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MD Baltimore County Rates 2015 From 2010 Contract With Updated Interstate Notice

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Date: January 31, 2014

FCC Interstate Rate Caps

Dear Customer,
The FCC’s rate caps on interstate calling are required to be in place by
2/11/2014. In order to comply with the FCC order, ICSolutions must change
your interstate calling rates for debit or prepaid calls to a $3.15 Surcharge
with no per minute charge to which equates to $0.21 per minute rate for a
15 minute call and $3.75 surcharge with no per minute charge for a 15
minute collect call which equates to $.25 per minute for a 15 minute call. In
some cases, the FCC rate caps could make your other phone rates appear
higher however, we recommend that we only change the interstate rates at
this time. While the FCC rate caps may be lower than your current calling
rates, we are not certain of the impact these rates will have on interstate
revenues, telcom costs, etc. until we have we have some real usage data for
review and analysis. Therefore, we propose that the only change we make
at this time is the interstate rates, to comply with the FCC Order, and that
all other calling rates remain unchanged.
The FCC rate cap Order has generated much discussion and we have learned
from sources within the industry that some phone providers are planning to
not pay commissions on these interstate calls. In fact, some facilities have
been led to believe that the Order will prevent them from getting
commissions on Interstate calls. That is simply not true. ICSolutions will
continue to pay your contracted commission rate for interstate revenue
generated for the entire month of February. Once February is closed, we will
look at the impact these new rates have had on interstate revenues and
associated telcom costs. In doing so, we will determine if any
changes\modifications in commissions are necessary for future months. We
will then contact you in early March and discuss any such necessary changes
which would be effective for calling revenue from March 1st onwards. It is
possible that no changes will be necessary, however until we analyze the
actual results, we will not know for sure. But once again, during the
February period, your commission rates will not be impacted and you will
continue to earn the same commission rate for these calls as you are
currently earning.

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