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OK Phone Kickback Percentages from GTL Contract 2007

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The ITS must infonn the caU recipient of the rate. The ITS may announce the rate
automatically or provide a prompt giving the call recipient the option to hear the rate.
Timing for any call shall not begin before positive acceptance of the call.

4.12 Remittance of Commissions
OTL shall pay a commission to DOC that shall be equal to 50% of the net profit
generated by the system during each contract period. Annual commission payments shall
be calculated each year based upon historical call volume. These payments shall be made
to DOC in equal monthly installments. The initial commission for year one shall be
At the end of each contract period OTL shall reconcile the actual
commissions based on actual call volume. OTL and DOC shall determine any necessary
adjustments required and the method of adjusting the annual commission payments at the
end of each contract period. A reconciliation report shall be furnished to DOC within 60
days after the end of the contract period.
OTL must remit the commission monthly payments to the DOC no later than 45 days
after the close of the billing month. For example, a commission monthly jayment for
calls made during March will be forwarded to the DOC no later than May 15 .
All commission payments and accompanying reports must be sent to the following
Attn: Parent Canteen Board Secretary
Oklahoma Department of Corrections
3400 Martin Luther King
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

4.13 Maintenance
4.13.1 Maintenance Standards
GTL is responsible for maintenance and replacement of the ITS in its entirety or its
individual components regardless of cause including, but not limited to, normal wear/use,
inmate abuse, natural disaster, or inmate unrest. This system or component replacement,
as necessary, will be performed at no cost to the DOC.
Equipment maintenance by OTL will be completed within eight (8) business hours after

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