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Illinois DOC - Securus Contract 2018-2021

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referenced inithhi contract, const)tute the entire contract' betitieeti the Pares concerning tIlft ObleI:t Matter
contract, and In SIgningE the cOntract,: Ott Contract& Ofirrtits that the CertifiCkfont aodI f epptiobie
DIstintores'eatcl:ConfliCtt of Interest attached hereto r e true end accurate as of tIt.Otate:•of the
of tile COisfirgf.:• Th4, cott04-. stipersedet all OM:of:P.1'4,14AS, contracts and :11Adertandings between:
conognino the sobjecvowtte'r or the contract, n'th c l * M t Can be signed in trrultip' COunterparts itpOn
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3. T E R M AND
6. S TA N D A R D


*ate of ;Mots Chief Pcppurlyilant Office


Illinois Department of Innovation
Phone Services for

In consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements contained in this contract, and for other good
consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Parties agree to the
conditions set forth herein and have caused this contract to be executed by their duly authorized representatives
dates shown on the following CONTRACT

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

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Address: 4000 international

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'title; President and Chief

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City, State ZIP: Springfield,

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• A g e n c y Reference
• P r o j e c t Title: Phone Services for
• Contract
• Procurement Method (IF% RFP, Small Purchase, etc.): Two-Step
• I P B Reference
• I P B Publication Date:
• Award
• Subcontractor Utilization? El Yes EINo S u b c o n t r a c t o r Disclosure? L I
• Funding
• Obligation
• S m a l l Business Set-Aside? Y e s LIN°
• M i n o r i t y Owned Business? 17 Yes O N °
• W o m e n Owned Business? El Yes ONo
• Persons with Disabilities Owned Business? Y e s O N °
• Ve t e r a n Owned Small Business? E l Yes EINo
• Other

State of Minds Chief Procurement Office

1.1.1. T h e Illinois Department of Corrections, Department of Juvenile Justice and the
Human Services require a phone system for IDOC/1111.1 incarcerated persons and
which allows the offenders of the IDOC, the juveniles at the IDA and the residents at
Rushville Facility to call friends and family. The system must also include intelligence
analysis tools to support public safety. Phone services will comply with Public Act
1.1.2, Service and Equipment. For the purpose of providing phone services for [DOC/1M
persons and DHS residents to communicate with non-incarcerated civilians, the
provide, install, and maintain all telephone equipment, customer services, and
for prepaid minutes at no cost to the State. This includes coordinating with
Companies to provide service to each facility (facilities listed in Section 0.2.2). The
responsible for all installation and maintenance of The Vendor agrees all data shared, entered, or created either for or by
including recordings, are the property of the State. No data related to State
services may be shared or disseminated in any way without the express
of the The Vendor is responsible for relocation of any phone or equipment within
when DOC deems Electrical Surge: Electrical surge and ground protection will be provided
equipment, for both the power source and the telephone line. Installations
NEC and other Installation Compatibility: A l l equipment, wiring, and supporting
hardware will be mounted compatible with standard telco mountings, and,
where existing equipment is being replaced, will be mounted equal to or better
equipment which is The vendor shall provide, at no cost to the State, necessary future upgrades
hardware and software. T h e features and requirements outlined herein
applicable to all calls placed through the OTS (offender telephone
local calls, calls within t h e Local Access Transport Area (intraLATA),
Intrastate, calls outside the Local Access Transport Area (interLATA), interstate
international calls. Vendor must be able to complete International calls. Vendor
able t o complete calls t o all locations in the 50 United States and
companies in North America. The state reserves the right t o permit
international calls. The State reserves the right to approve a primary
carrier. Vendor must provide the name of the Inmate telephones must be limited to one call per connection. Upon
dialing, the telephone hook switch and dial pad must be disabled or
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

to control pulse or DIMF dialing and to prevent obtaining dial tone or bong
hook switch operation or All incarcerated persons telephone system wiring distribution shall become
of the State of Illinois at the conclusion of the contract. The Vendor is
installation and maintenance of any new wiring required and maintenance of
inter building and intra building premise wire and cable facilities for
at all institutions. The Vendor may utilize existing State owned inter
facilities with the approval of the State, if available. However, use of State
may need to be vacated or replaced if the State has a need to reclaim any
for State use. Vendor must be able to provide telecommunication infrastructure
hardware required to add additional phones to existing or new DOC/D.UJDHS
This may require placement of inter building cable thru existing state owned
agreed to by the State, thru vendor provided conduit, or direct buried/
to all locations The vendor shall be responsible for providing pedestals, shelters,
panels, mounting hardware, and signage Ve n d o r shall be responsible
instructional signage. Vendor shall be responsible for relocation of any
Vendor provided equipment. In locations where Vendor's equipment
existing equipment, the supporting equipment and hardware will be
aesthetically equal to or better than the existing equipment. In new
supporting equipment, hardware, a n d other items w i l l be appropriate
location, use, and environmental conditions at the site.DOC and DB will
approval on the configuration and specific supporting equipment and hardware
location All orders for Service and/or orders to proceed from the State to the Vendor will
writing, issued and signed or electronically transmitted by the State. The
not install, remove, modify, or change Service at any location without
approv A l l operating controls must be properly labeled. All cable must be properly
each end and at any mid-point cross connects. All telephones will be
calling instructions which explain how to make a call and must meet
regulatory (e.g. FCC and ICC) and legal requirements. Content of these
be customized to the location of the telephone_and approved by T h e incarcerated persons telephone system must include all
Devices for the Deaf TPOTDD, caption phones, VRS, recording
equipment, software, server, wiring, data storage devices necessary to
system and call recording data equipment necessary to meet the
Unless otherwise specified herein, the vendor shall furnish all
facilities, equipment, and software necessary to perform the services

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office
V. Inmate telephones must be isolated or prevented from intercom calling, such
two inmate telephones can be connected together. This may be
wiring or A l l equipment that will be used by Inmates will be hardened as necessary
malicious damage. Vendor is fully liable for all damage to its equipment.
all station wiring from the nearest IDI cross connect block to the station jack,
to the instrument, the jack and instrument. Inmate telephones will have no
and ringers must A l l equipment and hardware installed will be new and suitable for the
environment described below. N o equipment o f any type is acceptable
numbers or any other manufacturer's identifying labels or marks have
obliterated, o r changed i n anyway. The vendor must assume all costs
equipment, installation and maintenance. The vendor shall replace any or all
call monitoring and recording equipment as required during the term of
at no cost to Mounted telephone instruments f o r use i n a Corrections environment
tamperproof and consist of steel encased housings and shockproof
handsets will be of heavy-duty construction with no removable parts.
cord will be armored with a stainless steel lanyard. A l l phone instruments
waterproof and fireproof and have key-locked mountings to the wall.
instruments will be line powered. Portable telephone instruments f o r use
Corrections environment will be standard 2500 phone set with a standard
handset T h e State agency may, at no additional charge to the State, require the
install booth-to-booth telephones in non-contact visiting areas. These
have the same recording capabilities as described herein. The State
are approximately 100 non-contact booths located in various facilities
Stat T h e offender must input their PIN number (described herein),
non-contact phones in order to identify The State agency may, at no additional charge to the State, offenders,
parties, require the contractor to install new offender telephone systems
that are not currently utilizing an offender telephone system (i.e. new
institutions, community release centers, and community T h e vendor must install the telephone equipment using security studs to
removal of T h e vendor agrees, i f they damage State property, the vendor must
property to its original condition at no cost to the State of Illinois. The
agrees that they shall not cut into or through girders, beams, concrete, tile,

