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IL Champaign County RFP 2018

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Sealed Proposal Due Date: October 29, 2018


On behalf of the Champaign County Sheriff's Office, I invite you to furnish a
proposal in accordance with the Proposal Guidelines and Proposal
Specifications for the services stated herein. Carefully read the attached
documents and follow the procedures as outlined to be considered for award of
contract for this project.

All technical proposals are to be submitted as outlined. To be considered for
the award of contract, proposals must be received on or before October 29,
2018. Proposals are to be received at the following address:
Champaign County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Sheriff Dan Walsh
204 E. Main St.
Urbana, Illinois 61801
T: (217) 384-1205
Questions should be directed to Captain Karee Voges at


Dan Walsh

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services





Inmate Phone & Visitation
System & Services


Teresa Schleinz


(217) 384-1205

FAX #:

(217) 384-3023



October 29, 2018


1:00 PM Central Standard Time


Champaign County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Sheriff Dan Walsh
204 E. Main Street
Urbana, IL 61801


October 29, 2018


1:30 PM Central Standard Time


204 E. Main St.
Urbana, IL 61801

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services


Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received in the Champaign County
Sheriff's Office, Attn: Sheriff Dan Walsh, 204 E. Main Street, Urbana, Illinois 61801
until 1:00 PM. (CST) October 29, 2018.
With the opening on October 29, 2018 @ 1:30 PM at 204 E. Main St, Urbana, IL
The purpose of this RFP is to solicit responses from qualified individuals/vendors for
the procurement of services and/or supplies for the Champaign County Sheriff’s
There may be one or more amendments to this proposal solicitation. If you desire to
receive copies or notices of any such amendments, you must provide the information
requested below to the Champaign County Sheriff's Office. Please send this
information to Teresa Schleinz via fax at (217)384-3023 or by email at Champaign County Sheriff's Office will send amendments
only to those firms that timely complete and return this form via fax or provide the
requested information by timely e-mail.
RFP Number

2018-004 Inmate Phone & Visitation
Systems & Services

Company Name
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Fax Number
Contact Person
Email Address
Amendments will be sent by email.

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

1. PROJECT SCOPE: The Champaign County Sheriff's Office has issued this
Request for Proposal (RFP) for the sole purpose of obtaining responsive
proposals from qualified individuals or firms to establish a service intensive
contract, through competitive negotiation, for the procurement of services
and/or supplies as set forth herein.
Only vendors who have demonstrated the ability to provide inmate services; at
competitive rates, with timely delivery of services, and abiding by correctional
policies/procedures of government customers of comparable size will be
considered for award of the contract.
The awarded Offeror will be an independent contractor. The contractor is not,
and will not be, an employee or agent of Champaign County or the Champaign
County Sheriff's Office.

2. PRE-PROPOSAL TOUR: A tour of the facilities will be available to interested
vendors on September 26, 2018 beginning at 1:00 p.m. and October 2, 2018
beginning at 10:00 am. Contact Teresa Schleinz at (217) 384-1205 or to arrange a tour. During the tour questions will
be orally answered concerning our facilities and correctional staffing and
procedures. Questions concerning the RFP should be sent via email.

3. CONTRACT PERIOD: It is intended that the contract period shall be January 1,
2019 – January 31, 2022 or an equivalent period depending upon date of
contract award. The parties may renew this contract for up to two additional
one-year periods upon mutually agreeable terms. Contract extension is subject
to acceptable performance by the contractor as determined by the Sheriff and
funding by the County Board and agreement by the contractor. At the end of
any contract term, the Sheriff reserves the right to extend this contract for a
period of ninety (90) days for getting a new contract in place. This contract
shall be with the Champaign County Sheriff's Office, which may hereafter be
referred to as Sheriff or Champaign County or County or Sheriff’s Office. It is
intended that the costs of services be fixed for the initial term of any contract
(37 months).

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

4. PROJECT TARGET DATES: The following projected timetable should be used
as a working guide for planning purposes. Champaign County reserves the
right to adjust this timetable as required during the RFP process.

