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DE DOC GTL Contract 2015-2018

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Contract Number DT115001-INMT_PBLC
Title; Inmate & Public Coin Telephone Services

THIS AGREEMENT, made and executed in duplicate, shall be effective this^ day of
July. 2015.
BY AND BETWEEN Global Tel*Link CorpoFation
12021 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 100
Resfon, VA 20190

(Hereinafter designated as "Contractor^, party of the first part, and the DEPARTMENT OF
TECHNOLOGY AND INFORMATION, created under the laws of the State of Delaware

(hereinafter designated as DTI), party of the second part
WITNESSETH that the Contractor in

consideration of the covenants and

agreements herein contained and made by DTI, agrees with said DTI as follows;

ARTICLE ONE; The Contractor shall provide and furnish all supplies, materiel,
machinery, implements, appliances, tools and labor and perform the work and/or services
required to complete the contract requirements (in connection with DTi15001-iNMT_PBLC
- Inmate & Public Coin Telephone Services). The work, as set forth in DTI's request for
proposal, and/or specifications and the Contractor's proposal, excluding any and all
exceptions taken by the Contractor, is identified by the signature of the Contractor and the
Chief Infbmiation Offk»r (ClO) of the saki DTI and become hereby a part of this contract
ARTICLE TWO; It is understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto
that all items and/or work included in this contract is to be done under the direction of the

said ClO and that the ClO's decision as to the meaning of the said proposal, and/or
specifications shall be final.
It is understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto that such additbnal
specifications as may be necessary to illustrate the items to be furnished or work to be
done are to be submitted by said Contractor and they agree to confbnn to and abide by
the same so far as it may be consistent with the purpose and intent of the original
proposal, and spedficat'on refierred to in Article One.
ARTICLE THREE; If the work to be done under this contract shall be abandoned,
or ifthe contract, or any part thereof shall be sublet wthout the previous written consent of
DTI, or if the contract shall be assigned by the Contractor othenvise than as herein
specified, or if at any time the Director shall be of the opinion and shall certify in writing to

DTI that the woric, orany part thereof, is unnecessarily orunreasonably delay^ orthat the
Contractor has violated any provision of this contract or that the Contractor fails to provide
all supplies, materiel, machinery, implements, appliances, tools and labor or fails to
perfonn the woric and/or services as set forth in the proposal and specifications, in whole
or in part, DTI may notify the Contractor to discontinue ail wori^ or any part thereof; and
thereupon the Contractor shall discontinue such work or such part thereof as DTI may
designate and DTI may thereupon, by a contract or otherwise, as it may detemnine,
complete the woric, or such part thereof, and charge the entire expense of so completing
the woric, or part thereof, to the Contractor.

All costs and charges that may be incuned under this article or any damages that
should be borne by the Contractor shall be withheld or deducted finom any moneys then
due, or to become due to the Contractor under this contract, or any part thereof; and in
such accounting the DTI shall not be held to obtain the lowest cost for the work or
completing the contract or any part thereof, but all sums actually paid therefore shall be
charged to the Contractor. In case the costs and charges incun^ are less than the sum
which would have been payable under the contract ifthe same had been completed by the
Contractor, the Contractor shall be entitled to receive the difference and in case such costs

and charges shail exceed the said sum, the Contractor shall pay the amount of excess to
DTI for the completion of the work.
ARTICLE FOUR: It is further mutually agreed between the parties hereto that no
payment made under this contract shall be conclusive evidence of the perfomiance of this
contract either wholly or in part and that no payment shall be construed to be an
acceptance of defective work.
ARTICLE FIVE: It is mutually agreed between the parties hereto that inmate and
public coin telephone service rates, charges and technology grants shall be as stated in
Option 1 of Best and Final Offer and tiie proposal. Technology grants shail be paid by the
Contractor within 60 days of tiie date of execution and subsequent anniversary dates. In
accordance with Special Provision 1.4 Prices and 1.36 Amendments, the parties
understand and agree that inmate telephone service rates, charges and technology grants
may be reduced on an annual basis by mutual agreement tiirough written amendments
and shall not be less than the lowest proposed offer made by tiie Contractor.

