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IL Clinton County - ICS RFP 2016

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November 2, 2016
Sheriff Doug Maue and
Chief Deputy Michael S. Dall
Clinton County Sheriffs Office
810 Franklin St
Carlyle, IL 62231
RE: Proposal to Provide Inmate Telephone Services
Dear Sheriff Maue & Chief Deputy Dall:
Thank you for the opportunity to submit this Proposal to provide Inmate Telephone Services for Clinton
County, Illinois. ICSolutions. a Keefe Group Company, would be proud to manage the County's inmate
telecommunications needs, and we have attached a sample contract for your review.
ICSolutions' offer is based upon a five (5)-year contract term with annual renewals thereafter, and Facility
information provided by the County for the purpose of obtaining a Proposal.

As your new Inmate Telephone Services provider, ICSolutions will provide all of the following at no cost to
the County:

Our centralized ENFORCER® inmate calling platfonn - housed in our San Antonio data center
and backed up at the Keefe data center in St Louis


12 stainless steel inmate telephones


1 enrollment phone in Booking


1 inmate phone in Booking offering free calling


1 phone in the Jail lobby offering free local calling


S visitation phone sets, connected to The ENFORCER® for monitoring & recording


1 TDD/TTY unit


1 workstation with printer


Unlimited ENFORCER® user licenses


Interface to the County's JMS to provide for automated inmate ID/ PIN updates

./ Integration with the County's Stellar Commissary and Banking systems for:

Automated, PIN-based inmate Debit calling


Over-the-phone commissary ordering

./ The ENFORCER® Investigative Suite:
o The Verifier voice biometric inmate identity verification
o Data Detective data mining & link analysis tools
./ The ENFORCER® IVR Suite:
o The Informer5M PREA module

2200 Danbury Street • San Antonio • 1X • 78217 - P: 866-228-4040 • F: 210-693-1016

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The Communicator5M paperless inmate communications portal


The Attendant5M automated information line for inmate & public information requests

../ Inbound inmate voicemail - generates additional revenue for the County

../ Online storage of all call recordings and call data for the entire contract duration
./ 24 x 7 x 365 live. U.S.-based service for called parties and Facility staff

Training on the new phone system for all Facility users

ICSolutions' Financial Offer for Clinton County- including our proposed rates and Facility revenue - is
described in detail in the following section. More detailed information about the proposed technology
and services follows this letter in our Technical Proposal

Financial Offer
../ Commission Paid on All Call Types atthe Rate of 55.1% of Total Gross Revenue
./ $25.000.00 Minimum Annual Guarantee (MAG) in Yearly Commission Earnings
./ FCC-Approved Calling Rates & Fees
./ Additional Commission Generated by Inmate Voicemail (Optional)

Inmate Telephone Commissions
ICSolutions will provide Inmate Phone Service, including all related equipment maintenance, and
unlimited ENFORCER® licenses, at no cost to the County. Our offer includes the payment of commissions
at the rate of 55.1% of Total Gross Revenue paid on all completed inmate calls of every kind. No
deductions are made for bad debt unbillables, uncollectable revenue, or any other similar cost of
providing inmate phone services.

REGULATORY NOTE: Per the recently effective FCC Orders recommending nationwide caps on
calling rates and setting caps on fees, commissions are allowed for all call 'f;ypes. including
Interstate calls. Furthermore, the FCC has not regulated or imposed any per-minute or percentage
rate caps on site commissions. Therefore, ICSolutions' commission offer is in full compliance with all
current and pending FCC regulations.

$25,000.00 Minimum Annual Guarantee (MAG)
ICSolutions' offer includes a $25.000.00 Minimum Annual Guarantee (MAG) in total commissions for
each year during the contract term, plus all renewal periods. In addition, commission earnings will be
calculated at the proposed commission rate using actual calling revenue, and the County will receive
any additional commission earned each year above the proposed MAG.

2200 Danbury Street • San Antonio • TX • 78217 - P: 866-228-4040 • F: 210-693-1016

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Unique !CSolutions MAG Feature:
With ICSolutions - unlike with other inmate phone vendors - our MAG is applicable to every single
contract year and all exercised extension periods! This guaranteed revenue will ensure the County can
meet its budgetary demands not just in the first contract year, but every year in which you are an
ICSolutions customer.

FCC-Approved Calling Rates & Fees
(no connect fees I no surcharges)
ICSolutions' proposed calling rates comply with rate structure that was adopted by the FCC on August 4,
2016, and published to the Federal Register on September 13, 2016.

Collect. Debit.
& Prepaid Collect Callin
Anywhere in the United States:

.31¢ per minute


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~..s-~ b:=~\

NOTE: Call Rates shown do not include local county, state and federal taxes, regulatory feesa&i billing fees.
International debit calling is also available at the rate of 95¢ per minute, with no surcharges.
The FCC~compliant fees are noted below:

Fee - Live A ent
Direct Bill Statement Fee

$2.00 per month (applies only during
months in which collect calls were acce ted)


These proposed rates are more economical for inmates and their loved ones and easier to understand
than the higher rates historically charged in other area correctional facilities - and they are fully
compliant with all current FCC regulations and State regulations. Postalized calling rates offer several
benefits to both the County and your inmates and constituents:


Simplified rates can stimulate significantly more calling and more overall revenue for the
Better value for those who pay for calls.
More frequent communication, because eliminating surcharges (connect fees) frees inmates to
call loved ones more often, without having to consider call duration before calling.
Eliminates refund requests due to dropped calls! Again, because there is no connect fee, there
is no financial penalty for making multiple short-duration calls. If a call is dropped - due to a lost
connection on a called party's cell phone, for example - the inmate can simply hang up and retry
the call without having to pay any connect fees. For the Jail, this means fewer complaints and
less time spent reviewing refund requests.

