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IL Clinton County - ICS contract amendment #1 2017-2026

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AMENDMENT NO. 1 to the
This Amendment No. 1 to the Inmate Telephone Services Agreement dated 411/2017 (the "Agreemenr) is
made by and between Inmate Calling Solutions1 LLC. d/b/a JCSolutions {".ICS") and Clinton County, IL
(the '*Countv") effective as of October 1, 2017 ("Amendment Date"). Whereas, the parties agree as follows:
Whereas, the •tn!tial Tenn" of the Agreement, excluding renewals, was through March 31, 2023; and
Whereas the parties wish to amend the Agreement to add a Video Visitation System in consideration of
certain revenue offsets and a Term extension.
Now, therefore, the parties agree as follows:

Capitalized tenns not specifically defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed thereto under the


The Term of the Agreement is hereby extended to be through March 31, 2.026.


The Equipment, as more fully described on Exhibit B to the Agreement, is hereby amended to add
the following:

Video Visitation

System, including:

o 9 x inmate units
o 2 x family units
o 1 x registration unit
o 1 x off/Cer control workstation
o Remote visitation at $7.50 per 30-minute session
(Commission rate and offset applies - see Exhibit Q)

The Commissions, set forth on Exhibit D to the Agreement are hereby amended in their entirety to

read as follows:
/CS shaU pay to County a Commission of 51.1% of the gross call revenue for all call types
generated from County's Service Locations. Throughout the Initial Term, /CS shall retain, as
non-commissionabJe revenue, an offset of $.50 for each Inmate call (collectively,· the *Revenue
Offset§j. Such Revenue Offsets are intended to anow /CS to reoover its cost in providing
County with the Video Visitation System.
In addition, !CS has made available to County a one-time technology grant of $25,000 to be
used by County for any purpose related to its administration of the facility or services hereunder.
/CS shall also pay to County a Commission of 50% of the gross call revenue for all service fees
collected with respect to Inmate Voicemal/ and Video Visitation sewices.
Commission amounts payable here1,mder shall be subject to a minimum annual guarantee
i.MAGj of $20,000. Actual earned Commissions, plus 51.1 % of any Revenue Offsets, shall be
reconciled annually against the MAG and any shortfall paid to County. within 30 days of the end
of each Term year.


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Commissions shall be made payable and sent to the address so designated on Exhibit A to this


Except as amended herein, the Agreement shalt remain in full force and effect

IN WlTNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Amendment by their duly authorized
representatives effective as of the Amendment Date first set forth above:
Clinton County, IL

Inmate Calling Solutions, LLC
dJb/a fCSolutions

~~4Michael Kennedy

(Printed Name)


c:;b e.r1{'.f!
;/,. 5-IZ

Vice President Sales and Marketing