State of Illinois chief Procurement Office

ceilings, or any other structure at the correctional institution without
written approval from the State agency's T h e offender telephone system must include offender telephone equipment
TTD and TTD) that is hearing aid compatible and has volume
vendor must provide TTD equipment to meet the needs of the
traditional, video, voice, and caption, all with access to the
service available i n all 50 states. Vendor shall provide amplified
necessary for hard of
The components of the offender telephone system must comply with
Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. This includes but is not limited
telephones that are accessible t o persons in wheelchairs and systems
compatible with Telephone Devices for the Deaf
All equipment interfacing with the public telephone network must be FCC
Vendors will be prepared to provide FCC registration information upon request
As required b y Illinois Public Act 95-307, all information
electronic information, software, systems, and equipment, developed
under this contract must comply with the applicable requirements o f
Information Technology Accessibility A c t Standards a s
Telephones and ancillary items necessary t o meet Federal, State,
Government Handicap and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
their implementing rules and regulations will be installed by Vendor, as
The Vendor will comply with o r exceed all pertinent safety standards
installation, operation, and maintenance o f service (e.g. Occupations
Health Administration (OSHA), American National Standards Institute
Electric Code (NEC), National Electric Safety Code (NESC), Federal, State,
codes and
1.1.3 T h e telephone reception quality received through the offender telephone system must
to the tone quality offered t o the general public and meet
standards for service quality. The State agency shall have final approval of
1.1.4 T h e telephone system must allow for pre-paid accounts by civilians and debit accounts
minutes program) for incarcerated persons and residents. Controls will be placed
civilian may only fund their account. Incarcerated persons and residents may fund
account and the account of civilians on their
1.1.5 T h e offender telephone system must, upon request by the State agency or the preholder, generate and provide monthly account statements in either hardcopy
formats to each called party regarding their pre8
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

1.1.6 T h e telephone system must provide the called party the ability to block current and
from any of the facilities listed in this solicitation. The offender telephone system
the incarcerated person's call until the call has been accepted by the
1.1.7 T h e system must be accessible through the Internet using web browser software.
must support multiple web browser software including current versions (N) o r
current version (N-1) of Internet Explorer and Apple Safari. The system should
using other web browser software such as Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The
aggressively monitor web browser releases with proactive testing (as Beta
available) to ensure that the system does not have
1.1.8 P I N / PA N . The vendor shall provide software for issuing a unique PIN. This number will
to track the calling patterns of incarcerated persons and residents, trace abuse
calls, and restrict calls to specific locations and
1.1.9 T h e vendor's software shall be configured such that a unique PAN list will follow
from facility
1.1.10 The vendor will accept currently issued PINs (active and inactive). The vendor's
be configured such that an incarcerated person is issued one PIN upon incarceration
PIN will stay the same throughout each
1.1.11 Voice T h e Vendor shall provide software and related tools for civilians to leave
for incarcerated persons
1.1.12 System T h e Vendor shall provide a system that is configurable for watch lists,
specific Incarcerated Persons and residents, timing limits on length of calls,
day of calls, and the ability for the facility to turn off all phones from
location by phone, living unit, housing unit, group, or facility. Vendor shall
off keys when required T h e Vendor agrees the telephone system must allow a called party to
accept a one-time two (2) minute call from an incarcerated person
normal call validation and screening processes (i.e. a new customer that
established a per-paid account). Once the call has been completed, the
contact the called party to establish a pre1.1.12.3 The Vendor shall supply a detailed definition o f system interfaces.
interfaces should include any and all connections if applicable including
services, systems, and external entities. The list should also include a
the interface such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Native SQL
drive mappings

State of Illinois chief Procurement Office
V. T h e vendor's data exchanged via Extensible Markup Language (XM L)
standards for XML Structures T h e Vendor agrees the telephone system will expose application
interface (API) data interfaces so that automated data checking and
capable of being implemented with other agencies and vendors in T h e offender telephone system shall have the ability to import and export data
variety o f standard formats, including fixed width, delimited, csv, xml,
Microsoft T h e Vendor shall provide an annual Technology Plan that identifies
hardware and operating system software upgrades. Key elements to the
include an executive summary, hardware strategy (including server
strategy, connectivity strategy, router environment, and network
and software strategy (including 0/5, DBMS, and independent
product considerations). The State will review and approve the annual
vendor must provide documentation related to technology upgrades
1.1.13 T h e Vendor will provide central digital recording of all completed
traditional, TDD/TTY, VRS, and caption. Recordings must be accessible
staff from approved devices (desktop, laptop, smart phone) in a common
as WAV or MP3. A l l recordings shall be retained in accordance with
AUDIT/RETENTION OF RECORDS policies listed in Section F.5. A t the end
contract vendor will provide recordings to the State with applicable
ensure the recordings remain T h e Vendor agrees the telephone system must record and store each
and the call detail as they occur in real-time to a central primary recording
location and a secondary recording and storage location. F o r the purposes
contract, real-time shall be defined as including a maximum sixty (60) second
from the actual phone conversation to the primary and secondary
storage solutions to account for the system traffic and necessary T h e Vendor agrees that in addition t o the primary central location
recordings they shall establish a secondary recording and storage location
separate physical location in a separate building from the primary storage
chosen by
1.1.14 Past T h e Vendor shall provide storage for recordings and data from the current
allow the State to use the data as part of its analysis. Data will be integrated
vendor's data
1.1.15 Intelligence
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office
V. T h e Vendor shall provide a system that will provide analytical and
related t o the inmate call system. S o f t w a r e shall include
transcription software, and the ability t o import/export global justice
Software must be capable of importing existing intelligence data contained
State or other criminal justice agencies. Software must also include a search
billing name and address verification via internet/public records. Vendor
up to 40 hours per week of speech to text translation and T h e telephone system shall have a feature activation code or speed dial (i.e.
allow an offender to place an anonymous call to a predetermined location
Confidential Informant). T h e same feature activation code shall b e used
institutions. The vendor agrees the calls will be free to the incarcerated person
the I n all circumstances, the offender telephone system shall limit the offender to
call request. T h e offender telephone system must always require the
disconnect a call before initiating
1.1.16 Voice The vendor will provide as part of the solution, software for voice
biometrics system must be capable of non-controlled enrollment process.
process used will be at the discretion of the state agency. Non-covert
enrollment and vendor assisted enrollment are not T h e system shall conduct an independent sample of caller via the
system and store pattern matching algorithms of the subject and
samples of the offender for voice pattern recognition to identify T h e telephone system shall, a t a minimum, include t h e following
identification capabilities f o r calls that include an incarcerated
biometrics data. The telephone system must provide a report
from each search and The system shall allow searches on all calls on which an incarcerated
signature and name appears whether or not that inmate initiated The system shall allow searches on all calls where multiple voice signatures
appear for IDOC/10.1.1 T h e system shall allow searches on all calls where an incarcerated
signature and name is found on the same call as another inmate in
correctional T h e system shall identify the voice signature and name of a called party and
calls in the call database in which that voice signature appears, whether
talking to current or previously released