Proposal Due
Award of Contract

Monday, October 29, 2018
On or about November 19, 2018

Begin to Provide Service

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

5. QUOTE PERIOD: Proposals shall be good for 90 days.

6. PRICING: Fees are to be proposed F.O.B. Destination. The term F.O.B.
Destination shall mean: services delivered to Champaign County sites. No
separate charges, except those clearly identified in submitted proposal will be
A. Fixed Fee: Pricing shall be guaranteed for the initial 37-month term of contract.
All proposals must be comprehensive and complete for the services requested.
Accepted proposal shall be contracted by the Champaign County Sheriff for the
total of the submitted proposal. Champaign County will not be responsible for
any additional charges above the accepted proposal unless additional services
are negotiated and accepted by the Champaign County Sheriff by addendum to
the original contract.
B. Price Escalation: Only under dire economic circumstances will the County
review contractor-initiated request for an escalation in the project fee structure
during the initial 37 month contract period. If the County and contractor
mutually agree to extend the service contract for up to two one-year periods, the
contractor shall provide a written revised fee proposal one hundred twenty (120)
days prior to the end of the contract.
The County or the contractor reserves the right to reject any proposed fee
increase and to terminate the contract.

County Board fails to appropriate funds to enable continued payment of this
Contract the Sheriff may cancel the contract during its term, without

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

termination charges provided Contractor received at least thirty (30) days prior
written notice of termination.

8. SEALED PROPOSALS: Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope
labeled “SEALED PROPOSAL: 2018-004”. Proposals not submitted in the
proper format will be considered unqualified, unresponsive, and will not be
considered for award of contract.
A. Failure to provide detailed responses will result in the vendor being eliminated
from award of contract consideration.
B. The proposing party must sign in the firm or corporate name and must bear the
original longhand signature of a principal legally authorized to sign contracts.
The name of each person signing should be typed or printed below the
signature. Both issues must be complied for the proposal to be valid.
C. The individual signing the document for the proposing organization shall initial
all erasures or corrections. Offerors shall submit three (3) copies of the written
proposal and one electronic copy.
D. All variations to the stated specifications must be described in detail (free from
E. All Offerors must be appropriately licensed and authorized to conduct business
within the State of Illinois.
F. The failure of an Offeror to promptly supply information requested in this RFP
or other information subsequently requested may result in the Offeror being
eliminated from consideration.
G. Champaign County reserves the right to request clarifications or corrections to
proposals and to reject all responses/proposals and to put out a new RFP.
9. SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS & CLOSING DATE: Sealed proposals are due
on or before but no later than 10/29/2018 at 1:00 PM. Champaign County
will not accept any proposals received after said date.
Sealed proposals are to be delivered:

Champaign County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Dan Walsh
204 E. Main Street
Urbana, IL 61801
A. Discussions may be conducted with Offerors who submit proposals determined
to have a reasonable likelihood of being selected for award. However, proposals
may be accepted without such discussions. Therefore, all information

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services





requested and necessary for the County to evaluate this RFP should be
included in your response.
All material submitted regarding this RFP becomes the property of the County
and will only be returned to the vendor at the County’s option. Any person may
review responses after final selection and award have been made.
The County will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the Contractor
in preparing and submitting proposals. All proposals shall provide a
straightforward, concise delineation of your capabilities to satisfy the
requirements of this request. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity
of content.
Offerors who submit a proposal in response to this RFP may be required to
make an oral presentation of their proposal.
The contents of the proposal submitted by the successful contractor(s) and this
RFP will become a part of any contract awarded because of these specifications,
unless the final contract specifically excludes the proposal and/or this RFP.
Offerors at the time of submission of proposal for award consideration must
include in their proposal package, all applicable contract documents in which
Champaign County and Proposer will use as an agreement. Submitted
documents must reference all the requirements stated in this proposal and
Proposer responses.

