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IL DeKalb County Rates 2013

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DeKalb County

Dear Brian:
Per your FOIA request #1-3, # 8
For 2013 - Attached is the contract with our inmate phone provider, copies of checks received that year,
the state standard which we follow regarding use of these funds, and our visiting policy.
# 4 Our commissary is audited as a part of the County’s general audit every year and that audit is posted
#5 Our rates for inmate phone calls in 2013 were:



Debit Card $2.13+$0.17/min $2.55+$0.17/min $0.60+$0.17/min
Prepaid/Coll $2.50+$0.20/min $3.00+$0.20/min $0.60+$0.17/min
Just for information in February 2014 Radical made required changes for rates and commissions to be in
compliance with the FAA regulations.
#6 I have no records.
#7 We do not have video visitation.
I apologize for the delay. Let me know if you have any questions.

Lieutenant Joyce Klein
150 N. Main St.
Sycamore, Illinois 60178