ARTICLESIX: It is fiirttier understood and agreed by and between the parties
hereto that Appendix A, #3.1.20 shall be revised to read: ''The Contractor is resporisible
for continued avaiiability ofail phone services. Any interruption lasting more than one
business day per month during which sen/ice is available, or any month during which three
or more intenvptions occur ofany duration willbe subject to a penaltypayment equal to
the greater ofthe highest monthly commission paid or $500.00 for that telephone during
this agreement"

ARTICLE SEVEN: It is understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto
tiiat DTI does not accept any exceptions included in Contractor's proposal ttiat are not
listed on Exhibit B-10. As a result, the Example GTL Inmate Telephone Service
Agreement Template included in tiie proposal for DTI's infomnation is not incorporated in
ttiis contract and references to any form of indemnificatbn by DTI of tiie Contractor in tills
contract are null and void.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF: the said parties to these presents have duly executed
this agreement in duplicate the day and year written below:








At/yKfJ -gj ftcr(yarai:ia<\
(Contractor Company Name)








PoVto/ t-


Note: In the case of a corporation, fimi, or partnership, this contract must be signed
by the appropriate officials of such corporation, firm or partnership and their corporate seal
must i3e affixed hereto.


State of Delaware Cloud and/or Oflsite Hosting Specific Terms and Conditions
Contract# DTIISOOI-INMT.PBLC Appendix A

between State of Delaware and Global Tel*Llnk dated July^ 2015
This document shall become part of the final contract.

iSeli v.-iW5


int-oracf in
in fK
rlata that
that is
i« related
n>iatpd to
th(> services
Data Ownership: The State of Delaware shall own all right title and interest
its data
to the
provided by this contract. The Service Provider shall not access State of Delaware User accounts, or State of Delaware
Data, except (i) in the course of data center operations, (ii) response to service or technical issues, (iii)as required by
the express terms of this osntract, or (iv) at State of Delaware's written request.

Data Protection: Protection of personal privacy and sensitive data shad be an integral part of the business activities of
the Service Provider to ensure that there is no inappropriate or unauthorized use of State of Delaware information at
any time. To this end, the Service Provider shall safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of State
information and comply with the following conditions:

All information obtained by the Service Provider under this contract shall beoime and remain property of the
State of Delaware.


At no time shall any data or processes which either belongs to or are intended for the use of State of Delaware or
its officers, agents, or employees, be copied, disclosed, or retained by the Sendee Provider or any party related to
the Service Provider for subsequent use in any transaction that does not include the State of Delaware.

Data Location: The Service Provider shall not store or transfer non-public State of Delaware data outside of the United
States. This includes backup data and Disaster Recovery locations. The Service Provider will permit its personnel and
contractors to access State of Delaware data remotely only as required to provide technical support


The Service Provider shall encrypt all non-public data In transit regardless of the transit mechanism.


For engagements where the Service Provider stores sensitive personally identifiable or otherwise confidential
information, this data shall be encrypted at rest Examples are social security number, date of birth, driver's
license number, financial data, federal/state tax information, and hashed passwords. The Service Provider's
encryption shall be consent with validated cryptography standards as specified in National Institute of
Standards and Technology FIPS140-2. Security Requirements. The key location and other key management
details willbe discussed and negotiated by both parties. When the Service Provider cannot offer encryption at
rest they must maintain, for the duration of the contract cyber security liability insurance coverage for any loss
resulting from a data breach tn accordance with the Cloud and Offsite Hosting Policy. Additionally, where
encryption of data at rest is not possible, vendor must describe existing security measures that provide a similar
level of protection.

Breach Notification and Recovery: Delaware Code requires public breach notification when citizens' personally
identifiable information is lost or stolen. Reference: 6 Del. C § 128-102. Additionally,unauthorized access or disclosure
of non-public data is considered to be a breach. The Service Provider will provide notification without unreasonable
delay and alt communication shall be coordinated with the State of Delaware. When the Service Provider or their sub

contractors are liable for the loss, the Service Provider shall bear all costs associated with the investi'gation,response
and recovery from the breach, for example: 3-year credit monitoring services, mailing costs, website, and toll free
telephone call center services. The State of Delaware shall not agree to any limitation on liabilitythat relieves a
Contractor from its own negligence or to the extent that it creates an obligation on the part of the State to hold a
Contractor harmless.

form Rmriston Date: 3/13/14

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State of Delaware Cloud and/or Off^e Hosting Specific Terms and Conditions
Contract # DniSOOMNMTPBLC, Appendix A
between State of Delaware and Global Tel*Link dated July
This document shall become part of the final contract

Notificatton offLegal Requests: The Service Provider shall contact the State of Delaware upon receipt of any electronic
discovery, litigation holds, discovery searches, and expert testimonies related to, or which in any way might reasonably

require access to the data of the State. The Service Provider shall not respond to subpoenas, service of process, and
other l^i requests related to the State of Delaware without first notifying the State unless prohibited by law from
providing such notice.
Termination and Suspension of Service: In the event of termination of the contract, the Service Provider shall
implement an orderly return of State of Delaware data in CSV or XML or another mutually agreeable format. The
Service Provider shall guarantee the subsequent secure disposal of State of Delaware data.