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office
V. T h e Vendor must respond within twenty-four (24) hours of notification of
outage. A minor outage is defined as a failure which is not designated as
outage. M i n o r outages extending greater than thirty (30) clock
automatically upgrade to a T h e Vendor agrees all internal user components must be accessible to all end
a minimum from 6:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Time, seven (7) days a week
99.9% uptime The Vendor agrees all public facing components must be accessible 24 hours
seven days a week, and with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, except
maintenance that has been mutually agreed upon between the vendor and The Vendor agrees scheduled maintenance and down time must be
off hours; hours that fall outside of the production time frame The Vendor agrees all unscheduled downtime during these hours must be
the designated T h e Vendor agrees the telephone system must monitor and track
times, and all other elements of the SLA for all system Monthly reports shall be provided to State designated personnel to
and application performance against all elements of T h e Vendor shall develop a guide to be used in a disaster recovery
guide must document the appropriate vendor contacts and the steps
to be followed and the components to be moved in case a disaster
offsite recovery o f the solution. This guide must document the
vendor makes about the State's existing disaster recovery plan, the
disaster recovery capacity, and the State's desired recovery time
recovery point objectives. The vendor should develop this guide in
the agency and must include several options to reflect and address the
being made. The guide must identify specific responsibilities and tasks that
expects or requires of the State in a disaster
1.1.19 Information Security. T h e Vendor shall provide their information security plan,
policies, and procedures in place to ensure the protection of information received,
recorde A l l State of Illinois (S01) Data must be stored, processed, and retained
United States. SOI Data should also be encrypted (at minimum 256-bit AES
encryption) in transit and at rest. This requirement is derived from
Section 5.3., wherein it states that "Fri cannot be accessed by
agents, representatives, or vendors located offshore-outside of the
territories, embassies or military installations. Further, FT! may not
processed, stored, transmitted, or disposed of by information technology
located offshore." T h e SOI recognizes Publication 1075 as a definitive
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

the case of FTI, and as a good business practice in all other instances
confidential or protected data. As a result, a comprehensive Risk
be conducted t o categorically exclude any potentially sensitive,
protected data from this The Vendor shall supply the database group with the logical and physical
of the system and the associated data T h e vendor shall supply a database T h e vendor shall supply an application A l l aspects of the system design and development shall meet industry
practic Vendor shall maintain a robust and reliable data backup system. Vendor
a daily backup of the data and systems. Vendor must maintain at a
(60) days of current data backups. A l l backups older than 60 days shall
and securely transported to a secure external site. All backup data shall be
accordance with the State's AUDIT/RETENTION OF RECORDS policies listed
F.S. Daily backup reports of all successful/failed systems backups/archives
provided t o the State. Data recovery must be accomplished w i t h
slowdown of system functions. Vendor must provide a copy of all data to
without delay upon request by Ve n d o r shall only use State or Participant data, or State-related or
data for the purposes stated in this Contract. Vendor shall not use State or
data, or State-related or Participant-related data, for any other purpose,
not limited to, data mining or bids on other government contracts. Vendor and/
agents shall not resell nor otherwise redistribute information gained from its
the State or Vendor will notify the State's Chief information Security Officer within 24 hours
identified information breach or other security incident which impacts the
or I f not specifically addressed in other Vendor Information Technology
vendor must adhere to State of Illinois and CMS technology and


1.1.20 Future Growth and A l l products furnished shall be new, unused, most recent manufacture,
discontinued. Given the changing marketplace and the evolution of
State, during any term o f the contract, may review new and
maintenance and support services, or equipment offered by Vendorthat
the scope of the contract. In addition, if an item becomes discontinued
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

not available during any term, the vendor may propose to substitute an
better product. Any new technology the State takes advantage o f must,
minimum, replace a function or solution that the contract


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State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

I Rushville,


BB For procurements conducted in BidBuy, the State may include in this contract the
Order as it contains the agreed Supplies and/
E l I f checked, see the attached BidBuy Purchase Order for a Description of Supplies and/
1.2. MILESTONES AND DELIVERABLESt The Vendor will replace existing service and install new service
IDOC facilities, DI; facilities, and DHS Rushville. Within 30 days of the execution of contract,
shall present an implementation plan to the State for its approval. The plan shall include, at
the specific tasks, major milestones, implementation dates, roles, responsibilities and
implementation at each facility. The implementation plan will include a training schedule for
statewide staff on the use of software and analysis tools, as well as marketing materials for
facility staff, offenders, and friends
1.2.1. W i t h i n 30 days of the execution of contract, the Vendor will establish a data interface
State and current vendor for files related to callers, existing PINs, and calling
Vendor will present to the State file layouts and a plan for
1.2.2. W i t h i n 30 days of the execution of the contract, the Vendor will put in place the full
representative, and said person will meet in person with
1.2.3. W i t h i n 30 days of the execution of this contract, the Vendor will submit to the State
approval a list of proposed functional tests to be performed on the service installed
institution. The tests proposed by the Vendor must be capable of demonstrating whether
the service meets the requirements noted in the contract. T h e State will have the
review the tests proposed by the Vendor, and to add additional tests and requirements
deems necessary to demonstrate whether the service complies. T h e tests proposed
Vendor, as approved, modified, and added to by the State, will constitute the
1.2.4. T h e phone implementation will be completed within 120 days. The remainder of
deliverables shall be implemented within 180 days from the execution o f the
accordance with the Implementation Plan described in
1.2.5, U p o n completion of the implementation, the Vendor shall provide a monthly report to
on call volume by facility; format and data to be provided will be agreed to by the State
1.2.6. W i t h i n 10 days of the termination of this contract the Vendor will provide to the
designee, data pertaining to the call system and the recordings with software necessary
State to search data, access and download
1.2.7. A f t e r transfer o f data back to the State o f Illinois and/or migration o f data t o a
replacement system, and following verification o f the data, Vendor must purge any
State's data that resides on its computer hardware or software. Vendor must perform
in a manner no less restrictive than set forth in the requirements for "Purge" contained
Special Publication 800-88, Appendix A: Minimum Sanitization Recommendation
Containing Data, Agency reserves the right to verify that data has been properly
prior to erasure and to ensure that the data has been removed per this
must certify in writing the method used including the date and time of data
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

