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RI Prison Phone Statute Banning Kickbacks, Effective 2007

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General Laws of Rhode Island Annotated
§ 42-56-38.1. Prisoner telephone use
(a) When an inmate requests and receives a list of parties approved to receive telephone calls, the
inmate shall be provided the option of using either a debit or collect call system to place such
calls. Under the debit system, either the cost of such service shall be automatically deducted
from the account maintained by the inmate for that purpose, or the inmate shall set aside money
from his/her account to be placed in a prepaid telephone account.
(b) No telephone service provider shall charge a customer rate for calls made from a prison in
excess of rates charged for comparable calls made in non-prison settings. All rates shall reflect
the lowest reasonable cost to inmates and call recipients.
(c) No concessions agreements for inmate telephone calling services shall include provisions for
a commission payable to the state, nor shall any correctional institution impose a surcharge for
telephone usage by inmates in addition to the charges imposed by the telephone service provider.
P.L. 2006, ch. 162, § 1, eff. Aug. 1, 2007.
Gen. Laws, 1956, § 42-56-38.1, RI ST § 42-56-38.1
Current through chapter 407 of the January 2011 session