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Brief • March 11, 2016
– the attorney-client privilege for attorney calls, and a privacy interest in avoiding unwarranted disclosure of personal calls. See Minnesota Sch. Boards Ass'n Ins. Trust v. Employers Ins. Co. of Wausau, 183
Article • January 7, 2016
Filed under: Telephone Monitoring
Texas Begins Intercepting and Blocking Cell Phone Calls from Prisons by Matthew Clarke By Matt Clarke In April 2013, Texas began intercepting cell phone calls originating in two of its largest prisons. The equipment installed at the Stiles Unit in Beaumont and the McConnell Unit in Beeville is intended to ...
Brief • July 10, 2014
that “Witherow does not allege that any of his attorney calls were intercepted, monitored, or eavesdropped on by Embarq or that Embarq had 4 Case: 13-17361 07/10/2014 ID: 9164537 DktEntry: 61-2 Page: 11 of 50
Brief • March 26, 2014
initially intercepting and monitoring Witherow’s telecommunications with his attorneys and the re-monitoring of attorney-client telephone ii Case: 13-17361 03/26/2014 ID: 9033089 DktEntry: 13 Page: 4
inmates and their families, which BOP has stated facilitates the reintegration of inmates into society upon release from prison," the report said. "In contrast, reducing inmate telephone rates could also
prisons and jails to establish internal telephone hotlines for prisoners to report sexual abuse and harassment, many have done so. When the PREA standards were being developed, some prisoners’ rights
Brief • March 7, 2012
of Privacy in His Telephonic Communications With His Attorneys. Plaintiff Witherow objects to Judge Cooke’s finding that no genuine issue of material fact exists as to whether he had an actual subjective
Article • December 15, 2011 • from PLN December, 2011
Recording of Nashville, Tennessee Jail Prisoners’ Attorney Calls Criticized by In February 2011 it was revealed that the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in Nashville, Tennessee had recorded
Article • November 15, 2011
Suit Challenging Election Surveillance May Go Forward, Second Circuit Decides by A lawsuit challenging the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments of 2008 (FAA) may proceed, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit decided March 21, 2011. The lower court dismissed the suit on standing grounds. Amnesty International, with ...
Brief • July 19, 2011
access restricted for safety and security reasons. Ex. 18, #205-18, pp. 2-3. AR 722.07(1.2-1.3): Inmate legal access (effective date 9/6/03) 1.1 All inmates are to use the unit or yard telephones for legal
Article • July 15, 2011
handbook passed Out to prisoners, lectures or discussions regarding telephone monitoring and forms indicating the monitoring policy signed by the prisoner are adequate warning. In this case
Article • May 15, 2010
subpoena. The Suffolk County grand jury subpoenaed the recordings of the telephone conversations of a specific prisoner at the jail. The sheriff filed a motion to quash, citing a ruling from a different
conversations made by Eye. CCA turned the conversations over to the government, but the discs also contained recordings of calls between Eye and his lawyer. The attorney calls were not segregated. Prior
California AG’s Spokesman Resigns After Caught Taping Phone Conversations by Michael Brodheim Just days after being accused of violating state law by secretly recording telephone
Article • March 15, 2010 • from PLN March, 2010
at an Oakland, California jail. In Broward County, the sheriff settled a class-action suit that was filed after two prisoners learned their supposedly “privileged” attorney calls were not so privileged after all
the entire time, which obviously negates any compliance with attorney-client privilege. And presumably the phone call was taped (all of the other brigs have special rooms for attorney calls, that have phone
discussed the plot over the telephone at a CCA facility. The government obtained copies of Eye’s phone calls from CCA, but the recordings CCA turned over contained calls Eye made to his attorney
Barker’s contact with a recently released parolee. Dahl’s wife, Laura Dahl, worked at the telephone company servicing Barker’s telephone line. Dahl noticed that Barker had run up a $1,500 bill calling
Brief • January 11, 2010
Andersen v. Becker County, MN, Settlement, Monitoring of Atty Calls, 2010 CASE 0:08-cv-05687-ADM-RLE Document 82 Filed 05/04/10 Page 1 of 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MINNESOTA -----------------------------------------------------------) KENNETH E. ANDERSEN and ) CIVIL ACTION DELL D. HOLM, on behalf of ) NO. 08-5687 (ADM/RLE) themselves and all others ...
Article • December 15, 2009
Washington Prisoner’s Privacy Rights Not Violated by Recording Jail Phone Calls by Division One of the Washington State Court of Appeals has held that recording a prisoner’s jail telephone
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