1.2.8. Vendor must allow the State o f Illinois Technical Safeguards Unit the ability
vulnerability scans at initial implementation and when there are major modifications
1.2.9. Ve n d o r must develop a System Security Plan (SSP) using the guidance f r o m
Management Framework (RMF) (NIST SP 800-18) to establish an information
In accordance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and
compliance. Vendor will provide a security architecture diagram o f
environment as applicable to the protection of the State's data and
1.2.10. Security Control Assessment — Vendor m u s t perform a n internal
assessment. Guidance to conducting and documenting a Security Control Assessment
obtained from NIST SP 800-53A Guide for Assessing Security Controls in Federal
Systems. The results of this assessment will be documented in a Security
(SAR) to be approved by
1.2.11. Security Risk Assessment: Once Vendor receives the approved SARI Vendor must then
Security Risk Assessment based on the applicable security controls. Guidance to
documenting the Security Risk Assessment can be obtained in NIST SP
1.2.12. Plan of Action and Milestones (P0A&M): After Agency reviews and approves the
Assessment, Vendor shall develop a POA&M. The POA&M should be a living document
based on the findings and recommendations of the security assessment report. The
should describe the deficiencies in the security controls, address the residual risk
plans for remediation. Vendor will provide the State monthly updates regarding
remediation of identified deficiencies in
1.2.13. Life-Cycle Management: Vendor or its Business Associate shall perform security
and reauthorization of the system at the direction of Agency. Vendor or its
shall be responsible for meeting the following Performing continuous monitoring o f the security system.
monitoring must include periodically selecting a subset of the baseline
assessment. Based on assessment of these controls, subsequent
must be identified and implemented. The ongoing remediation process
updating key documents such as the SSP and Prior to any system or environmental modifications, Vendor must perform
impact analysis. This must be included as a part of any change
configuration management process. If the results of the modification
to security posture o f the system, corrective actions should b e
appropriate documents revised and updated. The updating of the
continuous monitoring should provide near real-time risk
1.2.14. A monthly Security Status Report must be produced by the Vendor for Agency.
Report should provide essential information regarding the security posture of the system
as the effectiveness of the controls deployed. Ongoing monitoring activities should
as well as ongoing remediation efforts to address known
1.2.15. Vendor shall have a documented security incident policy and procedure and must
copy with

State of Illinois Chef Procurement Office

1.2.16. Vendor certifies it has undertaken independent third-party audit Statement on
Attestation Engagements (SSAE-16) certifications and must provide the State with SOC 2
or equivalent certifications and other related documents, at initial implementation and
annual basis

1.3 V E N D O R / STAFF SPECIFICATIONS: The Vendor's current employees who perform the services
current contract are covered by a collective bargaining contract. In accordance with Illinois law
500/25 80), in order to be considered a responsible bidder and eligible for award you must (a)
assume the collective bargaining obligations o f the prior employer, including any
bargaining agreement with the bargaining representative of any existing collective bargaining
units performing substantially similar work to the services covered by the contract subject to its
Offer, and (b) offer employment to all employees currently employed in any existing
performing substantially similar work that will be performed under this contract. By submitting a
Offer to us you are certifying you will comply with

For purposes of this section, subcontractors are those specifically hired to perform all or part
work covered by the contract. I f subcontractors will be utilized, Vendor must identify below
and addresses of all subcontractors it will be entering into a contractual agreement that has
value of $50,000 or more in the performance of this Contract, together with a description of the
be performed by the subcontractor and the anticipated amount of money to the extent the
is known that each subcontractor is expected to receive pursuant to the Contract.
sheets as
1.5.1 W i l l subcontractors be utilized? E Yes
• Subcontractor Name: GS Tek
Amount to be paid: 20% of Revenue, based on minutes from RFP Addendum
Address: PO Box 1443, Suwanee, GA
Description of work: PIN/PAN Processtng, Site Administration, On-Site
• Subcontractor Name: The ROSS
Amount to be paid: 3% of Revenue, based on minutes from REP
Address: 2131 White Oaks Drive, Springfield,
Description of work:
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

additioN1 space is necessary to provide subcontractor information, ease
1.84 4111 contracts with the stibcontractors identifies:1,0(We Must includetthe Standard
completed aM signed by the
5.1 I f the annual value of any the subcontracts is more theft $004,Q010,theo the Vendor
i the State the Financial Disclosures and Conflicts of
4 4 I f the rA)bcontrattor Is registered in the Illinois Prottorrattent4ateway (IPG) and the
Using the subContractor's Standard Certirtcatiett or Financial Disclosures eitti
litteett front the IPG,, then the Vendor must also pit:Nide to the State a completed fortis

1.5,5 i f a t e * tole during the term of the contract, VekuJor adds or changes any
Vender wilt be required to Promptly notify, in Writtmsehe state Purchasing Otiker.20
Procurement Officer of the names and addressesand the expected amount Of alOney

nevcbt replaced subcontractor wilt receive, ors uantio this contraCt: Any
Into prior taaward of the Contrectare done at the sole risk of theVendor and
1 * , ItIcaAft9RVEN
Yes 0 No This contract is for serViceS subject to 30 it.,CS' S00/25-80• Keating and_isir
service contract% plumbing service contracts, and .electrical service Contracts
subjett to this-requirentent. Non service contracts, construction
based selection. 'contracts, and profet Oklal and artistic Seroices contracts
SUbject to this
if Ves Is thecked, then the
(I) that ft shall offer to assurnethe Collective bargaining obligartionsel the prior employer,
existing cotlettain:bargairting agreement with the ,bargaintrigrepre:sentadve Of any
bargaining unit or units perforating SubStantially similar work to-the servbas covered by
subject to Itsbid or

(1)) that it shall offeremPlorhent te>911emPloVIRI current* 0004014P anY
WIO•eettoftil substaritially stinger work to the Work thatWill be pertsrmed pursuant to
11)10:t:ertiticatiop, supersedes a response to,certifica don ill Form f, of-the Illinois

Arg„.11N.BEPERFORMEDt o t h e r w i s e disclosed in this Section all services
pe)fornled hI the United States I f the Vender performs thy services purchased hereunder
cauntri, In violation oVthW provision ,,such action may be defined by the State as a breach of

Nitiodorshall disclose the locations where the services required shall be oeripritied ,and the
anticipated voitte- of the services to be perforrried at each location. I f the Vendor
Consideration in the. eValtiation based on work being performed in the United Slates, it shall be
of contract if the Vendor shifts any suchvvOrkOutside the United Stites.:
Steitor f rinQi C H M ' P t o t i l m r s t Office


• Location where services will be performed: Click here to
Value of services performed at this location: Click here to
• Location where services will be performed: Click here to
Value of services performed at this location: Click here to

