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WA DOC ICS Rates effective March 2016

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Phone Calls – Telephone Communication
We know that telephone calls are important to maintaining family contacts. Our tips will help your
phone call stay connected and ensure continued phone contact.
Department of Corrections plans to find a replacement of Offender Communications Systems; starting
with the existing phone system. In order to include as much customer feedback into the requirements, we developed two
surveys.This survey is for the family and friends of the incarcerated. Please click on the survey button to begin the survey.
A seperate Offender survey is being processed for offenders to participate in.

Offender Phone System
Global Tel* link (GTL) is the offender phone system provider for DOC.
The GTL phone number is 800-483-8314.
Value Added Communications (VAC) and are departments within GTL.
When you receive a call, you hear a pre–recorded message naming the correctional facility and the offender.
Then, you can:
Accept the collect call
Deny the collect call
Set up a prepaid account
Type of Call
Intrastate & Interstate Calls (collect, debit, or prepaid/Advance Pay™)
Credit card, debit card and bill processing

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$0.11 per minute of use
$3.00 per use

Live operator

$5.95 per use

Paper bill/statement fee

$2.00 per use

Third-Party Money Transmitter – i.e., MoneyGram, Western Union, credit
card processing, transfers from third-party commissary accounts

Exact fee from third-party provider passed
through directly to customer with no markup

Pre-paid Calls
If you will be setting up a pre-paid account, the call will be delayed and the offender will be asked to wait at least 30 minutes
before trying to call the number again in order to provide you time to establish an account.

Phone Call Tips
There is a 20–minute telephone call time limit. Both parties will hear a message at three intervals that tells them how much
time remains (2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds). After 20 minutes, the telephone call will automatically disconnect.
Don’t attempt a three–way call
Don’t try to transfer the call
Don’t put the offender on hold
Don’t use or answer “call waiting”
Questions? Hours of Operation? See ConnectNetwork's website for up-to-date contact information, live customer service,
and hours of operation:

International Telephone Calls
Individual facilities may allow offenders to place international calls if an advance pay account has been established. The
offender may ask if this is allowed at his or her particular facility and what procedures need to be followed.

Emergency Contact Needs
All family emergencies must go through the facility emergency messages process at your offender’s location. If you
have a death in the family or other emergent need to contact your offender, call the Corrections Counselor. After
regular hours, contact the shift officer.
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Connect through eMessaging!
All DOC prisons now have an eMessaging capability to send and receive emails utilizing JPay. Offenders' families
and friends can write electronic letters. For more information, please view the JPay webpage, or contact JPay
directly at or by phone 1-800-574-5729.

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