vendor shall not transfer the resulting contract or performance of contract to
another individual or firm; nor shall the awarded vendor change, or sub
contract any portion of the awarded contract, during the contract period
without consent of the Sheriff.
The terms and conditions of this contract shall be binding upon and shall inure
to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns.
The Champaign County Sheriff reserves the right; to reject any or all proposals,
waive any or all irregularities, and select the proposal which is in the best
interest of Champaign County, Illinois. Champaign County retains the
authority to eliminate any service features that are deemed too costly or
unnecessary. The County may seek clarification from an offeror at any time
and failure to respond promptly is cause for rejection. The County may require
submission of best and final offers.

proposal, Proposer acknowledges that it has read and understands the
insurance requirements for the proposal. Proposer also understands that the
Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

evidence of required insurance must be submitted within fifteen (15) working
days following notification of its offer being accepted; otherwise, Champaign
County may rescind its acceptance of the Proposer’s proposal. The insurance
requirements are attached.

12. INQUIRIES: Prospective Offerors may make inquiries concerning this RFP to
obtain clarification of requirements by email. All inquiries answered will have
the question and answer posted on the Sheriff’s website.

A. Champaign County requires all offeror(s) to comply with the Equal
Opportunity Affirmative Action and Fair Employment Practices regulations
of the State of Illinois and federal government.
B. SAFETY DATA SHEETS: Vendors must supply Safety Data Sheets on all
applicable items. Changes to Safety Data Sheets applicable to awarded
offeror must be provided to Champaign County for a period of five (5) years
after award of proposal.
C. TAX EXEMPT STATUS: Champaign County is exempt from federal excise
and transportation taxes. Champaign County is also exempt from payment
of Illinois Sales Tax.
D. Vendors may be asked to furnish confidential financial information.
E. DISQUALIFICATION OF OFFERORS: Any of the following may be considered
sufficient for the disqualification of an Offeror and the rejection of his/her
1. Evidence of collusion among Offerors.
2. Lack of responsibility as revealed by either financial, experience of
equipment statements, as submitted.
3. Lack of expertise and poor workmanship as shown by performance
4. Uncompleted work under other contracts which in the judgement of the
County, might hinder or prevent the prompt completion of additional work is
5. Being in arrears on existing contracts, in litigation with the County, or
having defaulted on a previous contract.

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

F. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: Contractor may terminate contract by
providing one hundred sixty (160) days written notification. The County
reserves the right to terminate this contract, or any part of this contract, upon
thirty (60) days written notice. In case of such termination, the Contractor
shall be entitled to receive payment from the County for work completed to the
termination date in accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract.
In the event that this Contract is terminated due to Contractor’s default, the
County shall be entitled to purchase substitute items and/or services elsewhere
and charge the Contractor with any or all losses incurred, including attorney’s
fees and expenses.
G. PAYMENTS: Payment to contractor will be made in accordance with the
Local Government Prompt Payment Act. (50 ILCS 505/1)
H. DRUG FREE WORKPLACE: The Contractor (whether an individual or
company) agrees to provide a drug free workplace as provided for in Public Act
I. FORCE MAJEURE: The County of Champaign shall not hold Contractor
liable for an extraordinary interruption of events, or damage of County property,
by a natural cause that cannot be reasonably foreseen or prevented; i.e.
droughts, floods, severe weather, etc.
J. INVESTIGATION OF OFFERORS: The County will make such investigations
as are necessary to determine the ability of the Contractor to fulfill Proposal
requirements. The Contractor shall furnish such information as may be
requested and shall be prepared to show completed installations of equipment,
service, and services similar to that included in this Proposal. It shall be at the
sole discretion of the County to reject any Proposal if it is determined the
Contractor does not fully demonstrate its ability to carry out obligations of the
K. LAW GOVERNING: All State of Illinois and/or Federal Laws shall be hereby
specifically made a part of this contract as set forth herein.
L. COMMENCEMENT OF WORK: The successful Offeror must not commence
any billable work prior to the County’s execution of the contract (purchase
order issuance) or until any required documents have been submitted. Work
done prior to these circumstances shall be at the Offeror’s risk.
M. INDEMNIFICATION: The Contractor shall indemnify the County, agents,
servants, employees and all elected officials of the County, and shall defend,
save and hold the indemnities harmless from and against any claim, suit, legal
proceedings, judgement, decree, loss, cost, damage or expense (including, but
not limited to, reasonable attorney’s and other costs and expenses incident to
the investigation or the defense of any claim, suit or legal proceeding) arising
from or growing out of the injury to or death of any person or the damage to any
property (including, but not limited to, property of the Contractor) due to or
resulting from or related to, the performance of the work by the Contractor, any
Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

