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CT Contract Extension with GTL and Commission Increase 2011-2014

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165 Cnpilul Avenue
HOIlfurd, cr 061 06·1658

July 6, 2011
Global Tel*Link Corp,
John Canny
GTL Account Manager
57 Catherine Street
South Bound Brook, NJ 08880
Re: Master Agreement # B-03-013GTL for Statewide Telecommunications Network Service,
between the State of Connecticut and Global Tel*Link Corp.
Dear Mr, Canny:
This letter is to inform you that Master Agreement # B-03-013GTL between the State of
Connecticut acting by its Department ofInformation Technology and Global Tel*Link
expires on July 7, 2011. The State will be exercising its statutory authority to extend this
agreement for an additional three years, and increase the commission rate to the State to
57%, This extension is subject to the provisions of Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.)
§4a-59a. The new expiration date is July 7, 2014. Attached is a new Product Schedule
reflecting the new commission rate.
Please feel free to contact Kris H. Wohlgemuth (860) 622-2246 if you have any questions
regarding this matter
Very Truly Yours,

Donald J. Difronzo


cc: Master Agreement File: B-03-013GTL
Product Schedule Update File

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