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Hawaii DPS - GTL Rates 2017

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For the provision of the inmate pay telephone setvices specified herein, the Contractor is authorized
to charge the Inmate users of the system the following charges:
Local (On Island)
Outer Island
International Calls

$0.071 minute
$0.07/ minute
$0.01/ minute
$0.01/ minute

Commissions to the State will be 40% of gross revenue*.
*Gross revenue on which monthly commission will be paid does not include: (i) taxes and
tax-related surcharges; (ii) credits; (iii) transaction fees; (iv) revenue from interstate calls;
and (iv) any amount GTL collects for, or pays to, third parties, including but not limited to
payments in support of statutory or regulatory programs mandated by governmental or
quasi-governmental authorities, such as the Federal Universal Setvice Fee, and any costs
incurred by GTL in connection with such programs.
The required $200,000.00 funds for the State Automated Victim Information Notification (SAVIN)
System will be provided to the State as part of GTL's commission offer. The required SAVIN
amount will accrue annually, beginning with the first calendar year following the effective date of this
Contract. At the start of each such calendar year, GTL will redirect monthly to the SAVIN fund all
commission amounts owed to the State until the SAVIN amount for that year is satisfied; at which
point, remaining commission payments to the State, if any, will resume in the ordinary course.
For each allowed call type gross revenue is defined as the product of total billable minutes times the
agreed upon rate for completed calls (Local, In-State, or International} -meaning those accepted by
the called party (for both "collect" calls, and connected calls using debit cards).
The following fees to users are limited by the FCC for pre-paid accounts:
Call Center Representative:
Automated Interactive Voice Response System: $3.00
ConnectNetwork (online access)
When Customers Choose Paper Invoices:
Single Bill Cost Recovery Fee


Payments to the State in satisfaction of the required payments to the Automated Victim Information
Notification Special Fund, shall be made to:
State of Hawaii
Department of Public Safety, Fiscal Office
919 Ala Moana Boulevard, Room 402
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Reference: Inmate Pay Telephone Commission

AG-012 Rev I l/IS/2005