Subcontractor or anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them or
anyone for whose acts any of them may be responsible or liable, expect to the
extent caused by the sole negligence of the County, its elected officials, officers,
employees and agents. The obligations of the Contractor described in this
paragraph shall be construed broadly in favor of indemnities and shall not be
construed to negate, abridge or otherwise reduce any right or obligation of
indemnity which would otherwise exit as to any party or person described in
this paragraph. In any and all claims against the County or any of their
consultants, agents, or employees by any employee of the Contractor, any
Subcontractor, any person or organization directly or indirectly employed by
any of them to perform or furnish any of the work or anyone for whose acts any
of them may be liable, the indemnification obligation under this paragraph shall
not be limited in any way by any limitation on the amount of type of damages,
compensation or benefits payable by or for the Contractor or any such
Subcontractor or other person or organization under workers’ or workmen’s
compensation acts, disability benefit acts or other employee benefit acts.
N. SUBCONTRACTORS: No subcontractors shall be used.
shall notify Champaign County immediately of any change in its status
resulting from any of the following: (a) vendor is acquired by another party; (b)
vendor become insolvent; (c) vendor, voluntary or by operation law, becomes
subject to the provisions of any chapter of the Bankruptcy Act; (d) vendor
ceases to conduct its operations in normal course of business. Champaign
County shall have the option to terminate its contract with the vendor
immediately on written notice based on any such change in status.
P. CERTIFICATION: The Contractor must certify as follows:
I, (Name of Vendor), to the best of my information and belief, hereby
certify the following in connection with my submission to the RFP 2018004:
A. That our corporation nor any of our corporate officers have been
convicted of any of the following:
1. Bid rigging as defined by 720 ILCS 5/33E-3
2. Bid rotating as defined by 720 ILCS 5/33E-4
3. Providing false statements on vendor applications as defined by
720 ILCS 5/33E-14
4. Bribery of an inspector employed by a contractor as defined by
720 ILCS 5/33E-8
5. Provision or attempting to provide a kickback as defined by
720 ILCS 5/33E-7
6. Bribery as defined by 720 ILCS 5/33e-1

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

B. That our corporation is not otherwise legally barred from contracting
with Champaign County, Illinois.
C. That our corporation maintains workers compensation insurance for
our employees.




The proposed system must be able to detect potentially fraudulent
telephone activity and at the County’s discretion disconnect calls
automatically. Describe the types of fraudulent telephone activity
Vendor's system will detect and the method by which it is detected.
The proposed system shall prevent the inmate from receiving a second
dial tone, or “chain-dialing”.
The proposed system shall prevent extra digits dialed by the inmate after
the party has accepted the call. Please describe process.
The proposed system shall continue to play the brand recording at
random intervals throughout the call.
The proposed system shall guard against “hook-switch-dialing” and other
fraudulent activities. Please describe.
The inmate shall not communicate with the called party until the call has
been accepted.
The system shall detect the difference between an accepted call, an
answering machine, busy signal, and other telephone activity and only
allow an accepted call to be completed. Please describe.
The proposed system shall also have the ability to assign approved
calling numbers according to a specific inmate.
The proposed system shall permit the called party to block all future
calls from the Champaign County Jail.


