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IL Tazewell County Kickbacks 2013-2014

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Robert M. Huston, Sheriff
Tazewell County, Illinois
101 So. Capitol St., Pekin, IL 61554
Ph: 309-346-4141
Fax 309-478-5668


October 15, 2014
Brian Dolinar
Independent Media Center
202 S. Broadway Ave Suite 100
Urbana, IL. 61801
Mr. Dolinar:
Thank you for writing to the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office with your request
for information pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS
140/1 et seq. with no redactions are as follows:
No redactions:
1. #2 – Records documenting all commissions, site commissions or other
similar fees consisting of a percentage of the revenue generated by
inmate phone calls, or related to inmate phone services, that were
paid to Tazewell County pursuant to its contract with its inmate
phone service provider
2013 – $85,396.40
2014 - $50,732.13
The information you have received in pursuant with 5 ILCS 140/7 (1) (b)
Employee Number, Signature - Private Information has been redacted.
1. #1 - Phone Contract Signatures
2. #7 - Video Contract Signatures

Record(s) you requested are exempt from disclosure under Section 7 (E) of
the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/7, because: Records
that relate to or affect the security of correctional institutions and detention
1. #3 All policies or other records documenting, authorizing, limiting or
describing how the inmate phone service commission payments are to
be used.
2. #8 Institutional policy or policies that govern visits to inmates, including
physical contact visits between family members and loved ones.
Records(s) you requested which are records that is not in the possession of
this public body but is in the possession of a party with whom the agency
has contracted.
1. #4 – All audits, conducted by any agency, or the county’s inmate
phone service or of the commission payments received pursuant to its
inmate phone service contract.
2. #6 – All records documenting any additional fees associated with
inmate phone services that are charged to inmates or recipients of
calls from inmates, such as fees to set up a prepaid account, add
money to prepaid account or cancel a prepaid account.

Enclosed please find the document/s you requested.

JOS Mike Harper
JOS Aaron Hoffman
FOIA Officer