2200 Danbury Street • San Antonio • 1X • 78217 - P: 866-228-4040 • F: 210-693-1016

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Eliminates the financial incentive for engaging in Hdial-around" or "call-forwarding" services such
as; results in the collection of more valuable investigative data for the
County, as destination phone numbers can be accurately identified and located.

Optional Inmate Voicemail
To further increase your commission revenue, ICSolutions can deploy our Inmate Voicemail solution. This
service allows inmates to receive inbound voicemail messages from friends and family, who pay a fee of
$1.00 per message. The County will receive soc of each message fee as additional commission

The ENFORCER® Inmate Calling System
ICSolutions' ENFORCER® Inmate Calling System is Web-based and accessible to authorized users from
any location - onsite or off. It offers the richest set of features available in the industry today, all at no cost
to the County.

System Features:
o Remote access for authorized personnel
o Easy-to-use Web interface
o Lifetime online storage of all call data & recordings
o Unlimited expansion capabilities to accommodate new construction and future growth
o Onsite reporting capabilities
o Hardened corrections-suitable equipment
o TDD equipment compatibility with transcription service
o Remote information-sharing with offsite investigators and other law enforcement
agencies and jurisdictions - at the County's sole discretion

./ Service Features:
o Lifetime repair or replacement warranty on all equipment
o 24 x 7 x 365 live technical service (for facility personnel)
o 24 x 7 x 365 live customer service (for call recipients)
o Ongoing staff training & online system documentation
o Inmate & called party instruction
o Free, regular software upgrades for the life of the contract
./ Calling

Collect, PrePaid Collect, & Debit calling options
Inmate PINs
Inmate PANs (personal allow numbers lists) with self-learning capability and paper-free
change request options
Automated operator service in multiple languages
Custom call prompts & voice overlays
Inmate name recording

2200 Danbury Street • San Antonio • TX • 78217 - P: 866-2284040 • F: 210-693-1016

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Inmate voice mail (optional) - fees for voice mail will be split 50/50 with the Facility to
provide you with additional commission revenue

./ Administrative Controls:

Multi-site networking & reporting
Password-controlled access
User permissions - editable per individual user or user group
User access log

./ Fraud Controls:

3-way call detection
Hook switch calling prevention
Secondary dial tone prevention
Extra dialed digits prevention
Chain dialing prevention

./ Call Controls:

Blocked number tables
Set call duration & velocity limits by dialed number, individual inmate, inmate
classification, inmate group, pod, facility, or system-wide
Set call duration & velocity limits by call type
Inmate call suspension and automatic reinstatement
Electronic and/or manual phone shutdown - scheduled & emergency

./ Investigative Tools:

100% monitoring & recording of all non-confidential inmate phone calls
Verifiable security encryption on call recordings - supported by free expert testimony
Free inmate grievance I crime tip/ PREA lines - eliminate paper kites
Custom reporting
Call alerts (hot numbers, hot PINs)
Financial alerts
Gang management
Remote call forwarding to authorized investigators, with options to "barge in" and/or
Searchable call notes
Reverse directory with satellite mapping
More - if the technology exists, we can make it work with our ENFORCER® calling system!

Please tum to the Technical Proposal immediately following this letter for more detailed information
about The ENFORCER® calling system and other optional services.

2200 Danbury Street • San Antonio • TX • 78217 - P: 866-228-4040 • F: 210-693-1016



Contract Negotiation & Further Inquiries
resolutions certifies that the following is authorized to participate in contract negotiations on behalf of
ICSolutions, and has signature authority to commit ICSolutions to a legally binding contract

Mr. Brendan Philbin, Vice President of Business Development
Office: 866-228-4040 Email:
Additionally, please feel free to contact your ICSolutions Regional Account Manager with any questions
about this Proposal:

Mr. Vince Laurita, Regional Account Manager
Office: 866-228-4040


For your review, ICSolutions has attached some additional information regarding our technology and
services. In addition to this letter and the Technical Proposal that follows it you will find the following


Sample ICSolutions Contract


ICSolutions® Brochure


Equipment Spec Sheets

D. ICSolutions' Client List
ICSolutions serves hundreds of facilities across the U.S., and we have provided contact information for
every single one of them in the Client List in Attachment D. Please contact anyone on our client list to
hear more about our reputation for outstanding service and technology.
And please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this Proposal, or if you require
additional information. The ICSolutions team looks forward to the opportunity to serve Clinton County's
inmate telecommunications needs.

Brendan Philbin
Vice President of Business Development

2200 Danbury Street • San Antonio • TX • 78217 - P: 866-228-4040 • F: 210-693-1016