The proposed system shall have capability to remotely survey inmate
calls and be able to transfer specific calls in progress to investigators.
The system will need to be equipped with a remote conferencing feature
and e-mail & text notification feature for those numbers that are under
surveillance by the investigative unit. The feature will need to allow
authorized personnel to monitor a call and receive e-mail notification
from a designated remote location, while the call is in progress. The call

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services




will need to be automatically conferenced to a predetermined
investigator’s telephone number in listen mode only once the call is
accepted by the called party in progress.
The proposed system must allow for all calls remotely conferenced to
investigators to be accepted by the investigator with a unique PIN from
any PC. System must use Voice Print Technology including continuous
voice identification. Voice prints should be able to be determined from
multiple sources and languages.
System must use a covert enrollment process where the voice print is
created without the inmate’s knowledge. This requires no voice
verification enrollment process.
System should have a visual link analysis diagram that shows calling
patterns and relationships.
System can identify inmate PIN/ID sharing events
System can process both mono and stereo audio inputs. It will be
capable of splitting the caller’s voice from the called party’s voice.




The proposed system must be web based with tiered security access
levels, so employees can access the platform from outside the jail
location. If there are functions that cannot be performed remotely,
Vendor must clearly describe any limitations.
The system shall be a Web-based, easy to use application that is
available securely from anywhere at any time remotely.
The proposed system must be programmed for auto shut off at times
designated by the County.
The county personnel must be able to manually shut down the service in
case of emergency.
The proposed system shall be password protected to permit only
appropriate County personnel access to the service.
The system must have the capability to enable and disable any phone at
the County from any secured computer.
For security purposes, the system must be a centralized non-premise
system that will keep all records secure and not require the need to be
maintained at the facility. Describe your system and how your system
will meet this requirement.
System can set a maximum call length for calls made by inmates. In
response, describe the range of time and increments that calls can be
limited to.

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services


System can shut down all or subsets of inmate telephones (by floor,
block or other grouping).
The system shall prohibit any operator calls, 411 calls, any 800, 900 or
any other free number, incoming calls.
The system shall terminate and flag any three-way call, call forwarding,
conference calls and any other method to converse with anyone other
than at the original phone number.



All call recordings for five (5) years shall be stored online and available
through the online user interface.
Facility personnel must be able to search call recordings by dialed
number, date, time inmate account, voice biometric and site ID.
Facility personnel must be able to simultaneously live monitor
conversations while the system is recording the conversations.
Call recordings must be accessible by the County for a minimum of five
years or the length of the contract, whichever is longer. Upon request,
call recordings must be made available to the County at no charge for
five (5) years after contract expiration even if the Jail decides to use
another inmate phone system provider.
Recorded calls must be backed up and geographically disparate to
minimize the risk of lost calls due to a catastrophic system failure. Please
describe Vendor's system backup plan and system redundancy.



The vendor shall supply a method to retrieve call detail reports to the
County. The reports shall contain a variety of call information and be
customizable to suit the County’s needs.
Vendor shall attach samples of their call detail and other standard
Vendor shall provide a secure access to all calling activity within the
facility via the internet/web.


Vendor shall provide 24-hour, toll-free service number.
Vendor shall address all major service outages within four (4) hours.
Vendor shall provide service policies and procedures as an attachment to
this proposal.

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services





Describe the maintenance and quality assurance programs for
telephones to be installed.
Detail the method of determining service interruptions and service call
priorities. List response time for each priority and the level of expertise
devoted to each priority.
Provide a contact person who will be responsible for ongoing account
management and support.
It shall be the vendor’s responsibility and expense to provide, install and
maintain all equipment, bandwidth and connectivity in connection with
this RFP and subsequent contract. All equipment shall be of a
correctional grade and of sufficient strength and durability to withstand
extended careless use by inmates. Any phone cords shall be armored
and short enough to prevent hanging.
It shall be vendors responsibility to ensure that its equipment and
software are compatible with the primary Champaign County vendors of
internet services, including but not limited to Xfinity/Comcast, Frontier,
AT & T, Mediacom, iTV-3 and UC2B.
At the end of this contract and any extensions, it shall be the duty of the
Vendor to coordinate and cooperate with any subsequent Vendor to
minimize and disruption in service to the inmates.



Vendor shall provide initial onsite training and ongoing training as
requested to the County staff and others in system administration,
operation and reporting.
During the course of the contract and any extensions, the vendor shall
automatically supply any software updates and service or program
improvements at no additional cost.