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

2.1 T Y P E OF PRICING: The Illinois Office of the Comptroller requires the State to Indicate
contract value is firm or estimated at the time it is submitted for obligation. The total value
2.1.1 P r i c i n g for this solicitation shall comply with Public Act 099-0878, Specifically, Section 5
Act amended 730 US 5/3-4-1 by adding the following new paragraph,
(a-5) Beginning January 1, 2018, the Department of Central Management Services
with the qualified vendor who proposes the lowest per minute rate not exceeding 7
minute for debit, prepaid, collect calls and who does not bill to any party any tax,
or additional fee exceeding the per minute rate, including, but not limited to, a n y
surcharge, account set up fee, bill statement fee, monthly account maintenance
refund fee as established by the Federal Communications Commission Order for state
the Matter of Rates for Interstate Inmate Calling Services, Second Report and Order,
12-375, FCC 15-136 (adopted Oct. 22, 2015). Telephone services made available
prepaid or collect call system shall include international calls; those calls shall be
at reasonable rates subject to Federal Communications Commission rules and
not to exceed 23 cents per minute. This amendatory Act of the 99th General
to any new or renewal contract for inmate
2.1.2 Domestic Calls: The State requires that the Vendor state the firm, fixed rate per minute
collect o r pre-paid call. T h e Vendor shall n o t charge called parties and/
discretionary fees in addition to the per-minute rate for collect and pre-paid calls;
and federal fees/taxes; and the set-up charge per
2.1.3 International Calls: The State requires that the Vendor state the firm, fixed rate per
international calls. The Vendor shall not charge called parties and/or offender's
fees in addition to the offender's per minute rate for international calls; local, state,
international fees/taxes; and the set-up charge per collect calls. International calls
2.1.4 Voicemail: The State requires the vendor to state a firm price for each voice mail
incarcerated persons and DHS residents, and the percentage o f commission that
reimbursed separately to
2.2 EXPENSES ALLOWED: Expenses are
2.3 D I S C O U N T: The State may receive a 0% discount for payment within N/A days of receipt
2.4 V E N D O R ' S PRICING: Attach additional pages
2.4.1. Vendor's Price for the
Rate in %IMO per minute —All Intrastate
Calls (collect and


Rate in $0•000 per minute - International (pre-


Rate $0.000


State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

Commission Rate f o r Voice Mail o n l y
compensate the State in % of gross Voice


I313 F o r procurements conducted in BidBuy, the State may include in this contract
Purchase Order as it contains the
E l I f checked, see the attached BidBuy Purchase Order for the Vendor's Price for the
2.4.2. Renewal Compensation: lithe contract is renewed, the price shall be at the same rate as
initial term unless a different compensation o r formula f o r determining
compensation is stated in

2.5 M A X I M U M AMOUNT: The total payments under this contract shall not exceed SN/A without

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

3 T E R M AND
1.1 T E R M OF THIS CONTRACT: This contract has an initial term of 7/1/2018 to 6/30/2021. I f a start
not identified, the term shall commence upon the last dated signature of
BB For procurements conducted in Bid Buy, the State may include in this contract the
Order as it contains the
LII I f checked, see the attached BidBuy Purchase Order for the Term of
3.1.1 I n no event will the total term of the contract, including the initial term, any renewal
any extensions, exceed
3.1.2 Ve n d o r shall not commence billable work in furtherance of the contract prior to
of the contract except when permitted pursuant to 30 US
Any renewal is subject to the same terms and conditions as the original
otherwise provided in the pricing section. The State may renew this contract for any or all
option periods specified, may exercise any of the renewal options early, and may
than one option at a time based on continuing need and favorable market conditions,
the best interest of the State. The contract may neither renew automatically nor renew
the Vendor's
3.2.2. Pricing for the renewal term(s), or the formula for determining price, is shown in
section of
3.2.3. T h e State reserves the right to renew for a total of 7 years in any one of the
3,2,3.1 One renewal covering the entire
3.2.3,2 Individual one-year renewals up to and including the entire renewal Any combination of full or partial year renewals up to and including the
3.3 T E R M I N AT I O N FOR CAUSE: The State may terminate this contract, in whole or in part,
upon notice to the Vendor if: (a) the State determines that the actions or inactions of the
agents, employees or subcontractors have caused, or reasonably could cause, jeopardy to
or property, or (b) the Vendor has notified the State that it is unable or unwilling to
If Vendor fails to perform to the State's satisfaction any material requirement of this contract,
violation of a material provision of this contract, or the State determines that the Vendor
financial resources to perform the contract, the State shall provide written notice to the Vendor
the problem identified within the period of time specified in the State's written notice. If not
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

that date the State may either: (a) immediately terminate the contract without additional
or (b) enforce the terms and conditions of
For termination due to any of the causes contained in this Section, the State retains its rights to
available legal or equitable remedies
3.4 TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE: The State may, for its convenience and with thirty (30)
written notice to Vendor, terminate this contract in whole or in part and without payment
penalty or incurring any further obligation to
3.4.1. U p o n submission of invoices and proof of claim, the Vendor shall be entitled to
for supplies and services provided in compliance with this contract up to and including
3.5 O T H E R TERMINATION: The State may also terminate, in whole or in part, this contract
notice pursuant to
3.6 SUSPENSION: T h e State may suspend, in whole or in part, this contract without
pursuant to
3.7 AVAILABILITY OF APPROPRIATION: This contract is contingent upon and subject to the
funds. The State, at its sole option, may terminate or suspend this contract, in whole or in
penalty or further payment being required, if (1) the Illinois General Assembly or the
source fails to make an appropriation sufficient to pay such obligation, or if funds needed are
for any reason (30 ILCS 500/20-60), (2) the Governor or DolT reserves funds, o r (3)
determines, in its sole discretion or as directed by the Office of the Governor, that a
necessary or advisable based upon actual or projected budgetary considerations. Contractor
notified in writing of the failure of appropriation or of a reduction or decrease and DoIT's
terminate or suspend, In whole or in part, as soon as practicable. A n y suspension o r
pursuant to this section will be effective upon the date of the written notice unless

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

4,1.1 L a t e Payment: Payments, including late payment charges, will be paid in accordance
State Prompt Payment Act and rules when applicable. 30 ILCS 540; 74 Ill. Adm. Code
shall be Vendor's sole remedy for late payments by the State. Payment terms
Vendor's invoices shall have no force
4.1.2 Minority Contractor Initiative: Any Vendor awarded a contract under Section 20-10,
25 or 20-30 of the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500) of $1,000 or more is required to
fee of $15. The Comptroller shall deduct the fee from the first check issued to the
the contract and deposit the fee in the Comptroller's Administrative Fund. 15 ILCS
4.1.3 Expenses: The State will not pay for supplies provided or services rendered,
expenses, incurred prior to the execution of this contract by the Parties even if
date of the contract is prior
4,1.4 Prevailing Wage: As a condition of receiving payment Vendor must (i) be in compliance
contract, (i1) pay its employees prevailing wages when required by law, (iii) pay its
subcontractors according to the terms of their respective contracts, and (iv) provide
to the State upon request. Examples of prevailing wage categories include
printing, janitorial, window washing, building and grounds services, site
natural resource services, security guard and food services. The prevailing wages are
the Illinois Department of Labor (DOL) and are available on DOLls official website, which
deemed proper notification of any rate changes under this subsection. Vendor is
contacting DOL at 217-782 6206 or (htto://www.stoteAus/ooencv/idoi/index.htm)
understanding of prevailing wage
4.1.5 Federal Funding: This contract may be partially or totally funded with Federal funds.
funds are expected to be used, then the percentage of the good/service paid
funds and the total Federal funds expected to be used will be provided to the
In the notice of intent
4.1.6 Invoicing: By submitting an invoice, Vendor certifies that the supplies or services
all requirements of the contraLt, and the amount billed and expenses incurred are as
the contract. Invoices for supplies purchased, services performed and
through June 30 of any year must be submitted to the State no later than July 31 of
otherwise Vendor may have to seek payment through the Illinois Court of Claims.
105/25. All invoices are subject to statutory offset. 30 Vendor shall not bill for any taxes unless accompanied by proof that the State
to the tax. I f necessary, Vendor may request the applicable Agency's
exemption number and federal tax exemption Vendor shall invoice at the completion of this contract unless invoicing is tied
contract to milestones, deliverables, or other invoicing requirements agreed to
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

