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Nebraska DCS - GTL no commissions 2017

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To keep inmate calling rates as low as possible, The State of Nebraska will not
accept a commission from the Inmate Calling Services.

GTL has read, understands, and complies.


Per minute charges must be flat rate twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a
Rates must remain firm for the first five (5) years of the contract. Prices may be
subject to change after the initial five (5) year period. Such changes shall be based
on industry changes as evidenced by revised printed price lists, verifiable
documented cost increases or notices. A request for price increase shall be
provided in writing, to The Nebraska State Purchasing Bureau at least thirty (30)
days prior to any price increase of the contract. No price increases are to be biUed
to NDCS without prior written approval by the State Purchasing Bureau and the
NDCS Purchasing Division. State Purchasing Bureau reserves the right to accept or
reject any price increase request. In the event new prices are not acceptable, the
contract may be cancelled. Approved price increases shall become part of the new
contract as an amendment and will be recognized as firm contract pricing. Revised
pricing will carry over to any subsequent renewals or revisions unless specifically
revised and agreed upon by both parties. Bidders must provide their proposed rates
for all categories listed on the cost proposal sheet.
Failure to provide rates as outlined may be grounds for rejection of proposal.
Any and all charges billable to the inmates and their families must be detailed in the
Bidder's cost proposal. Contractor may not assess any charges to any party in
connection with this service that are not outlined in their proposal response. 1
Per minute Gharges must be flat rate t'.'1enty four (24) hours a day, se¥en (7) days a
week. All GonneGt/surGharge fees "Nill be identified by type of Gall.

Rates must remain firm for the first fi¥e (5) years of the GontraGt. PriGes may be
subject to Ghange after the initial fi'le (5) year period. All regulatory fees must be
inGluded in the rates, as no add ons will be acGepted. SuGh Ghanges shall be based
on industry Ghanges as evidenGed by re'lised printed priGe lists, verifiable
documented cost inGreases or notiGes. A request for priGe inGrease shall be
pro'lided in writing, to The Nebraska State PurGhasing 8ureau at least thirty (30)
days prior to any priGe increase of the GontraGt. No priGe increases are to be billed
to NDCS without prior 'Nritten appro"1al by the State Purchasing Bureau and the
NDCS Purnhasing Di'lision. State PurGhasing Bureau reser1es the right to accept or
rejeGt any priGe increase request. In the event ne'..'I prices are not aGGeptable, the
GontraGt may be canGelled. Approved priGe inGreases shall beGome part of the new
GontraGt as an amendment and 'Nill be reGognized as firm GontraGt pricing. Revised
pricing will Garry over to any subsequent renewals or re'lisions unless specifically
re'Jised and agreed upon by both parties. Bidders must provide their proposed rates
for all Gategories listed on the Gost proposal sheet.
Failure to provide rates as outlined may be grounds for rejeGtion of proposal.


Per Addendum Eight for Q&A Round 2, Item 12, Dated June 2, 2016

© 2016 Global Tel*Link Corporation

Nebraska DOC RFP #5289Zl I Technical Approach I 77



Good Li fe . Great Miss ion.




August 31, 2017


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*This Administrative Regulation is to be made available
in law libraries or other inmate resource centers.



NDCS shall have final decision authority regarding the acceptability of individual contract


All contract personnel and their equipment are subject to search .


Permanent contract personnel shall be issued NDCS picture identification card s.


Contract personnel are prohibited from conducting an investigation, live monitoring or
recording playback.


ICS service technicians are authorized to enter facilities with necessary equipment, parts,
tools, pagers and cellular telephones in order to make repairs. Special security
considerations may require deviation from this policy when circumstances dictate
additional restriction .

Inmate telephones shall be located in housing units only. The minimum number of telephones
necessary to ensure that inmates have reasonable access to ICS will be provided at each
location. Inmates will not be allowed to congregate near the telephone area. Only one inmate
will be allowed at a telephone at a time. Requests for new locations and additions to the number
of inmate telephones shall be submitted in writing to the appropriate Deputy Director. Portable
telephones will be used whenever appropriate in hospital and segregation units to eliminate the
need to allow inmates out of their cells to make telephone calls. All portable telephones shall be
interfaced with the ICS and will provide identical call control as found on permanently affixed
inmate telephones. ICS network administrative terminals shall be installed at Central Office and
each facility in a secure area where designated personnel have direct 24 hour access to perform
service, data input, data collection and investigative duties.
Appropriate physical and password security shall be instituted to guard against unauthorized
access to confidential information and equipment. Passwords will be assigned by the Special
Services Administrator and changed periodically to provide access security.


The Site System Coordinator, Site System Operator or Shift Supervisor are authorized to make
requests for data entry issues to the Central System Administrator during the normal business
hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The contact number for repair services
on a 24 basis is available in each facility's Central Control. The contract vendor is responsible for
the expense and labor associated with the installation and maintenance of the ICS, including
wiring .


In the interest of making inmate calling as affordable as possible while acquiring necessary
security enhancements, the State of Nebraska has waived its right to receive commissions in
association with ICS revenues.