The vendor shall supply a method to retrieve call detail reports (and
billing reports if requested) to the County. The reports shall contain a
variety of call information and be customizable to suit the County’s
Vendor shall attach samples of their call detail and other standard
reports. Frequently called numbers are to be included in reports.

The County believes in providing fair and affordable services to friends and
family. The Vendor must disclose all possible consumer and inmate fees and
Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

charges. This includes Vendor fees and third-party fees. County may reject
proposals if all potential fees are not fully disclosed. This would include, but is
not limited to, basic telephone charges, any and all deposit fees, transfer fees,
refund fees, account maintenance fees, connection charges, billing fees, paper
bill fees, monthly access fees, etc.
Vendor agrees that all charges shall be within guideline set by Federal and
State law and regulations.
The County will receive NO commission for any services provided.






System should allow for remote and onsite video visitations to occur.
System would require 10 fixed and 1 mobile inmate visitation terminals
downtown and _ 8 visitor lobby terminals for video visitation downtown
and 14 at the satellite.
County is expecting to run 6 simultaneous remote visits and 8 onsite
visit sessions at a time. The Vendor will be required to provide the
bandwidth able to run the required amount of sessions.
Vendor must state the amount of bandwidth (upload and download)
required to run one remote visit on the proposed platform.
Vendor must state the amount of bandwidth (upload and download)
required to run an onsite visit (inmate terminal to visitor terminal) on the
proposed system.
Vendor must be responsible for all costs associated with installation,
maintenance, and system upgrades, for the length of the agreement.
Vendor must describe, in detail, the proposed video visitation solution
and the charges to visitors using remote visitation. There will be no
charge for visitation in the facilities.
Vendor must install and maintain face-to-face visitation sets in County
Vendor may not limit the number of onsite video visitation time-slots in
order to force more remote visitations to occur.
Vendor shall provide monitors and controls so that Sheriff’s personnel
can monitor all visitations and terminate them if appropriate. All
visitations, including face to face, shall be audio recorded and
maintained just as telephone communications. It shall have all of the
other features and requirements as does the telephonic communications
in this RFP and Subsequent contract. Likewise all video visitation shall
be audio and video recorded and the records maintained just as to
telephone communications.

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services


Visitations shall be searchable and accessible on line for five years and
shall be maintained by vendor for five years after expiration of the
contract and any extensions thereof.




Vendor shall supply and maintain 10 tablet type computers downtown
and 40 computers at the satellite. Vendor may additionally propose
alternative based upon our population and Vendor’s experience.
These shall be preloaded with the Illinois Compiled Statutes (updated
yearly) and have some sort of research capacity of Illinois and Federal
These shall have jail rules and education programs as determined by our
jail superintendent as well as periodic announcements to the inmates.
The tablets shall have the ability to be used for inmate grievances and
responses, inmate requests and commissary ordering.
The tablets shall have email capacity, but not activated until requested
by the Superintendent, but shall not have general Internet access.
The tablets shall have entertainment abilities such as movies and games,
as may be authorized by the Superintendent.

Vendor shall be responsible to interface its systems with our
commissary provider, currently Aramark, to allow inmates to purchase phone
time thru their commissary accounts.



Inmate telephone system at both downtown and satellite facilities with
approximately 17 downtown and 21 (including one lobby phone that will
permit free 5-minute calls to anywhere in area code 217) at the satellite.
Phones must meet correctional standards for durability, be of tamper
proof construction, and have steel wrapped cords short enough to
prevent hanging.
Three non-recorded attorney phones at the satellite and seven downtown
to allow only incoming calls only. If Vendor has suggestions for outgoing
inmate to attorney calls, please include with your response.
All equipment must meet correctional standards for durability and have
cords short enough to prevent hanging.
Automated phone information system to provide public and inmates
with the following minimum information which can be modified to
include more at a later date:

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

- inmate specific changes, bond, and next court date
- jail visitation hours and procedures
- law enforcement and attorney by-pass
- instructions for public to send inmate funds
- facility directions and mailing address


All equipment must be ADA compliant.
The system shall allow free phone calls for inmates in the book-in area.
If proposed vendors have questions they should be sent by email to the
Jail Superintendent, Capt. Karee Voges. Any questions responded to
shall be copied to all proposers along with the response.