Send invoices







City, State


E l See attached BidBuy
13B For procurements conducted in BidBuy, the Agency may include in this contract the
Order as it contains the Bill
4.2 ASSIGNMENT: This contract may not be assigned, transferred in whole or in part by Vendor
prior written consent of
4.3 SUBCONTRACTING: For purposes of this section, subcontractors are those specifically hired
all or part of the work covered by the contract. Vendor must receive prior written approval
of any subcontractors in the performance of this contract. Vendor shall describe, in an attachment
already provided, the names and addresses of all authorized subcontractors to be utilized by
the performance of this contract, together with a description of the work to be performed
subcontractor and the anticipated amount of money that each subcontractor is expected
pursuant to this contract. I f required, Vendor shall provide a copy of any subcontracts
(15) days after execution of this contract. A l l subcontracts must include the same
Vendor must make as a condition o f this contract. Vendor shall include in each
subcontractor certifications as shown on the Standard Certification form available from the State.
any time during the term of the Contract, Vendor adds or changes any subcontractors,
must promptly notify, by written amendment to the Contract, the State Purchasing Officer or
Procurement Officer of the names and addresses and the expected amount of money that each
replaced subcontractor will receive pursuant to the Contract. 30 US
4.4 AUDIT/RETENTION OF RECORDS: Vendor and its subcontractors shall maintain books
relating to the performance of the contract or subcontract and necessary to support
to the State pursuant the contract or subcontract. Books and records, including information
databases or other computer systems, shall be maintained by the Vendor for a period of three
from the later of the date of final payment under the contract or completion of the contract, and
subcontractor for a period of three (3) years from the later o f final payment under the
completion of the subcontract. I f Federal funds are used to pay contract costs, the Vendor
subcontractors must retain their respective records for five (5) years. Books and records required
maintained under this section shall be available for review or audit by representatives of:
Agency, the Auditor General, the Executive Inspector General, the Chief Procurement Officer,
Illinois internal auditors or other governmental entities with monitoring authority,
notice and during normal business hours. Vendor and its subcontractors shall cooperate fully
such audit and with any investigation conducted by any of these entities. Failure to maintain
records required by this section shall establish a presumption in favor of the State for the
any funds paid by the State under this contract or any subcontract for which adequate
records are not available to support the purported disbursement. The Vendor or
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

not impose a charge for audit or examination of the Vendor's or subcontractor's books and

4.5 T I M E IS OF THE ESSENCE; Time is of the essence with respect to Vendor's performance of
Vendor shall continue to perform its obligations while any dispute concerning the contract
resolved unless otherwise directed by
4.6 N O WAIVER OF RIGHTS: Except as specifically waived in writing, failure by a Party to exercise
a right does not waive that Party's right to exercise or enforce that or other rights in
4.7 F O R C E MAJEURE: Failure by either Party to perform its duties and obligations will be
unforeseeable circumstances beyond its reasonable control and not due to its negligence,
of nature, acts of terrorism, riots, labor disputes, fire, flood, explosion, and governmental
The non-declaring Party may cancel the contract without penalty if performance does not
thirty (30) days of the
4.8 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Each Party to this contract, including its agents and
may have or gain access to confidential data or information owned or maintained by the other
the course of carrying Out its responsibilities under this contract. Vendor shall presume all
received from the State or to which it gains access pursuant to this contract is
information, unless clearly marked as confidential and exempt from disclosure under
Freedom of Information Act, shall be considered public. No confidential data collected,
used in the course of performance of the contract shall be disseminated except as authorized by
with the written consent of the disclosing Party, either during the period of the contract or
The receiving Party must return any and all data collected, maintained, created or used in the
the performance of the contract, in whatever form it is maintained, promptly at the end of
or earlier at the request of the disclosing Party, or notify the disclosing Party in writing of its
The foregoing obligations shall not apply to confidential data or information lawfully in
Party's possession prior to its acquisition from the disclosing Party; received in good faith from
Party not subject to any confidentiality obligation to the disclosing Party; now Is or
publicly known through n o breach o f confidentiality obligation b y t h e receiving Party;
independently developed by the receiving Party without the use or benefit of the
4.9 U S E AND OWNERSHIP: All work performed or supplies created by Vendor under this
written documents or data, goods or deliverables of any kind, shall be deemed work for
copyright law and all intellectual property and other laws, and the State of Illinois is granted
exclusive ownership to all such work, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Vendor hereby assigns
State all right, title, and interest in and to such work including any related intellectual
and/or waives any and all claims that Vendor may have to such work including any so-called
rights" in connection with the work. Vendor acknowledges the State may use the work product
purpose. Confidential data or information contained in such work shall be subject to
provisions of
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

4.10 INDEMNIFICATION AND LIABILITY: The Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless the State
its agencies, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any and all costs,
losses, claims, damages, liabilities, settlements and judgments, including in-house
attorneys' fees and expenses, arising out of: (a) any breach or violation by Vendor o f any
certifications, representations, warranties, covenants or agreements; (b) any actual or alleged
injury to any person, damage to any real or personal property, or any other damage or loss
result in whole or in part from Vendor's negligent performance; (c) any act, activity o r
Vendor or any of its employees, representatives, subcontractors or agents; or (d) any actual
claim that the services or goods provided under this contrat t infringe, misappropriate,
violate any intellectual property (patent, copyright, trade secret, or trademark) rights of a third
accordance with Article VIII, Section 3.(a),(b) of the Constitution of the State of Illinois and
Attorney General Opinion 78, the State may not indemnify private parties absent
authority permitting the indemnification. N e i t h e r Party shall b e liable f o r
consequential, or
4.11 INSURANCE: Vendor shall, at all times during the term of this contract and any renewals or
maintain and provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the State as an additionally insured
required bonds and insurance. Certificates may not be modified or canceled until at least thirty
days' notice has been provided to the State. Vendor shall provide: (a) General
insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence (Combined Single Limit Bodily Injury
Damage) and $2,000,000 Annual Aggregate; (b) Auto Liability, including Hired Auto and
Auto (Combined Single Limit Bodily Injury and Property Damage), in amount o f
occurrence; and (c) Worker's Compensation Insurance in the amount required by law.
not limit Vendor's obligation to indemnify, defend, or settle
4.12 INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: Vendor shall act as an independent contractor and not an
employee of, or joint venture with the State. All payments by the State shall be made on
4.13 SOLICITATION AND EMPLOYMENT: Vendor shall not employ any person employed by the
the term of this contract to perform any work under this contract. Vendor shall give notice
to the Agency's director if Vendor solicits or Intends to solicit State employees to perform
under this
4.14 COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW: The Vendor, its employees, agents, and subcontractors shall
all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, ordinances, regulations, orders, federal
all license and permit requirements in the performance of this contract. Vendor shall be
with applicable tax requirements and shall be current in payment of such taxes. Vendor shall
its own expense, all licenses and permissions necessary for the performance of
4.15 BACKGROUND CHECK: Whenever the State deems it reasonably necessary for security
State may conduct, at its expense, criminal and driver history background checks of
subcontractor's officers, employees or agents. Vendor or subcontractor shall immediately
individual who, in the opinion of the State, does not pass the
State of illino's Chief Procurement Office


