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on prisoners' telephone access may violate the First and Fourteenth Amendment. Tucker v. Randall, 948 F.2d 388, 391 (7th Cir. 1991). Denial of attorney telephone calls, furthermore, would run afoul of the Sixth
Article • April 15, 1997 • from PLN April, 1997
Connecticut Supreme Court Upholds Phone and Mail Restrictions by In the February, 1995, issue of PLN we reported that Connecticut state prisoners had filed a class action suit in state court challenging prison regulations that required the recording of prisoner phone calls and that prisoners, outgoing mail could be read ...
Article • February 15, 1997 • from PLN January, 1997
that the prisoner used the telephone with awareness of the possible surveillance... When an inmate has repeatedly received notice that calls placed on prison telephones are subject to surveillance, the evidence
Article • November 15, 1996 • from PLN November, 1996
investigative or law enforcement officers to intercept communications in the course of their duties. "MDC is a law enforcement agency whose employees tape all outbound inmate telephone calls; interception
into law: HB 2195: This law modifies RCW 9.73.095 and allows for the electronic monitoring of all telephonic and non-telephonic conversations in prison living units, cells, rooms, dormitories and common
Massachusetts Phone Injunction Affirmed by The court of appeals for the first circuit affirmed a district court's contempt finding against prison officials concerning the monitoring and taping of prisoners' phone calls. In 1979 William Langton and David LeBlanc filed suit against Massachusetts prison officials over the interception and monitoring of ...
that challenges numerous aspects of the Inmate Telephone System (ITS) in the process of being installed at federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities across the country. Copies of the above issues of PLN are still
Article • February 15, 1995 • from PLN February, 1995
. The suit claims that the CT lacks the authority to adopt the phone and mail regulations in question. The regulations in question limit non-monitored attorney calls to less than 10 minutes such calls are also
Article • November 15, 1994 • from PLN November, 1994
MA DOC Uses New Phone System by Paul Wright By Paul Wright As part of the nationwide trend towards more restrictive and more expensive prison phone systems, the Massachusetts DOC signed a contract with NYNEX on January 27, 1994, for the provision of phone services to Massachusetts prisons. The new ...
implementing its Inmate Telephone System (ITS). The case is Washington v. Reno, case number 93-217 and 93-290. Readers should note that so far this is an unpublished opinion that cannot be cited for precedent
Article • April 15, 1993 • from PLN April, 1993
Ridge. USWC does Shelton, Walla Walla, McNeil Island, Airway Heights, Tacoma Pre Release, Cedar Creek and Larch. The DOC does not own the telephone monitoring and recording equipment it has installed
Counsel Appointed in Denial of Telephone, Beating Claim by Counsel Appointed In Denial Of Telephone, Beating Claim Billy Tucker was arrested and jailed in Kendall County, Ill. At the time
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