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Flournoy v Ameritech Il Settlement Prison Phone Overcharge 2011

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Case No. 02 MR 585

WHEREAS, on September 25, 2002 plaintiff Johnny Flournoy ("Flournoy" or
"Plaintiff') filed suit against "AmeritechiGateway Billing" in the Circuit Court of the Twelfth
Judicial Circuit, Will County, Illinois, Case No. 02 MR585 (the"Litigation")
WHEREAS, in the Litigation, Flournoy alleged, in his original Complaint as well as in
subsequent Amended Complaints, that the defendant "Ameritech" provided inmate telephone
services at the Joliet and Stateville Correctional Centers in Joliet, Illinois, and that defendant
"Ameritech" wrongfully tenninated inmate telephone calls, improperly causing the imposition of
multiple surcharges and fees;
WHEREAS, the inmate telephone services referenced in the Litigation were provided by
the Illinois Bell Telephone Company and/or affiliated entities which during the time period in
question did business under the brand name "Ameritech;"
WHEREAS, the Illinois Bell Telephone Company and/or its affiliates currently do
business using the brand name "AT&T" and/or "AT&T Illinois" and shall be referred to herein
collectively as "AT&T;"

WHEREAS, the telephone surcharges and fees that are the subject of the Litigation
appeared on the Illinois BelliAmeritech!AT&T bills of plaintiff s family members, including his
mother Bertha Flournoy and his sister Patricia Brown;
WHEREAS, Illinois Bell Telephon~ Company, together with all of its affiliates
("AT&T"), deny the allegations of wrongdoing advanced by plaintiff in the Litigation;
WHEREAS, having participated in the Litigation for more than eight years, the parties
hereto have agreed to a full and final settlement concerning the issues raised by plaintiff
Flournoy in the Litigation;
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the promised contained herein, the parties
hereby covenant and agree among themselves as follows:

Plaintiff Flournoy enters this agreement for himself, individually, and for his

agents, heirs, family members, employees, executors or administrators, and/or on behalf of any
other person or entity who could or might assert any claim under or through the Litigation (the
"Releasing Party"). Plaintiff Flournoy warrants that: (1) he has full power and authority to enter
into this agreement, (2) he is legally competent to execute this agreement, and (3) he has not
assigned, pledged, or otherwise in any manner whatsoever sold or transferred to any person or
entity any right, title, interest or claim which he has or may currently have against Ameritech,
lllinois Bell Telephone Company, AT&T or their affiliates, agents, predecessors, assigns,
officers, shareholders, employees, affiliates, attorneys, directors, andlor subsidiaries who could
or might be subject to any liability under or through the Action (the "Released Parties").

The Releasing Party and the Released Parties agree to be bound by the tenns of

this agreement.

In consideration for the full and final settlement of the Released Parties' claimed

liability concerning any and all of the matters described in Paragraph 5 of this agreement, within

thiI1y (30) days of the entry of the Stipul ation of Dismissal contemplated by tlus Agreement,
AT&T will pay by check made payable to plaintiff s sister Patri cia Brown the amount of
$2,5 00.00 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars) in full and fmal settl em ent of any and all
claims by the Rel eas ing Party agai nst the Released Parties as described in Paragraph 6 of thi s
agreement. The Releasing Party shall provide all documentation reasonab ly requested (including
without limitation a W-9 form fo r Ms. Brown) in order to accomplish tIu s payment. Pl ainti ff
Flournoy acknowledges that the payment made to his sister Patricia Brown constitutes a benefit
to himself and that the circumstances presented in this matter (including pl aintiff Flournoy's
incarceration and the fact that the charges at issue in this Litigatio n were imposed upon the
accounts of plaintiff s family members including Ms. Brown) render the payment good and
valuable consideration for the undertakings provided herein.

Within ten ( 10) business days of the execution of thi s agreement, the Releasing

and Rel eased Parti es and Release will cause this Action to be di smi ssed with prejudice with all
pani es bearing th eir own costs and expenses by filin g a Stipulation of Dismi ssal With Prejudi ce
in substantially th e fonn attached Exhibit A hereto.

In exchange for th e consideration set fonh above, which all parties hereby

acknowledge as good and valuable consideration, the Rel easing Party bereby fully and forever
releases and di scharges Ameritech, TIlinois Bell Telphone Company and AT&T togeth er with
their joint venturers, partners, parent corporations, subsid iary corporati ons, affiliated
corporations or entities, related corporations or enti ti es, divisions, subdi visions, branches,
successors, predecessors, assigns. insurers and their current. former and future officers, directors,
members, shareholders, agents, servants, emp loyees, independent contractors and attorneys ,
individually, jointly and severa ll y. and past, present and future of same ( the Released P anies),
from each and every claim, debt, li ability, or cause of action ari sing on or before the date hereof,
- " J

which the Releasing Party had or has against the Released Parties, which relate in any way
whatsoever to the Litigation, the claims asserted in the Litigation, andlor which were brought or
could have been brought in the Litigation.

This is a full and final settlement of disputed claims, and this agreement, and any

payment hereunder, is not to be construed as an admission of liability on the part of any Released
Party, which liability is expressly denied. Nor is this agreement to be construed in any fashion as
precedent for any matter similar to the instant one, as this agreement has been entered into based
on the particular facts of this matter alone.

The terms of this agreement shall be kept strictly confidential by the Releasing

Party and shall not be repeated by the Releasing Party to anyone oth'er than the parties hereto and
their counsel, except if necessary to respond to valid legal proceedings, to respond to audits of
the parties by government agencies or independent auditors, in connection with tax preparation
by parties or their counsel, or as otherwise required by law.

Plaintiff Flournoy represents he has read and understands this agreement and

warrants that he or she is fully competent to execute this agreement. Plaintiff Flournoy fully
understands and intends that, pursuant to this agreement, the $2,500 payment will be the only
payment received from the Released Parties relating in any way whatsoever to any and all of the
matters released in Section 5 of this agreement. Plaintiff Flournoy also fully understands and
intend that he is entering into a full and final settlement and that, by entering into this Full and
Final Settlement and Release, the Releasing Party agrees to forego their right to pursue any and
all other claims they may have had or have against the Released Party, arising from or relating in
any way whatsoever to any and all of the matters released in Paragraph 5 of this agreement.



All representations and agreements made with respect to the subject matter of this

agreement are expressly set forth herein, and this agreement may not be altered or amended in
any fashion, except in a writing signed by all the parties hereto.

This agreement constitutes the full, integrated and complete understanding of the

parties hereto with respect to its subject matter.


This agreement shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with

the laws of the State of illinois.


The signatories of this agreement for all the parties hereto have full power and

authority to execute it on behalf of themselves and/or their respective principals.


This agreement maybe executed in counterparts, with each copy constituting a

duly authorized original.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this agreement to be duly executed on

the dates set forth below.


'7 / / /


By: Mark Lewis
Its: General Attorney

- 5-