4.16.1 PREVAILING LAW: This contract shall be construed in accordance with and is subject to
and rules of the State
4.16.2 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: The Department of Human Rights' Equal Opportunity
incorporated by reference. 44 In. Am.
out of this contract must be filed exclusively with the Illinois Court of Claims. 705 ILCS 505/1.
shall not enter into binding arbitration to resolve any dispute arising out of this contract. The
Illinois does not waive sovereign immunity by entering into
4.16.4 OFFICIAL TEXT: The official text of the statutes cited herein is incorporated by
unofficial version can be viewed at
4.17 ANTI-TRUST ASSIGNMENT: I f Vendor does not pursue any claim or cause of action it has
Federal or State antitrust laws relating to the subject matter of this contract, then upon request
Illinois Attorney General, Vendor shall assign to the State all of Vendor's rights, title and interest
to the claim or cause
4.18 CONTRACTUAL AUTHORITY: The Agency that signs this contract on behalf of the State of Illinois
the only State entity responsible for performance and payment under this contract. When
Procurement Officer or authorized designee or State Purchasing Officer signs in addition to
he/she does so as approving officer and shall have no liability to Vendor. When the Chief
Officer or authorized designee or State Purchasing Officer signs a master contract on behalf
agencies, only the Agency that places an order or orders with the Vendor shall have any liability
Vendor for that order
4.19 EXPATRIATED ENTITIES: Except in limited circumstances, no business or member of a
group, as defined in the Illinois Income Tax Act, shall submit a bid for or enter into a contract
State agency if that business or any member of the unitary business group is an
4.20 NOTICES: Notices and other communications provided for herein shall be given in writing
mail whenever possible. I f transmission via electronic mail is not possible, then notices
communications shall be given in writing via registered or certified mail with return
via receipted hand delivery, via courier (UPS, Federal Express or other similar and reliable carrier),
facsimile showing the date and time of successful receipt. Notices shall be sent to the
signed this contract using the contact information following the signatures. Each such notice
deemed to have been provided at the time it is actually received. By giving notice, either
change its contact
4.21 MODIFICATIONS AND SURVIVAL: Amendments, modifications and waivers must be in
signed by authorized representatives of the Parties. A n y provision of this contract
void, unenforceable, or against public policy, shall be ignored and the remaining provisions
interpreted, as far as possible, to give effect to the Parties' intent. A l l provisions that by
State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

would be expected to survive, shall survive termination. In the event of a conflict between
and the Vendor's terms, conditions and attachments, the State's terms, conditions and
4.22 PERFORMANCE RECORD / SUSPENSION: Upon request of the State, Vendor shall meet
performance or provide contract performance updates to help ensure proper performance
contract. The State may consider Vendor's performance under this contract and compliance
and rule to determine whether to continue the contract, suspend Vendor from doing
with the State for a specified period of time, or whether Vendor can be considered
specific future contract
4.23 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT; This contract and all related public records maintained
to or required to be provided to the State are subject to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act
(50 ILCS 140) notwithstanding any provision to the contrary that may be found in
4.24 SCHEDULE OF WORK: A n y work performed on State premises shall be done during
designated by the State and performed in a manner that does not interfere with the State
4.25.1. Vendor warrants that the supplies furnished under this contract will: (a) conform
standards, specifications, drawing, samples or descriptions furnished by the State
by the Vendor and agreed to by the State, including but not limited to all
as exhibits hereto; (b) be merchantable, of good quality and workmanship, and
defects for a period of twelve months or longer if so specified in writing, and fit
for the intended use; (c) comply with all federal and state laws, regulations
pertaining to the manufacturing, packing, labeling, sale and delivery of the supplies; (d)
good title and be free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and; (e) not infringe
copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party. Vendor agrees
the State for any losses, costs, damages or expenses, including without
attorney's fees and expenses, arising from failure of the supplies to meet such
4.25.2. Vendor shall ensure that all manufacturers' warranties are transferred to the State
provide to the State copies of such warranties. These warranties shall be in addition to
warranties, express, implied or statutory, and shall survive the State's payment,
inspection or failure to inspect
4.25.3. Vendor warrants that all services will be performed to meet the requirements of this
an efficient and effective manner by trained and competent personnel. Vendor
performances of each individual and shall immediately reassign any individual who
perform in accordance with this contract, who is disruptive or not respectful of others
workplace, or who in any way violates the contract or

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

4.26 REPORTING, STATUS AND MONITORING SPECIFICATIONS: Vendor shall Immediately notify the

any event that may have a material impact on Vendor's ability to perform
EMPLOYMENT TAX CREDIT: Vendors who hire qualified veterans and certain ex-offenders
eligible for tax credits. 3 5 ILCS 5/216, 5/217. Please contact the Illinois Department
(telephone #: 217-524-4772) for information about
4.27. SUPPLEMENTAL TERMS: Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the Vendor's
terms and conditions, or in any licensing agreement
4.27.1 The procuring Agency and the State do not waive
4.27,2 The procuring Agency and the State do not consent to be governed by the laws of
other than
4.27.3 The procuring Agency and the State do not consent to be represented in any legal
any person or entity other than the Illinois Attorney General or his or
4.27.4 The procuring Agency and the State shall not be bound by the terms and conditions
any click-wrap agreement, click-wrap license, click-through agreement, clickend user license agreement or any other agreement or license contained or referenced
software or any quote provided by Vendor, except as attached to
4.27.5 The procuring Agency and the State shall not indemnify Vendor or its subcontractors
any equipment manufacturers or software
4.27.6 Vendor shall indemnify the procuring Agency and State pursuant to the terms and
Section 4.10 of the
4.27.7 Vendor's liability shall be governed by the terms and conditions contained in Section 4.10

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

S. S U P P L E M E N TA L
El A g e n c y
Click here to
E l R e q u i r e d Federal Clauses, Certifications
Click here to
E l P u b l i c Works Requirements (construction and maintenance of a public work) 820 ILCS
Click here to
E l P r e v a i l i n g Wage (janitorial cleaning, window cleaning, building and grounds, site
natural resources, food services, and security services, if valued at more than $200 per
$2,000 per year or printing) 30 ILCS
Click here to
E l A g e n c y Specific Terms
Click here to
El O t h e r
Click here to

