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ID Twin Falls County - Pinnacle to Telmate contrate amendment #2 2014

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Q Telmate

April 14, 2014

Sheriff Tom Carter
Twin Falls County Sheriff's Adult Detention Facility
504 Gooding Street.
Twin Falls, Idaho 8330 I

Re: Amendment of Phone Call Rates, Phone Call Length, and Telmate Product
Dear Sheriff Tom Carter:
Due to the Federal Communications Commission order for implementation of revised
inmate phone call rates on February 11 , 2014, the Inmate Telecommunications Location
Agreement between Twin Falls ("Customer") and Telmate, dated November 15 1\ 2007
("Agreement") wi II be amended to reflect the parties understanding and agreement of previous
discussions regarding revised phone call rates, phone call length, and the introduction of
Telmate ' s newest product, lntraCell. IntraCell is a product whereby the Intralata call rate is used
when a local call is completed to a wireless VoIP or non LEC billed destination number from
Customer' s facility. The Agreement will be amended and effective February 11 , 2014 according
to the following:
1. The Local Rate for pre-paid calls will be $3 .00 per call for 20 minutes.
2. The Local Rate for collect calls will be $3 .50 per call for 20 minutes.
3. The Interstate Rate for all calls will be $3.15 per call for the first initial 15 minutes plus
additional mandatory regulatory taxes and fees . Each additional minute after the first
initial 15 minutes will be $0.21 per minute.
4. The Interstate Rate for collect calls will be $3.75 per call for the first initial 15 minutes
plus additional mandatory regulatory taxes and fees. Each additional minute after the first
initial 15 minutes will be $0 .25 per minute.
5. The allowed call length for all calls may be increased to 20 minutes for facilities with call
lengths lower than 20 minutes.
Customer hereby acknowledges that the distribution and sale of the Equipment and Services
have been and are subject to certain rules and regulations (collectively "Regulations"),
including but not limited to regulations established by the Office of the Comptroller of the
Currency (OCC), the United States Office of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control
(OFAC), the relevant provisions of the Patriot Act, and the Bank Secrecy Act. Customer agrees to
comply with such Regulations. Such cooperation shall include, but is not limited to, access to the
data necessary for Telmate and/or its banking sponsor to identify all parties related to cash, credit
card, inmate trust or other related transactions related to revenue from sales of prepaid services,
trust and/or bail, and revenue being defmed as the net of sale price after applicable sales tax,
regulatory and compliance surcharges. Customer agrees to assist Telmate and/or its banking
sponsor to the best of its ability obtain proper identification information on all cardholders when
required, screen all cardholders against the OF AC SDN list and to sufficiently monitor card
loading and distribution activities. The parties agree to abide by these Regulations and

acknowledge that such Regulations are subject to change, and should a material change to these
Regulations occur, Telmate agrees to notify Customer of such change. Telmate shall be
responsible for ensuring that the Equipment and the use thereof are compliant with all applicable
rules and regulations. Any governmental, city, or state tax, law or regulation preventing Telmate
from providing the services agreed to hereunder or making the continuation of this Agreement
impracticable as defined by Telmate, will allow Telmate, at its own discretion, to unilaterally
modify or terminate this Agreement without liability with thirty (30) days notice. Customer and
Telmate both agree with the relevant Regulations described herein. Customer agrees to cooperate
and grant Telmate the right to act as an agent, on its behalf, to the extent necessary, to ensure
continued federal , state, and local compliance of electronic funds transmission and all other
The Agreement will be considered amended accordingly, modifying or replacing any
inconsistent or different terms. Please indicate Customer' s understanding and agreement with this
Jetter by executing a copy and returning it to me at your earliest convenience. If Customer is not
in agreement with this Jetter, Customer must notify Scott Lam at or (415)
300-4323 within 24 hours from the date of this letter. Telmate is excited to continue providing
you with state-of-the-art electronic communications equipment, services and systems. Thank you
again for this opportunity to serve you.

Customer Acknowledged.


BJ~- t~




Sht!-c=, ' £~



Kevin O'Neil


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