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Publication • December 30, 2016
Chicago PD police spying stingray use IMSI Freddy Martinez, of Lucy Parsons Labs l)JVISI()l\1 2 TO: zrc:d Cr F'ROM; �Jarnes R.. V"Vasf1bur1"J Ser.(;3eant njzed Crime Division 1505 Fund Purchase Request Harris "King Fish" Cellular Tracking T�e R is requesting the purchase of the Harris . �King Attached to this report ...
in the form of a digital analyzer.” In identical footnotes in each case, a digital analyzer is depicted as nothing more than a simple antenna that detects “signals emitted by the target telephone
Article • September 2, 2016 • from PLN September, 2016
Family Connections Bill Signed into Law in Illinois by Carrie Wilkinson Illinois Governor Bruce V. Rauner signed HB 6200, the Family Connections Bill, into law on August 22, 2016. Under the provisions of that legislation, domestic prison phone rates within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) and Department of Juvenile ...
Kickback publication • July 7, 2016
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IL DOC ICS rates confirmed July 2016 Securus - Rate Quote 1 of 2 ( _49_struts_action=%2Fmy_sites%2Fview&_49_groupId=104052&_49_privateLayout=false) Password Email Address Log in to Securus Online: Type your email address Log In | Enroll Now Friends and Family ( ( Remember Me /web/securus/enroll) /f i d ) (htt // Correctional Staff ...
Article • September 16, 2015
Another Kind of Isolation - The Bureau of Prisons tightens the rules at its secretive “Communication Management Units.” by Christie Thompson Another Kind of Isolation The Bureau of Prisons tightens the rules at its secretive “Communication Management Units.” By Christie Thompson In 2006 and 2008, the Bureau of Prisons quietly ...
Filing • July 27, 2015
NEWS Address: 312N MAY 100 City/State/Zip: CHICAGO, IL 60607 Telephone: (312) 243-5900 DOROTHY BROWN, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS Pro Se ELECTRONICALLY FILED 7/27/2015 8:30 AM
Brief • July 27, 2015
Article • January 15, 2013 • from PLN January, 2013
Filed under: Telephones, Telephone Rates
. 1999, p.10; June 2000, p.19; Feb. 2001, p.19; May 2002, p.12]. For another recent victory for lower prison phone rates, see the article on reduced telephone rates for Louisiana prisoners in this issue
Article • November 15, 2012 • from PLN November, 2012
$2,500 Settlement in Illinois Prisoner’s Telephone Disconnect Suit – After Nine Years by An Illinois prisoner has accepted $2,500 to settle a lawsuit against Ameritech, in which he accused
Article • August 15, 2009 • from PLN August, 2009
Illinois Court of Appeals: Prisoner Has Standing to Sue Ameritech for Fraud by On July 1, 2008, an Illinois Court of Appeals held that a prisoner had standing to bring a claim against Ameritech for consumer fraud. Johnnie Flournoy, an Illinois state prisoner at the Joliet Correctional Center, filed suit ...
Article • August 15, 2008
Right to Consult, Hire Counsel Well Established and Constitutionally Protected by At 953-54: The right to hire and consult an attorney is protected by the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech, association and petition. ... It has long been recognized that the First Amendment prohibits the state from interfering ...
for failure to state a claim, of Flournoy's race-based denial of telephone and visiting claims. The court found that dismissal was precipitous because officials may not deny prisoners privileges based on race
Article • May 15, 2007
and $6,500, respectively under the settlement. The prisoners were handcuffed to beds at the Cook County Hospital, which prevented them from going to court, using the telephone, writing and reading
Article • December 15, 2004 • from PLN December, 2004
Illinois Appeals Court Reinstates Prisoner's Telephone Disconnect Suit by The Illinois Court of Appeals for the Third District reinstated a prisoner's lawsuit against Ameritech over
by the California Department of General Services to MCI WorldCom, a telephone conglomerate whose recent bankruptcy exposed the largest accounting fraud in US business history - $11 billion. The non-competitive award
High Cost of Prison Telephone Calls Goes to Illinois State Court by In a characteristically colorful opinion from Judge Richard Posner, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
prisoners access to attorneys, visitors, legal materials, telephones, typewriters, computers, magazines, and recreational activities. The policy also banned personnel from bringing hospital prisoners
Article • February 15, 2001 • from PLN February, 2001
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IL Prison Phone Ruling Published by In the June 2000, issue of PLN we reported that a federal district court in Illinois had dismissed a class action lawsuit challenging the phone rates charged to consumers who accept phone calls from prisoners in Illinois prisons and jails. The court's ruling is ...
Article • June 15, 2000 • from PLN June, 2000
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Illinois Phone Suit Dismissed by In the August, 1999, issue of PLN we reported that a class action suit had been filed in federal court in Illinois challenging the extortionate phone rates charged to those who accept collect calls from prisoners. On March 23, 2000, federal district court judge William ...
Article • August 15, 1999 • from PLN August, 1999
Filed under: Telephones, Telephone Rates
, the Illinois counties of DuPage, Cook, and Kane and telephone companies AT&T, Invisions Telecom, MCI Telecommunications Corporation and Consolidated Communications Public Services, Inc. The plaintiffs allege
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