The Sheriff is looking for an experienced, reliable and responsible vendor
to furnish the services as set forth herein at a reasonably low cost to the
inmates, family and friends. The lowest prices will not be the only criteria.
However, if two otherwise similar proposals are received from vendors equally
responsible and reliable, the Sheriff shall then consider the costs to inmates,
family and friends in deciding. The Sheriff’s Office will receive no commission.
Vendors who have services or products that might benefit the inmates or
the Sheriff’s Office, in addition to the requirements of this RFP are encouraged
to propose alternative options for consideration in addition to the base RFP
The Sheriff shall have the right to reject any or all proposals. The Sheriff
shall have the option to makes inquiries of submitting vendors and to request
specific demonstrations or presentations from one, some or all submitters.

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services


include the following:
A. Basic Company Information
1. Company Name/address/Telephone/Fax Numbers/E-Mail
2. Contact Person.
3. Type of Organization.
4. Total Number of Staff.
5. Underlying philosophy of your firm in providing the services
6. Firms Financial Ability to Provide Services and Full Fill Project
7. Years in Business Providing Similar Services.
8. Firm’s Employee Training Programs.
9. Firm’s Policies (Administrative & Operational) that would be
associated with the project.
B. Brief Company History
C. Summary of Firm’s Relevant Experience: Limit references to a
total of three (3). Reference must be of similar project scope.
References must be currently under contract or a contract completed
within the past five (5) years.
1. Contract Name/Location/Dollar Value/Owner Information. Brief
contract description. Include Contact Person with Phone Number.
2. Start, Finish, or Anticipated Complete Date.
3. Description of All Services Provided.
4. Contract Monetary Value.
5. Average Daily Population of Adult Correctional facilities.
D. Fixed Fee Proposal: This proposal will be for a fixed price for the
first 37 months.

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

15. MINIMUM LIMITS OF INSURANCE: Vendors shall maintain insurance and
its corresponding minimums.
Champaign and Champaign County Sheriff’s Office must be named as an
additional insured, on a primary and noncontributory basis.
Insurance Notices and Certificates of Insurance shall be provided to:
Champaign County Sheriff’s Office, 204 E. Main Street, Urbana IL 61801.
Adjustments to Insurance Policy: Eash insurance policy required by this
clause shall be endorsed to state that coverage shall not be suspended,
voided, cancelled by either part, reduced in coverage or in limits except after
thirty (30) days prior written notice by certified mail, return receipt
requested, has been given to Champaign County.
Commercial General Liability in a broad form, to include, but not limited
to, coverage for the following where exposure exists: Bodily Injury and
Property Damage, Premises/Operations, Independent contractors,
Products/Completed Operations, Personal Injury and Contractual
Liability; limits of liability not less than: $2,000,000 per occurrence and
in sufficient aggregate value as to sufficiently cover this project, but not
less than $3,000,000 in the aggregate, and inclusion of a waiver of
subrogation in favor of Champaign County and the Champaign County
Sheriff’s Office.
Policies are to contain the following provisions:
1. The Champaign County Sheriff and Champaign County, its
officials and employees are to be covered as insured’s as respects:
liability arising out of activities performed by or on the behalf of
the vendor; products and completed operations of the vendor, or
all automobiles utilized by the vendor. The coverage shall contain
no special limitations on the scope or protection afforded to
Champaign County, its officials or employees.
2. The Champaign County Sheriff and the vendor’s insurance
coverage shall be primary insurance as respects Champaign
County, its officials and employees. Any insurance issued to
Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services

Champaign County, its officials or employees shall be in excess of
that vendor’s insurance and shall not contribute with it.
3. Any failure to comply with the reporting provisions of the policies
shall not affect coverage provided to Champaign County, its
officials or employees.
4. The vendors insurance shall apply separately to each insured
against whom claim is made or suit is brought, except with
respect to the limits of the insurer’s liability.

Request for Proposal: 2018-004

Inmate Phone/Visitation Systems and Services