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Florida Utilities Commission v Evercom Fl Def Letter Jail Phone Overcharge 3-6-08.pdf

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March 6,2008


To All Parties and Interested Persons


Lee Eng Tan, Senior Attomey, Office of the General Counsel ';\p--.


Docket 060614-TC Compliance investigation of TCG Public Communications, Inc.
for apparent violation of Section 364.183(1), F.S., Access to Company Records,
and determination of amount and appropriate method for refunding overcharges for
collect calls made from inmate pay telephones.


There will be a meeting in the above-referenced docket at the following time and place:
2:OO p.m., Wednesday, March 12,2008
Room 262, Gerald Gunter Building
2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss issues related to this docket.

If you have further questions about this meeting, please call Lee Eng Tan at (850) 4136185.
If settlement of the case or a named storm or other disaster requires cancellation of the
proceedings, Commission staff will attempt to give timely direct notice to the parties. Notice of
cancellation will also be provided on the Commission's website (
under the Hot Topics link found on the home page. Cancellation can also be confirmed by
calling the Office ofthe General Counsel at 850-413-6199.

COCLHEk' kL!??f ;t -CAT!'

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