is five (5) years thereafter. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall
continue to apply to each Schedule for so long as we continue to provide the Application to you after the expiration or earlier
termination of this Agreement.
5. Service Level Agreement and Limited Remedy. We are committed to providing you with reliable, high quality
Applications, and we offer certain assurances about the quality of our Applications (the "Service Level Agreement"). The
Service Level Agreement for each Application is as set forth in the applicable Schedule. THE SERVICE LEVEL
6. Software License. We grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license (without the right to sublicense) to
access and use certain proprietary computer software products and materials in connection with the Applications (the
"Software"). The Software includes any upgrades, modifications, updates, and additions to existing features that we
implement in our discretion (the "Updates"). Updates do not include additional features and significant enhancements to
existing features. Your rights to use any third-party software product that we provide shall be limited by the terms of the
underlying license that we obtained for such product. The Software is to be used solely for your internal business purposes
in connection with the Applications at the Facilities. You will not (i) permit any parent, subsidiary, affiliated entity, or third
party to use the Software, (ii) assign, sublicense, lease, encumber, or otherwise transfer or attempt to transfer the Software
or any portion thereof, (iii) process or permit to be processed any data of any other party with the Software, (iv) alter,
maintain, enhance, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise modify the Software or allow any third party to do
so, (v) connect the Software to any products that we did not furnish or approve in writing, or (vi) ship, transfer, or export the
Software into any country, or use the Software in any manner prohibited by the export laws of the United States. We are not
liable with regard to any Software that you use in a prohibited manner.
7. Ownership and Use. The System, the Applications, and related records, data, and information shall at all times remain
our sole and exclusive property unless prohibited by law, in which event, we shall have the unlimited right to use such
records, data, and information for investigative and law enforcement purposes. However, during the term of this Agreement
and for a reasonable period of time thereafter, we will provide you with reasonable access to the records. We (or our
licensors, if any) have and will retain all right, title, interest, and ownership in and to (i) the Software and any copies, custom
versions, modifications, or updates of the Software, (ii) all related documentation, and (iii) any trade secrets, know-how,
methodologies, and processes related to our Applications, the System, and our other products and services (the "Materials").
The Materials constitute proprietary information and trade secrets of Provider and its licensors, whether or not any portion
thereof is or may be the subject of a valid copyright or patent.
8. Legalitv/Limited License Agreement. For services related to Applications which may allow you to monitor and record
inmate or other administrative telephone calls, or transmit or receive inmate electronic messages ("e-mail"); by providing the
Application, we make no representation or warranty as to the legality of recording or monitoring inmate or administrative
telephone calls or transmitting or receiving inmate e-mail messages. Further, you retain custody and ownership of all
recordings, and inmate e-mail messages; however you grant us a perpetual limited license to compile, store, and access
recordings or inmate calls and access inmate e-mail messages for purposes of (i) complying with the requests of officials at
the Facility, (ii) disclosing information to requesting law enforcement and correctional officials as they may require for
investigative, penological or public safety purposes, (iii) performing billing and collection functions, or (iii) maintaining
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