Suspension of services: During any period of suspension or contract negotiation or disputes, the Service Provider
shall not take any action to intentionally erase any State of Delaware data.

b) Termination of any services or agreement in entirety: In tiie event of termination of any services or agreement in
entirety, the Sennce Provider shall not take any action to intentionally erase any State of Delaware data for a
period of 90 days after the effective date of the termination. After such 90 day period, the Service Provider shall
have no obligation to maintain or provide any State of Delaware data and shall thereafter, unless legally
prohibited, dispose of all State of Delaware data in its systems or otherwise in its possession or under its control as
specified In section 7d) below. Within this 90 day timeframe, vendor will continue to secure and back up State of
Delaware data covered under the contract.


Post-Termination Assistance: The State of Delaware shall be entitled to any post-termination assistance generally
made available with respect to the Services unless a unique data retrieval arrangement has been established as
part of the Service Level Agreement


Secure Data Disposal: When requested by the State of Delaware, the provider shall destroy all requested data in
all of its forms, for example: disk, CD/DVD, backup tape, and paper. Data shall be permanently deleted and shall
not be recoverable, according to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NiST) approved methods and
certificates of destruction shall be provided to the State of Delaware.

Badtground Chedcs: The Service Provider shall conduct criminal background checks and not utilize any staff, including
sub-contractors, to fulfill the obligations of the contract who has been convicted of any crime of dishonesty, including
but not limited to criminal fraud, or otherwise convicted of any felony or any misdemeanor offense for which
incarceration for a minimum of 1 year is an authorized penalty. The Service Provider shall promote and maintain an
awareness of the Importance of securing the State's information among the Service Provider's employees and agents.
Data Dictionary: Prior to go-live, the Service Provider shall provide a data dictionary In accordance with the State of
Delaware Data Modeling Standard.


Security Logs and Reports: The Service Provider shall allow the State of Delaware access to system security logs that
affect this engagement, its data and or processes. This includes the ability for the State of Delaware to request a report
of the records that a specific user accessed over a specified period of time.

FOm Revision Data: 8/X8/14

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state of DelawareCtoud and/or OffsiteHosting Specific Termsand Conditions
Contract # DTI15001-INMT_PBLC, Appendix A

betweenState of Delaware and Global Tel*Unk dated July ^


This document shall become part of the final contract.

Terms and Conditions Clauses 1-13 are mandatory for every engagement.
Exceptions will be considered non-compliant and non-responshre.

Contract Audit: The Service Provider shall allow theState of Delaware to audit conformance Including contract terms,
system security and data centers as appropriate. TheState of Delaware mayperform this audit or contractwitha third

party at its discretion at the State's expense. Such reviews shall be conducted with at least 30 days advance written
notice and shall not unreasonably interfere with the Service Provider's business.

Sub-contractor IMsdosure: The Service Provider shall identify all of its strategic business partners related to services
provided under this contract, including but not limited to, all subcontractors or other entities or individuals who may

be a party to a Joint venture or similar agreement with the Service Provider, who will be involved In any application
development and/or operations.

Operational Metrics: The Service Provider and theState ofDelaware shall reach agreement onoperational metrics
and document said metrics inthe Service Level Agreement. Examples Include but are not limited to:

a) Advance notice and change control for major upgrades and system changes
b) System availability/uptime guarantee/agreed-upcn maintenance downtime
c) Recovery Time Objective/Recovery Point Objective
d) Security Vulnerability Scanning

By signing thisAgreement, the Service Provider agreesto abidebyallof the aboveTerms and Conditions.
Service Provider Name/Address (print):


HOH ionwlfij/i L.
(hiih 1/4 IQI'ld

i 1^1Jt,

Service ProviderAuthorizing Official Name (print)

Ser>rice Provider Authorizing OfflcialSignature:


Form Revision Date: 8/18/14

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