Exhibit A —Securus Statement of Work—Attached hereto and incorporated by

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

EXHIBIT A - Securus Statement
This Statement of Work ("SOW") is by and between the Department of Innovation and Technology ("you"
and Securus Technologies, Inc., ("we," "us," or "Provider") and is part of the Standard Contract Form
"Agreement") between Customer
The parties agree
1. Applications. This SOW specifies terms and conditions under which we will provide certain inmateand applications (the "Application(s)")
2. U s e of Applications. You grant us the exclusive right and license to install, maintain, and derive revenue
Applications through our inmate systems (including, without limitation, the related hardware and software)
"System") located in and around the inmate confinement facility or facilities identified in the Schedule (the
"Facilities"). You are responsible for the manner in which you and your respective users use the
3. Software License. We grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license (without the right to
to access and use certain proprietary computer software products and materials in connection with the
(the "Software"). T h e Software Includes any upgrades, modifications, updates, and additions to existing
we implement in our discretion (the
4. Ownership and Use. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Agreement, including but not limited and 4.9, we (or our licensors, if any) have and will retain all right, title, interest, and ownership in and to
Software and any copies, custom versions, modifications, or updates of the Software, (ii) the System, (iii)
documentation, and (iv) any trade secrets, know-how, methodologies, and processes related to our
System, and our other products and services (the "Materials"). The Materials constitute proprietary
trade secrets of Provider and its licensors, whether or not any portion thereof is or may be the subject of
S. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure. T h e System, Applications, and related call records and information
"Confidential Information") will at all times remain confidential to Provider. Customer understands and
that Provider, as a common carrier, is required by Section 222 of the Communications Act of 1934, as
U.S.C. Section 222, to maintain the confidentiality of "Customer Proprietary Network Information", or
protects from disclosure consumers' sensitive personal information (including phone numbers called by a
frequency, duration, and timing of such calls; and any services purchased by the consumer). Customer
acknowledges that such Confidential Information may be exempt from public disclosure and you agree that you
disclose such Confidential Information to any third party without our prior written consent. Because you will be
access confidential information of third parties that is protected by certain federal and state privacy laws
Software and Applications, you will only access the Software with computer systems that have effective
6. Customer acknowledges that the information available through the below described
personally identifiable information and that it is Customer's obligation to keep all such accessed
Accordingly, Customer will (a) restrict access to such Applications to those law enforcement personnel who have
to know as part of their official duties; and (b) ensure that its employees (i) obtain and/or use information
such Application only for lawful purposes. Furthermore, Customer understands and acknowledges that all
used and obtained in connection with each such Application is "AS IS." Customer further understands and
that such Applications uses data from third-party sources, which may or may not be thorough and/or accurate,
Customer will not rely on Provider for the accuracy or completeness of information obtained through such

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office
V 18


Secure Call Platform: Secure Call Platform ("SCP") provides through its centralized system automatic placement
by inmates without the need for conventional live operator services. In addition, SCP has the ability to do
(a) monitor and record inmate calls, (b) prevent monitoring and recording of private calls (i.e., attorney
clergy calls, or other calls as approved and implemented by you); private number settings allow you to mark
not to be monitored or recorded, and you are solely responsible for identifying, approving and disabling
private treatment; (c) automatically limit the duration of each call to a certain period designated by us, (d)
detail records In accordance with our standard practices, (e) automatically shut the System on or off, and (f)
calls to the extent required by applicable law. W e will be responsible for all billing and collections of
charges but may contract with third parties to perform such functions. SCP will be provided at the Facilities
the chart
SCP also includes the ability to Integrate inmate Debit accounts. A Debit account is a prepaid, inmateused to pay for inmate telephone calls. A Debit account is funded by transfer of inmate's facility
account funds to inmate's Debit account. Provider establishes inmate Debit accounts which are associated
inmate's Personal Identification Number ("PIN"). Provider requires inmate to key in his/her PIN at the
every Debit call to complete the call and pay for the call using the inmate's Debit account, I f
agrees to have the Debit module of Provider's SCP Call Management System enabled for the Facilities to
account to inmates. I f implemented, Customer also agrees to use Provider's SCP User Interface or utilize
with Customer's trust account system to process inmate's fund transfer requests. Notwithstanding, Provider will
responsible for any delays due to (I) Customer's failure to perform any of its obligations for the project; (ii)
Customer's vendors' failure to perform any of its obligations for the project; or (iii) circumstances outside
control. In addition, Provider will invoice Customer on a weekly basis for all funding amounts transferred
facility trust/commissary accounts to Inmate Debit accounts. The invoice will be due and payable

Secure Calling Platform User Interface. W e will provide you with the Software regarding the Secure
Interface ("S-Gate User Interface") which may be used only on computers and other equipment that meets
the specifications in the chart below, which we may amend from time to time ("Compatible
represents that (i) it will be responsible for distributing and assigning licenses to its end users; (ii) it will use the
Interface for lawful purposes and will not transmit, retransmit, or store material in violation of any federal or
or regulation; and (iii) it will monitor and ensure that its licensed end users comply with all Provider Use
Conditions and as

2 gigahertz (GHz) or


Windows XP*, Windows Vista,


Vendor supports the latest widely
At least 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM (2GB recommended) Windows 7 may require


Super VGA (1,024 x 768) or higher resolution


Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible



High speed Internet access (dial up is
Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 or newer,

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

4, Adobe Reader 9.5 or newer, Microsoft Office
Quick Time 7 or newer, Windows Media
WinZip or other
*XP Media center

The THREADS" application allows authorized law enforcement users to analyze corrections and
from multiple sources to generate targeted investigative leads. THREADS' has three main components:
data review, and data import. In addition, THREADS" offers an optional "community" feature, which
correctional facilities to access and analyze corrections communications data from other correctional facilities
community and data imported by other community members. Customer's use o f THREADS" is governed
conditioned upon the terms set
The cost of THREADS" was considered and included in offering the other terms
Customer has elected to opt in to the community feature, and Customer will determine which
applicable. The community feature allows authorized users access to analyze communications data
other corrections facilities within the community, as well as any data imported or added by other
members. Customer acknowledges and understands that data from its facility or facilities will be made available
community for analysis and review. IDOC has the ultimate right to opt in or out of this feature at

Investigator Pro" is a telephone safety, security, and investigative feature of SCP. Investigator Pr0TM
voice identification technology to determine what inmate(s) are speaking on the call, detect certain threeviolations, and help investigators find correlations between calls that might otherwise go
The cost of Investigator Pr0TM was considered and included in offering the other terms
The ICER" system provides authorized users the means t o detect intra- and inter-Facility inmatecommunications from multiple sources to generate targeted

The AIS" Volcemall feature is a one-way communication product that allows friends and family members
facility to leave a 45-second voicemail for an inmate providing a quick way for friends and family
communication or deliver timely information to an inmate prior to a scheduled phone call or
AISTM Voicemail — If deployed, friends and family will pay up to a S1.99 usage fee for each voicemail

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office

Securus' Video Relay Service application ("VRS") provides a fully integrated video relay service offering into
Call Platform (SCP) allowing critical call controls to be maintained. This service allows deaf and hard-ofthe ability to communicate with friends and family via a videoconferencing service. Vendor will install one
per facility at an agreed location in such facility, unless otherwise agreed to by
The cost of VRS was considered and included in offering the other terms
1. Customer understands and agrees that it is solely responsible for
a. Determining which inmates are eligible to
b. Providing inmates access to the VRS
c. Configuring SCP to allow eligible inmates access to the VRS application on ConnectUsd. Designating which VRS numbers for which calls are not to be recorded, by marking those

State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office